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Orwell foretold a world where everyone is simply told what is real - and must mimic and act forth from the thought without demur - or face punishment. No system ever designed by humans has been perfectly implemented by humans - but now we have machine intelligence as part of the equation. The blind expansion of the machine age is corporately funded and controlled - but so many cling to the idea of scientific neutrality which is true at the Idea level - but when the idea is one that is obviously serving a coercive tyranny upon what I might call the human spirit - then there is the flipside to your example. Who cries foul when their research and expertise are being funded and rewarded? …. binra, in a reply to FauxScienceSlayer
Thanks for sharing and opening that portal to realities foretold, binra. And as I am encouraged to imagine, will the following be of little surprise to you when at the forefront with agencies leading intelligence …….
Posted Tuesday 21st January 2014 04:54 GMT amanfromMars 1 ….. spinning a tale to dismiss and/or leaving a trail to follow on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/01/21/mysterious_martian_rock_appears_in_front_of_dormant_opportunity_rover/
Playing the Ball and not the Man Delivers a Great Game and in AI, Perfectly Matched Play.
The team at JPL and NASA are serious-minded folk, so there was no mention of Martians deliberately playing mind games with us,....
When such is a possible reality, is that then serious .... and a serious alternative virtual reality? And to continue to be inclined to ignore and decline to engage with what would be in such validating cases, a Viable Alien ProgramMING, does by default allow free foreign access by ignorant invisible stealth protocols, to mind games being played ... and Mind Infiltration Network Gamesplay and/or Mined Intelligence Networking Gamesplay.
Real Spooky GCHQ Station XSSXXXX type stuff? :-) ..... which zigzags here, there and everywhere else, from the Wild Wacky West to the Erotic Exotic East? ....... although you may discover if one would ever be bothered enough to stir oneself out of stupor and inquire, that it be plausibly and extraordinarily well denied to all without a vital need to know, lest the IT terrify the animals and natives and cause panic and bewilderment in the madness and mayhem of that which media hosts and presents in its information packets as the realities to be experienced and enjoyed and endured. And that be perfectly understandable, for what fool would want to be dealing with spooked natives without a clue as to what be in front of them.
And that be just the tip of a Titanic NICEberg, DB/High Alert Capital Partners …. in a Titanic Networking IntelAIgent Community Enterprise for a New Orderly World Order with AI ProgramMING …. which the wiser will note and realise is not shared as a question for doubting. Its acceptance and IT merely challenges one with shared intelligence, which always delivers greater knowledge and future present solutions to common past dilemmas‽

I already noticed what looked like account numbers posted on amanfrommars.baywords.com. …. Anonymous said on 18 January 2014 16:52
That must have been some time ago in the past, Anonymous, whenever seven sevens would have bought you what be priced at at least eight eights today, and with every good reason to expect it to exceed nine nines in the very near future too. After all, what is a billion or two today in the big scheme of things except chickenfeed and start up cash for something memorable and revolutionary.
Are you still able to access, via the Internet browser/intelligent computer and virtual machine interface, the server and the posts with what looked like account numbers?
Despite all of those early baywords of assurance that shared information will be safe from removal, the facility appears to have been denied use from here for too long a while for it to be classed or imagined as a software glitch for remedying and/or a hardware malfunction that requires a replacement driver?
21 January 2014 08:27
amanfromMars said… answering a question in a comment on http://amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/140117.html
Can you accept these facts, [posted 18 January 2014 02:29and use them to your advantage? .... Casey Evans
Oh yes, ... and constantly do.
Can/Do you?
21 January 2014 08:39


Anonymous said...

RE:"Are you still able to access, via the Internet browser/intelligent computer and virtual machine interface, the server and the posts with what looked like account numbers?"

I found account numbers in 2 places. One in a library book in a library that was filled with disinformation, and one on the internet. I was sure it was the baywords site I got it off of, but I could have been wrong. It was a string of numbers in the text (which just happened to look like ABA Routing and Account information). My apologies if it was not your site.

As for legal funding I may go back to working for banks and come out of retirement. Depends on how they take my felony conviction. They are offering too much money not to work a 3 day work week.

As for new information why not touch on Anti Gravity work?


Love her music, she is my new favorite I just bought her album myself.

Now for the real anti gravity:
Atoms which make up the universe have net charge. Charges attract one another. The earth being made up of a large dense mass of atoms has a great pull on other atoms which also have charge.

It is the collection of photons which give the atom the net charge. The more photons in those tiny little containers, the more charge in the container itself.

