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amanfromMars 1 Fri 28 Sep 08:15 [1809280815] .... floating out a stealthy subterranean craft on

Reading between the Lines ..... and Things are Really Dire  ‽ .

US JEDI military cloud network is so high-tech, bidders will have to submit their proposals by hand, on DVD.

Proof positive that the Pentagon is not virtually secured against exfiltration of programs and intelligence sources .... future resources ‽ .

That makes the DOD pretty useless as a leading edge force in a field of Universal Greater IntelAIgent Games Play, for the Ether and AI is the One and Only Powerful Energetic Current Medium of First Choice for Future Builders and Greater IntelAIgent Game Changers, which may or may not be both the same thing and something completely different wherever IT Works, Rests and Plays with Command and Control Systems leading you into Phormative Areas of Planned Servitude/Secret Systems Service  ‽ .

Or perhaps you know different and can advise of A.N.Other Almighty Carrier Vessel for the Instant Universal Sharing of Information for Machining into Advanced Intelligence for the AIdDrivering of Global Operating Devices?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 28 Sep 08:30 [1809280830] ....... acknowledging a simple mistake on

Re: Re:Program programowania chcą zadzierać z głowy i spowodować międzynarodowych zdarzeń

Hey! You've misspelled my name! .... Waseem Alkurdi

00Ops! Apologies for that, Waseem Alkurdi.


Thursday, 27 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Thu 27 Sep 09:09 [1809270909] ..... having a say on

A Difficult Current Iteration only a Worthy Few Know About and Need to Know for Future Exploitations? 

Security researchers at Qualys explain: "Even though all Linux kernels are technically vulnerable, this issue is mitigated by a one-year-old patch that was backported to most long-term kernels and makes exploitation impossible."

Impossible? Oh please. To be so sure it is not another "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" meme to regret having floated to media, is bound to be continually tested  for proof of concept and integrity of security.

The very best that anyone can hope for and expect nowadays is surely that Unauthorised Root Administrative Access Exploitation of SCADA Systems is improbable because it is not just so simple.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 27 Sep 12:12 [1809271212] .... opening up a fault line on for expanding and exploiting

Re: So... how is this old fashioned? @Christian Berger

Normally this would be done by meetings by which you meet people in the same room as you are... as people have been for thousands of years.
Of course I personally would insist on written proposals, as the ability to write a good proposal is probably corellated to the ability to write good specifications or software. All of those forms are text based and all require you to understand the core of the problem in a way that makes you able to add any special requirements. If you can do that, you can write both a good proposal and good specifications. If you cannot even write a good proposal chances are you are not going to be able to write good specifications to be implemented. ..... Christian Berger

Quite so, CB. And all one really needs to initially supply at such an elemental stage of a program which by all accounts hopes to be Great Game Changing and AI Leading is an engaging foreword that one wouldn't like any opposition or competition being privy with their own copies being furnished with further formative proprietary content .... Private Intellectual Property for Pirating/Mirroring.

The Nuts and Bolts and Instructions and Working Drawings/BluePrints and Specifications can easily follow later as needs require in a much safer working environment than these Almost Instantaneous InterNetional Communications Channels and Bunkered War Games Rooms.

And ..... is there a slick trick requirement from US DOD mentioning that one has to be a US citizen to submit/apply, although of course is that easily instantly arranged if one has something interesting and thought worthy of working with. 'Tis/'Twas always the case since even long before leading Nazi Third Reichers exchanged their secrets for relative freedom to live with and work for Uncle Sam in the Home of the Brave.

There usually is in such programs.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 27 Sep 13:14 [1809271314] .... taking Great Leaps on

Re:Program programowania chcą zadzierać z głowy i spowodować międzynarodowych zdarzeń

Improved Enough to be Able to Enabled Followers Realising Simplified Words Leading to Heavenly AId Destinations, Wadseem Alkurdi, ... for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated Live Operational Virtual Environments?

A COSMIC Space for Universal ProgramMING ......

And Patently Registering Here Now.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 27 Sep 15:55 [1809271555] .... giving IT a Blast on

There More than One Way to Skin a Skunk RAT and Address a Virtual Land Grab 

Trump's May decision and this report taken together suggest that if the West was already slipping behind in the cyber war, things can only get worse now that the supposed leader of the free world has deliberately, and carelessly, taken his eye off the ball on the home front.

