Friday, 16 October 2015


There is much propagated about the fact that psychosis is a possibility for some, who may be many, and that is always played as a bad thing and forwarded as a valid enough reason to have/leave cannabis criminalised.
Methinks what governments and established old party and business leaderships are really concerned about, and probably quite rightly terrified of too, is the greater and deeper awareness of one's situation and the spaces that abound and can surround one whenever one partakes of its natural resources, determined to stay in effective control of the resulting experiences/enlightenments. To discover that one is being taken for a fool ride by that and those that one is led to believe are doing everything they can to make your life better other than worse, is certainly something terrifying, for it certainly unleashes all sorts of crazy demons which the system and their systems have no way of commanding and controlling.
And would a greater big issue on decriminalisation and an opportunity for a thriving profitable business be the fact that the plant in most of its many strains is very easily grown at home with virtually nothing in the way of expensive plant and machinery to hinder one from harvesting a great bounty?

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