You could call a proton, neutron, and electron such containers.

When you use high energy gamma to semi-permanently modify the amount of photon energy inside the containers (semi-permanently being until you use the high energy gamma to modify it again) it changes the gravitational effect the earth has on the containers. The more energy that is added, the more "gravitation force" you experience. Likewise the more photon energy that is removed from the containers the less "gravitational force" you will experience on the atoms which have been modified.

This debunks the theory of gravity being "the denser the material is the greater gravitational force it has". That theory is quite incorrect as it depends specifically on the photon energy collected inside each of the containers.

And now you know anti gravity. For real.

-Casey Evans

Anonymous said...

RE:"US can't get its hands on Navy hacker Victor Faur, aka SirVic "

Why these people keep hacking US Government servers is beyond me.

If you want the real goodies you would have to hack the antimatter collection of data they have stored. That is where data is. Not on the fake servers they use for fraud... I mean to run the government

-Casey Evans

Anonymous said...

RE:"Oh yes, ... and constantly do.

Can/Do you?"

Yes my common uses are to obtain large volumes of information, and to modify my environment.

-Casey Evans

Anonymous said...


Antimatter information that is newsworthy:

"It takes a lot of kit to make an antimatter atom"

-No it does not.

It takes a transformer that puts out extremely high voltage, low amperage electricity (say 25k Volts, little to no amperage). You connect a tiny battery to the transformer and create a radioactive LED. The voltage is pumped from the transformer to the LED. The LED needs to be made from a radioactive element known to give off gamma radiation. Your goal is High Energy Gamma Radiation. To obtain gamma at a higher energy you increase the voltage which increases the kinetic energy that bombards the radioactive metal. The higher the kinetic energy, the higher the gamma energy that is emitted from the LED.

Know you know how to create what you need, use your brains to fill in the blanks or run a few tests of the gamma energy emitted until you get an element / voltage combination that works to create a "Gamma Bubble".

You will know what the Gamma Bubble is when you achieve it. The high energy gamma irradiates the surrounding air, bends light in a form of a bubble. Really cool effect.

Now you need to work on what is important: the creation of antimatter with the radioactive LED. As you toy with the element / voltage combination you will find out that if you irradiate an object it will change the amount of photon energy inside the atom itself. This leads to the creation of antimatter. STABLE Antimatter.

When I say stable, I mean antimatter that once you create it -It lives on forever.

"The “antimatter mystery” is this: why isn't there any around? "

-There is. LARGE amounts of it. There is about as much if not more stable antimatter on the planet earth as regular matter.

" Our current models of matter suggest that the Big Bang produced equal amounts of matter and antimatter, which should have annihilated each other and left us without a universe"

-Your current models are a LIE.

They lie to the public about physics because they use stable antimatter on a regular basis.

For example.

A regular atom has antimatter inside it.


A proton is not just a mix of quark constituents but rather a careful balance of the 2 particles you have come to know as "Electron" and "Antielectron/Positron".

This means that there is a balance which there are more "Antielectron/Positron" particles than there are "Electron" particles which gives the "Proton" particle a positive charge.

The Neutron particle has a similar balance but the outcome is a slightly negative charge.

Have you not ever asked yourself why a Neutron is attracted to a Proton?

There MUST be a charge for attraction, it is the law of nature.

"since primordial antimatter has never been observed"

-That is because it is INVISIBLE.

When you do your experiments with the LED, you will find you can make objects invisible.

I am not saying you should break the law, I am saying there is more than likely a reader with clearance for handling small amounts of radioactive material. That is who this text is geared towards.

It is very simple. The reason why the antimatter is not stable is because of how much energy the particles contain. Too much energy and the particle is unstable. Your goal is to make stable, low energy antimatter.

Energy = Photons inside a particle.

This topic is discussed in detail on the website amanfrommars.blogspot.com in posting by me.

The last posting was about Antigravity work using this technology.

Do me a favor. Before you comment on my comment with anything negative -do the homework and try the experiment. Then you can flame me. When it works.

-Casey Evans

Anonymous said...

is there a smiley at blogger for begging pardon as i'm breaking into a live discussion?

whenever it works, ce, or not, there is nothing what can stop you from getting back to work, and never was.


ah. does a geiger counter contain anything worthy for experimenting on an amateur level? what if one uses a 1.5 kW uv lamp instead of led, shall it increase the detection radius? is ag/al dust needed to determine the form of shaped objects?