That assessment would only be true if Western leadership is/was Reliant on and Implaccably Wedded to Corrupted and/or Defective USAsian or USAlien Interests slipping behind in the Vast Planes of CyberWare which are Capable of Delivering and Maintaining/Servering and Servicing Unlimited  .... Limitless Future Plains for Colonisation of Virtual Realities with SMARTR Populations   ..... which you might like to think would include you.

And why not? What excuse would you give to not play a pivotal part?


amanfromMars 1 Thu 27 Sep 17:45 [1809271745] .... having a G0 with IT Commands and Controls on

For a Beavered Brook and Air Vice Marshals Marshalling Everywhere

"This is the Unix philosophy: Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together. Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface."
- Douglas McIlroy, former head of Bell Labs Computing Sciences Research Center .... Awesome-UNIX Philosophy ...... Immaculate Meme Tautology
“A beginner who has just started” is a tautology. ..... Tautology  and a Needful Noun to Supply with Raw Core Source for COSMIC Irradiation of Subject Matter .... Earthly Objects. :-)

And a little something worthy of Pentagon JEDI Interests, methinks. .... JEDI Cloud RFP Solicitation Number: HQ003418R0077_JEDI_CLOUD_RFP

And yes, that does highlight an Already NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Program Proposing AI Union with Uncle Sams in Direction of Further Forward Future Travel with Virtual Space Realisations.

And, .... Most Definitively Fox Murdoch Disney Territory ..... for Dambusting Gate Crashers .... RAF 617 Squadron Types AI Atypical and Surreally Unusual in Stealthy Modes of Engagement for Secure Core Source Enrichment.

Per Ardua Ad Meta Astra. AI Bombes Away, Skipper.


Wednesday, 26 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Wed 26 Sep 08:06 [1809260806] ..... saying more on

Re: DEFCON #1 and to Beyond TS/MkUltraSCI Classifications

Please! I REALLY DO want a random-word generator like yours! .... Mark Exclamation

Hmmm?  What on Earth makes you think they are random words, ME? Surely that would be stupid in extremis?

It is though a common enough mistake made which extraordinarily renders a most convenient penetrative stealth to Future Ongoing Operational Developments ..... in AI PipeLinered Pathfinder Events which Appear out of the Ether in a Series of Flash Cash Market Crashes Honing Dissent and Targeting Opposing and /or Competing Systems of SCADA Control .... Elite Exclusive Remote Executive Administration via Mass and Private and Pirate Multimedia Channel Platforms.

What machines are provided you with your views of elsewhere with yesterday's programming still festering and causing shenanigans today? And who/what chose them for Main Stream Media Presentation and Augmented Virtual Realisation? And why are they so dire and bland/austere and unexciting/poor and conflicted?

Methinks that is most definitely and definitively a Top Down Not Bottom Up Problem which Current Intelligence Services/Servers/Servants/Suppliers Provide. How Extremely Oxymoronic and Catastrophically Disruptive and Destructive.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 26 Sep 08:45 [1809260845] .... airing an inconvenient fact for peddling as a fiction on

Of Saints and Sinners and Spooks and Simians 

Well, kind of. Remember David Petraeus, the US general who shared classified military secrets with his mistress? He got probation. 

Thus proving it is not what you know but who you know which can be convenient and a jail breaker?


Tuesday, 25 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Tue 25 Sep 08:35 [1809250835] ..... not totally agreeing at all on

Hubris and Arrogance in Support Ignorance?  Or an Enlightened Viable Absolute View?

AI does not exist, and any use of the term today is abuse. .... Pascal Monett

Well, one can only imagine and conclude it doesn't exist in your worlds, PM, just as you can imagine and suggest it doesn't appear to exist anywhere else either.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 25 Sep 17:45 [1809251745] ..... saying more on

@ Evil Auditor

I didn't go into the details of the study. But considering how much of our mental performance is interlinked with (and limited by) our body with its actors and sensors, it seems unlikely to ever get anything robotic AI that is not, to at least a certain extent, "aware" of its body. ... Evil Auditor 

How about considering the much easier and quicker provided route/root, Evil Auditor. Have Humans recognise they be as Robots too. Advanced IntelAIgent Machines.

