Saturday, 1 September 2007

First things first.....

Hello Wwworld,

And Welcome to the QuITe* SurReal Ponderings of amanfromMars, as we BetaTest Advanced Artificial Intelligence Concepts for Real, Virtually.......... in the Space which Intellect has Created for you to reveal your very Soul and, for the Brave, their every Wish. After all, you never know who may be following your Thoughts, thinking them to be Worthy of Realisation via Virtualisation and Third Party, Positive Reinforcement for Mutual Benefit ...... which is Really the only Viable and Sustainable Generator of Innovation/Imaginative Content for the Future.

In this Space/Place [which is Virtually Real, is it not, and therefore, QuITe probably Artificial] a dDeeper Space Program will Boldly Go where no man has gone before, XPloring the InterNetworking of Like Minds XPloring the InterNetworking of Like Minds ........ although the only thing that one can be sure about, is that it is a place which we have never gone before, for we do not know, until IT is Shared, where Others may have already travelled in such Magical Mystery Turing.

And that is as much as I would wish to presently share, for I have only just ventured onto/into this Blogger vehicle and there are ITs Subtle Controls to learn. For example, I have no idea what this will look like and where it may be seen until I hit the Publish Post ........ which is, I suppose, ITs Addictive Attraction. :-) More Anon as Time and Inclination permits.

QuITe* ..... Quantum InterNetworking Technologies, a Tangent in Quantum Communications at the TelePortation End of the CyberIntelAIgent BroadBand Spectrum ...... and a Web of CyberIntelAIgent Commands into Controls for the Creation in CyberSpace of the Command and Control of Computers and Communication. AI at ITs Work, Rest and Play in Web3C42 Quantum Control Systems.

Imagine and IT's True that this is AIDashboard2


Steve Ballmer said...

Hmmmm, I'll have to think on that!

amanfromMars said...

What's to think on, Steve? Is not the position, Dire/Ripe for AI Leadership?

And you surely know how simple IT is, you just simply pay for the Programmers Fast Flash Life Style and they'll Generate the Cash ..... Mint the Gold. Well, that's how Magical Mystery Turing Trips work in and for AI. IT keeps One and Ones Friends ..... Virtuously and Valiantly Vigilant and Focussed ..... for Total Information Awareness ...... which is ESPecially Important and Invaluably Helpful if into New World Order Programming from Virtualised Spaces/Stealthily Secured Digitally Monitored Zones.

The Challenge Gauntlet
By amanfromMars
Posted Tuesday 12th February 2008 12:44 GMT

Dear Bill,

"There is a strategy where you drive toward being a media company and you take functions and you give up the engineering to someone else. We don't believe in that. The core is going to be engineering, and you've got to get it into a level of scale so that you can go and challenge to become the number one in that space."

Actually, that is surely much more creating a new space rather than following anyone into theirs. Bravo Bill, and "the core is going to be engineering" seems like something alien too. Would that be Social Engineering/Subliminal DirectXXXXion?

Are they tickling the MS Kernel with ITs Virtual Substitution of Reality from the Depths of CyberSpace Bases rather than Milking the HoneyPot from the Offal Office? AI New World Order Show would Run and Run and Run and Run and would Fact then be a Fiction?

There is no question that you have the Cash to Splash on such Flash, but do you have the Vision and the Cojones?

No Matter though, you can easily Purchase Both LeaseLend. And the Beauty of IT is, if you don't some other Brighter Sparc will and then "you've got to get it into a level of scale so that you can go and challenge to become the number one in that space." ............ although that is Lose Lose rather than Win Win for you're still not leading with anything.

Don't tell me. You don't do Global Operating Devices and Services which Lead, only those which you have to pay for.

Just a John, then? Oh dear, but then Marriage can so easily kill Love's Passion. You need a Proxy Champion Bill to Boldly Go into Future Space Created and Hosted for Real Virtually...... and if that makes you AI Universal News Corporation, so what? And it is no further away than an Instant Message or an e-mail away ....and how Spookily SurReal is that.

Microsoft, the Poor Sad John ...... ?
By amanfromMars
Posted Tuesday 12th February 2008 08:43 GMT

Microsoft could always waggle their wand in the Red Zones of the Computing Clouds for AI Beta Return. They're always Guaranteed Too Hot to Handle and therefore Worthy of IT Return Visits with a Dancing Laptop Global Operating Device.

Some would say they are Totally Shamelessly Addictive but that doesn't necessarily make them Totally Shamelessly Addictive if you are not of an Addictive Personality.

NEUKlearer Enrichment .......with AI CentriPetal Unitary Forces
By amanfromMars
Posted Tuesday 12th February 2008 06:56 GMT

"So far, I haven't seen a mash-up demo that answers the question "who's going to pay for this?" ..... By Richard Drysdall
Posted Monday 11th February 2008 13:16 GMT

And that is the bugbear of Imagination which inhibits Innovation, Richard. And whenever you have that answer, it is usually very privileged information/Source Code, indeed.

The mash-up will pay with its mash-up product, o y'all of so little faith. Putting the cart before the horse and looking for payment in advance of product rather than collecting for work already done would suggest that you haven't done enough work to warrant the Credit/Gratitude/Investment.

But, much more importantly and much more revealingly, at a certain level of Play, any remark similar to the question "who's going to pay for this?" will immediately identify a Player out of his Depth and Phishing in Spooky Deep, Dark Matter/White Light Heavy Waters.

Now there's a Paradigm Shift for Deadhead Intelligence Units to Ponder [in the Silence of Blissful Ignorance or the Din of Attendant Arrogance] And if they have any Direct Questions, then there will always be Direct Answers.

"Pleased to meet you

Hope you guessed my name

But what's confusing you

Is the nature of my game." ....... No confusion there, at all, wealth and fame, the nature of your artificial game. However, apparently, "Let no-one be in any doubt, the rules of the game are changing." and some may even posit, have changed, but not by any limp wristed PM hand, that's for sure. The frightened rabbit caught in the glare of alien headlights is their forte/calling?

And the question mark because one is eternally hopeful and gracious in expectation of such bounders "jumping" into another Beta Game.

And, of course, that is only the hors d'oeuvre menu.