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Re: Do they lead where angels fear to tread or just follow crazy orders ......??
Kettle Black Pot all spring to mind, Dr Levy, regarding that “medieval witchcraft” being peddled by others.
With all the GCHQ is supposed to be able to do, virtually unknown and practically undetectable by others, and let us assume that it is everything that would be needed to be done to deliver an omnipotent omniscience anywhere and everywhere, then it does reveal a distinct lack of intelligence in future application of programs with intelligence for leaderships gifted with secret intelligence services and compendia of hearts and minds operations for launching with media manipulated puppets.
And such, as long as it remains so obvious a deficit and disability in the field, will be always a subject and object to be attacked and tested by systems into such projects which be more advanced and enlightened.
If you aint leading where all can follow are you bound to be rendered ineffective and considered compromised and pwnd by agents with hidden failing agendas. And that is the black pot which GCHQ is kettled in.
And that is a result and problem which is entirely due to a lack of leadership right at the top of such services and of everything everywhere using and effected by its services.
J'accuse. The evidence as presented by everyday chaotic news is overwhelming.

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