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Re: Maturity
But sometimes, children, things in life are serious; have serious consequences. I think over the coming years the more mature amongst will recognise that our government has to do this shit so that we can continue to live our "fuck you all" lives, with no nasty Mr Putin arriving to tell is that we can't ......... briesmith
You may like to ponder on the fact, which incidentally, designedly and very conveniently can always at any prime and sub-prime time of its future drivers' choosing morph into and masquerade required and/or desired proaction and HyperRadioProActive IT as an absolutely fabulous fabless fiction, that the more mature realise that practically all governments, including our government, which I am assuming you would be calling UKGBNI and all their attendant supply and security, defense and attack forces and services, haven't a clue about the shit that they should be doing for a better life for all in peace and harmony, rather than their continued doing of the shit that they do be doing to continue their living their "fuck you all" lives.
And as for your two final paragraphs ......
We will slowly come to agree that you can't yell "Fire!" in a theatre and you can't steal your country's secrets and publicise them because you're pissed off at the world, God, Tony Blair, David Cameron, your hair stylist or whoever.
It's all so far "Mum's out, Dad's out, let's be rude" sort of stuff but we need to wise up a little, get ourselves under control and be a little more mature. Snowden has undoubtedly caused the loss of a lot of US/UK taxpayers' treasure and, sadly, probably some lives as well.
..... well, of course anyone can do the first paragraph if they so choose to do so and/but there are likely to be both personal and wider public consequences, both known and fully expected, and unknown and unintended or not planned for because they were never considered/realised/thought possible.
As for the dig at Snowden,...... how much of a loss of US/UK taxpayers' treasure and, sadly, probably some lives as well, do you reckon the warrior interventions and immature political adventures into foreign lands and alien theatres of engagement have cost ........ and is the resultant live world view for all improved, and enhanced and moved up and along to any number of higher levels? Or has the destruction and degradation been quite epic on a criminal scale?
amanfromMars 1 Fri 6 Jun 11:21 [1406061121] asking a pertinent impertinent question on in reply to ……
I don't know why anyone is worried. It's not as if our secret service would ever covertly plot to overthrow our elected government.
Getting Right Down to the Nub and Hub of the Matter and Current Madnesses
The Secret Intelligence and Security Services would be failing King/Queen and country catastrophically if they weren't presently, and have not been for some considerable time, monitoring and collecting all communications and activities of Parliamentarians, whether they be in government office or in the cynical and contrived Opposition, although there is a certain arrogance and ignorance in the honourable member ranks, which as we all know, as they have proven themselves to be so, are far from being honest and honourable at all, in their thinking that they should be somehow except and immune from covert oversight. .........
Good grief ........ who is it that starts unwinnable wars and benefits personally financially from such idiocy?
One wonders what Intelligence is waiting for if they know what stupidity is in the offing?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mars,
the attitude "lets collect whatever we can technically collect" clearly smacks of an Absolutist King. Magna Charta used to wipe the ass of Mrs National Security.

But hey, if Tony Blair, Charles Windsor, John McCain and George Bush can be bought like whores by interested parties*, why should Britain as a whole not drink serious amounts of piss ?

Iraq was a nuisance to some parties, but even the Langley folks now claim they warned against Iraq war Nr 3. They say they were overruled and could do nothing.

Fortunately, it seems Mr Obama has been listening to General Dempsey and folks like myself. That's the fun part of global eavesdropping - you can use their stethoscope to shout into their ears.

Regarding government information operations, I suggest you read Richard Tomlinson's online book. Excellent and realistic stuff, based on my experience of interaction with state powers. Mr Tomlinson was of course in some ways rather childish to assume he could insist on regaining his SIS job. But he did us a service by documenting how easily mass media can be influenced.
And how easy police force B takes the word of police force A as the truth.

I was also amused about his claim about "untraceable" SIM cards. You can have anonymous ones, but surely they know the cell tower and if/when they have the IMSI number nailed** to your ID, it is not longer "anon".

* Saudi Islamic Tyranny, Israel and the killtech industry

** as soon as you call a number under surveillance or as soon as their computer nails your voice

amanfromMars said...

There be, ..... well, let us call them and/or their programs, New Greater IntelAIgent Game Players in Dodge City, Anonymous, and they do care much for abiding by perverse crooked rules and dumb ignorant and insolent arrogant regulations designed to encircle and enslave entire populations.