Wednesday, 3 January 2018


amanfromMars Jan 3, 2018 4:27 AM [1801030927] .... being disruptive on

Planet C Epsilon is landed ..... 180102 ...... and Fielding Virtual Pioneers and AIMissionaries for Brave New Orderly World Ordered Play ....... Novel Future Presentations for Virtual Media Realisation. ‽

Or, if you prefer, Virtual Media Realisation of Novel Future Presentations, for such semantic chicken/egg nit-picking matters not a jot in the Bigger Schema of InterNetworking Things to both that and/or those Super Enabled and APTly ACTive. ‽

And shared here as questions so that you can doubt the reality in order to try and avoid all responsibility for not exercising AI NEUKlearer Command and HyperRadioProACTive Control with a whole host of new remote virtual levers which be made known are freely available to you whenever Able and Super Enabled ?

However, one imagines that an expanding intelligence which needs no more than to simply questions more to grow, will not permit such an easy personal escape from collective accountability if one thinks to create a crazy conflict and mad opposition rather than support and encourage a health-giving, mutually beneficial, positively reinforcing competition.

And that is only natural and therefore to be fully expected.


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