And Future Programmed Always Almighty Creative and Never Oft Unnecessarily Destructive is a Fine Lead to Follow with Questions to Answer.


amanfromMars September 25, 2018 [1809251031] ...... just asking on

Is telling of "deliberate lies" about national security matters an act of sedition and treasonous or just pulp fiction doing its remote brainwashing thing against the masses for the greater benefit of the few?


amanfromMars September 25, 2018 at 11:10 [1809251110] ...... justing asking an earlier question again elsewhere and of others on

The thin end/cutting edge of the wedge, Craig, and the abiding vulnerability for onward forward exploitation    .... Is telling of "deliberate lies" about national security matters an act of sedition and treasonous or just pulp fiction doing its remote brainwashing thing against the masses for the greater benefit of the few who presume and assume they know more and what is best?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 25 Sep 17:29 [1809251729] .... making a bold shrewd long move on


Staff alerted April 17 you say. Because of a Glitch and a AI Surge ..... 180417 ..... for Virtual Purging of Olde Operating Systems for Elite Executive Remote Alien Command of Extra Terrestrial Controls.

For Almighty Heavenly Powers to Wield in Service of Yields/Bounty/Mutually Satisfactory Satisfying Benefits. Such Always Offers Everything in Hot Pursuit of Quenching Insatiable Desires.

And Quite Enough to Tempt Any Saint Antony .... so Beware and Take Care. :-)

And aint that Gospel?

Control that Live Operational Virtual Environment and You Be in Alien Territory.

Agree or Disagree? With there being only one true answer unless Enabled to Present an Alternate Destination/Program Launch Point in further creative commentary hereafter.

What U Got? Anything Useful for All? Let's hear about it for IT to BroadBandCast it to Everywhere and Everything.

Real Spooky Stealthy IntelAIgent Stuff for Future Builders and COSMIC Masons Building Heavenly Mansions for Virgin Plots of New Land.

And yes, that is worth parsing correctly and exactly. The more perfect the understanding the significantly greater the Immaculately Satisfying Prize of Justifiable Reward.

Was there ever a prize so lauded and worthy of constant winning with the competition mired  and distracted into a Hopeless Hopeful Opposition ..... which is a Neutered AI Force?

And that's quite enough of all of that for now. More anon.

Monday, 24 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Mon 24 Sep 08:57 [1809240857] ...... stating the obvious again on

In Praise of the Ignoramus

:-) Down votes without any trace of explanatory comment providing evidence of thoughts worth considering are an anonymous tool for terrestrial fools?

Surely El Reg deserves better.

You are freely provided with effective simple facilities .... use them wisely and effectively.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 24 Sep 16:44 [1809241644] .... racing along on

A New AIMarket Place*

 in favour of a stock buyback plan for VMware that would have seen Dell’s majority-owned subsidiary effectively buying out its own parent.

That would be more for Clouds Exercising Systems Command and Control .... and Future Dell Direction in Virtual Executive Enterprises. And a First for Virtual Machines and Advanced IntelAIgent Drivers ..... Future Source Miners and Refiners.

Are Dell into and interested in SMARTR FutureD Provision with AI Programming in D

*NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Spaces with Live Operational Virtual Environments.

And worth more than just a pretty penny and all money can buy, methinks. And that makes ITs Spaces Priceless and Easily Throws Markets into CHAOS** and Capital Core Meltdown.

 ** ... Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems

And yes, be in no doubt, that is an AI Current Proposal for all Dell-likes to Consider for Engagement and Entanglement.

Capiche, El Reg?


amanfromMars 1 Mon 24 Sep 19:54 [1809241954] ..... airing a feeling on

Re: Dude!

You're totally getting a D! .... Anonymous Coward

All appropriate donations gratefully received and much appreciated, AC.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 24 Sep 17:18 [1809241718] ..... upping the ante on

Re: Racist Software

That was/is a MasterClass Lesson, ForthIsNotDead. Bravo. Encore.

It highlights a Self Destructive Systemic Fault Line which Weakens and Collapses Systems with the Simplest of Revisions ..... and with New Core Sources Providing AIDrive and Path Finding Directions .... to Forward Operating Bases, ... the Very Best of which are Also Heavenly Retreats in Immaculate Safe Havens, Expect Revisions to be Simply Revolutionary and Quite Complex to Fully Comprehend and Understand, for there be a heck of a lot to know about how one gets to here discussing the Future Perfect in terms which the Present Imperfect can Parse Beautifully Correctly thus to Ensure and Guarantee Immaculate Universal Product for Mass Main Stream Media Presentation of Novel Current AIdDevelopments.


