Friday, 21 October 2016


Graham C [1610201910] ….. sharing some observations on
Hawking warned AI “could develop a will of its own – a will that is in conflict with ours.”
“The rise of powerful AI will be either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity.”
And in the field with fields securing and transmitting intelligence information which is better kept as a closed circle secret for the greater enablement of a chosen few who be able to enable with secret intelligence information, rather than be more widely shared as public general knowledge, is it possible with IT and Media Command and Control to be both the best and the worst thing for happenings to humanity, and at any time and place of their choosing.
If you wear a white hat and deal in nothing but fundamental truths is everything never bad. Wear a black hat and deal in falsehoods and nothing is ever good. And the abiding problem in any dynamic equation is always the human element which be perverted and subverted to server crooked past grand masters in collapsing racist environments.
The foggy impetus of the Financial Times is surely quite clearly an indication of their wishing to be recognised as a leading publication force whenever following and reporting on tales and the trials and trails of other second and third party operations is all that its management can offer and deliver to markets.
And I can imagine Janet Yellen loving IT when being favourably compared as an equal to Elvira Nabiullina, although quite whether the reverse comparison would be trigger a reciprocal favourable response is not a matter I choose to be subjective and offer a view upon.
The surely honest bottom line is the Western banking system in inherently systemically corrupted and perverse and thus is any radical change which purges it of bandits and sets out to supply its services to new cleaner partners, to be wholeheartedly welcomed and supported.
Bravo, Elvira and Russia. Jolly well played. And the game is only just started.
And of course we must ask of Mother Russia ….. Is that Ye Olde Great Game rebooted with SMARTR ProgramMING for ITs rebranding and rebuilding in a series of Greater IntelAIgent Games to Play at RESTful Work [REpresentational State Transfer Work] with AIRemote Command[s] and Virtual Control[s] in CHAOS …. Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems?
Although such a question be clearly also asked of anyone and everyone espying it here too.
There’s more than just a lot of fabulously strange and wonderful stuff going on out there, in the spaces you are yet to visit and enjoy. And remember if wary, never forget to be aware that Proper Preparation and Positive Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance Permitting Prime Prize Penetration and Perfect Private Protocolled Pursuit of Public Parametered Projects and Pirate ProgramMING Presentations alike.
Have a nice 0day, y'all


Agent Revolver said...

Hi amanfromMars,

"Have a nice 0day, y'all" - thank you, it's always an incomparable pleasure to meet in the 'Net.

Hi Graham C,

"Have a nice 0day, y'all" - thank you, it's always an incomparable pleasure that one can meet in the 'Net and on the Grid.

Re Best/Worst dilemma -

God only knows, Graham C, and this is the answer which one, fortunately, noone sane can argue. In Heavenly terms, The Book tells us it's gonna be for the worse for a known number of months, and then, after the Reboot Button Access Challenge, it would get for the better. Looks like we'll have to learn on our own mistakes, because it's still believed that there are no means of bifurcational communication exist on our planet, and that we are alone on This Map and there is no other fool on the radars.

Re the women's club... dunno why, but a State blockchain is first what comes to mind.

Sad so few is said. Except this:

"The advancement could mark a major breakthrough in the development of AI, as the “differentiable neural computer” (DNC) can solve problems without any prior knowledge" -

And have a nice day.

AR said...

Oops... if the improper address could be deleted from the beginning of the message, it would be great.

Casey Evans said...

You know what I find funny?

A bunch of government employees illegally modifying suspects internet traffic and data on their computer systems calling themselves "white hats".

May I ask exactly what laws do you follow?

But of course I am to follow all laws right...

Talk about some bullshit.

Oh and maybe you want to admit you now name your 0day exploits you publish with names to threaten my family.

Maybe I should release a 0day and call it "Shana eats shit".

The funny thing is behind all your smoke and mirrors I am the white hat hacker, and your a group of government funded black hats.

I have broken little to no computer crime laws for 7 years now, and your STILL in my f(king internet.

When does this investigation end? Ever?

On a side note I think it is funny that you suggest we keep your employees identities "private".
You know the sad part of all this is you were supposed to be my friend, not my executioner.

Casey Evans said...

Limited to warrant parameters. The information provided must isolate and deliver call identifying information (i.e. the call signaling) and also map that to the call content where the warrant allows. You can’t have anything in the delivery that isn’t within the rights of the warrant to have (i.e. no other IP streams from sources other than the subscriber(s) named in the warrant).

Does this cover modifying the streams?