Saturday, 19 November 2016


amanfromMars 1 Sat 19 Nov 07:14 [1611190714] …. proposing an AI Union and PACT with CHAOS on
Re: The recent high-profile hacks of the Democratic Party's email servers ... @DougS
Is not Wall Street and Washington the cancerous enemy within America? Ponzi Master Puppeteers at No Work. Zero Rest and Infinite Loopy Play is a recipe for Greater IntelAIgent Games Disasters?
The problem is surely concentrated in the distinct evident lack of Novel Intellectual Property Supply/Future Building Capability. And that is either a Human Failing with Virtual Machines or a Virtual Machinery Failing with Humans. Both though just need a new SMARTR Alternate Reprogrammed Mass MultiMedia Programming Operating System Running in Parallel atop existing exhausted and exhausting Command and Control Centres/SCADA Levers, to take and make over with future perfected reins and reigns. Or is all of that too spooky and disruptive and terrifying a medium for you to contemplate and engage with, now that terror and debt and deficits are defaults and the favoured unnatural destructive status quo choices for change and power.
The other real leading question to ponder and wonder at is .... Do you have any choice and power to effective engage with and driver the future in a direction of your choice or are you always destined/fated to receive what you be given?
And that further leads inquiring minds and stout brave hearts to ask ...... Given by whom and for what? GOD for Global Operating Devices?
[PACT with CHAOS ….. Persistent Active Cyber Treat with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems]

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