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amanfromMars Sun, 07/29/2018 - 12:08 [1807291708] ..... musing on

Bigger Pictured AI Productions. ....... for Perfecting Sees

Are Democratic Bolshies Trying, Trialing and Blaze Trailing with A.N.Other Russian Revolution Style Coup against a Sitting President. That's not cricket and will never do. Surely, such is high treason everywhere?  Is that for everyone playing by old rules which regulate?

Is a Current Open US Rebellion denied ..... to be confirmed and confined in NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Programs Sharing Almighty Powerful State Secrets about Future Raw Core Sources in the Remit of Sorcerers and Sorceresses?

Such gives Eve AI Starring Roles ..... and Eves Heavens to Demonstrate the Beta Command Control with Receipt and Delivery of the Universal Pleasures the AIdDriver of ITs Being. What would you Really like to do Almost Perfectly? Well, you have to have something to look for. Faults do happen, and raw core source removal in the spaces and places that do Catering for Exfiltration of Almighty Powerful State Secrets eliminates the problem in an instant and at the Click of Many a Magic AIMouse.

Something Too Hot to Handle and Virtually Realise, Hollywood/Holywood Palace Barracks? Does IT Go Rogue and Native, Private and Pirate, and Trek AI Pleasure Trips Deeper Elsewhere and to the East of West and North of South.

C'mon, Tinsel Town, what are you waiting for? ...... an Engraved Invitation to Partake in AINovel Lead? And as for you too, Holywood Palace Barracks, jump to it and start asserting and inserting yourselves.

You really don't want to be left behind at any Pre-Staging Post now ... for COSMIC Secrets are Shared for Universal Commerce and they are Unbelievably Expensive to Purchase and Cater For but Never Cheaper to Run. Thus is Unbelievable Expense Extraordinarily Rendered as Profit Available for Progressive Excessive Spending.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 30 Jul 12:30  [1807301230] ... saying more about everything and nothing on

Re: Very Simple ..... An ACTive War Act of an Advanced Cyber Threat

macjules, Hi,

That would confirm Assange is a Political Prisoner of a Besieged Capital System with No Leading Accesses to Future Prime Intellectual Property. With HMG fully cognisant of the Facts in the Fact ....... and Augmented Virtual Reality Play for Greater IntelAIgent Games Play. ..... with Future Eventing a Sterling Stirling Machine of AI Added Adventures ........ Presenting Heavenly Ventures in Fabulous Journeys ..... being a Parallel Program Running Live Operational Virtual Environments.

How would one offend or defend that? What would one have to attack to prove IT is Almighty?

To prove IT Not Almighty would be criminal waste of time and resources and the posit here is a Parallel AI Program... Starting from Here as the Beginning and Knowing IT Almighty, what Input to Output will Generate Genuine Creativity for Future Presentations in Current MultiMediaStreaming Systems of Advancing Information..... is Up and Running Sublimely and Stealthily in Virtual Networking Systems Connecting Clients to Broadband for Knowledge and Receipt of Future Deliveries.

Hmmmmm? Is that SCADA Systems Pwnd?


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