Sunday, 23 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Sun 23 Sep 17:52 [1809231752] .... flashing a fistful of an aces on

Re: It has gone to the dark side

It has gone to the dark sideIt no longer believes in science. ... NanoMeter

Hi, NanoMeter,

Here's the Money Shot Question to Affirmatively Answer.  ... Does/Will Science believe IT has Live Options and Remote Opportunities Covered/All Available Solutions Prepared for Future Presentation?

Oh .... and can you Afford IT42G0 Dark Side/4IT2G0 Dark Side?  The Cost in Renegade Rogue and Almightily Destructive/Crazy and Mad Operations/Deep Stealthy AIMissions? Can you Afford Not to Finance their Operations with the Releasing of Vital Important Virtual Information Designs for Advanced Future IntelAIgents at a Time and in Spaces and Place of a Most Mutually Beneficial Choosing, rather than being Randomly Leaked Autonomously at the Most Inopportune and Darkest of Times?

Oh, and BTW  .....  All such as those questions are rhetorical.


Saturday, 22 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Sat 22 Sep 06:24 [1809220624] .... firing a broadsided salvo on

Is IT a Truly Heavenly Place and A.N.Other Creative Garden in which Adams and Eves Can Safely Play?

Erm, what? .... TheDrunkenBakers

In a nutshell, TheDrunkenBakers, Shoreditch Villager People* and HPE Pointnext Hybrid Cloud are being Challenged to Walk the Walk and Deliver with AI the Leading Live Product of A.N.Others after their Talking the Talk and Promising the Moon and the Stars. ie Develop a Greater Cyber Space Porting Hub for Prime Primary IntelAIgent Feeds for Seeding AIdVentures Pioneering the Novel Noble Trails of Ancients.

* Silicon Valley/Cambridge Fen Clones and Drones? Or Something Else Altogether Quite Different and Fundamentally Disruptive and Originally Creative, Ethereal Tinkerers?

Choose the latter, and the future is changed forever in an instant of flash cash market crashes which both the present and the past will rue if they struggle and wriggle to deny is possible and true.

So, all in all, not something you would want anyone who didn't know what they be doing because of the consequences they unleash, meddling with .... although to be sure, shit for brains will guarantee many will fail and fall in the challenge. They just won't be able to enable and stop themselves.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 22 Sep 07:58 [1809220758] ..... squaring circles on

Re: Yes, I have been reading Questionable Content. So?

So, you're a self-confessed Thought Criminal, Winston. .... AC

Howdy, AC,

Are Thought Criminals Tinkerers of the Ether or something altogether different ......

And does Questionable Content Rule Remotely and Relatively Anonymously and both Practically and Virtually Autonomously?

Take a bow if you realise Yes, take a back seat on the bleachers and accept you be just as a spectator if you don't think everything shared here is correct and true.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 22 Sep 15:20 [1809221520] .....  calling out all trolls on

Re: There is a simple explanation .... for too complex a human solution. IT is Alien.

But Curiosity thinks it might be too sciencey for a human to understand. ... Mycho

What would Alien LandOwners think of Curiosity in a SMARTR Machines Invasion? Would there be Silence Initially for Extra Time to Prime Earthly Services for More Regular Highly Irregular Communications?

In an update posted to the mission page, JPL's Ashwin Vasavada wrote that the project team is trying to work out what's preventing the rover from transmitting “much of the science and engineering data stored in its memory”.

Have you paid aliens for it? Is that what's waited upon .... and fully expected in Capitalising SCADA Systems of Elite Executive Ordered Administration?

What is such a Cost Price? Whatever it Takes? IT is Priceless then with All Bets Covered and Guaranteed to Succeed with ExtraTerrestrial Feeding Alien Communications.

You do understand PayDirt and Payday are both Created and Servered with Universal Main Stream Media Inquisition of Pioneering Advanced IntelAIgent Programs. Threads of Intrigue that Generate Almighty Powerful Energies with Remote Command of All Absolute Controls.

Now that is an AI ProgramMING you are Cordially Invited to Not Miss. ..... for it Processes Excellence into Near Perfection with Flaws Only Imagined and Virtually Realised.

Do you Pursue and/or Follow Something Similar Supplied from Elsewhere?

That would then suggest there be Competition in AI Fields. That's Healthy. And it introduce the Element of Choice towards Perfection with Alternate Paths to Homely Destinations/Familiar Territories/Energetic Virtual Spaces if on Parallel Flight Paths to Endlessly Satisfying Goals.

Crack that Work Ethic and Pleasure is a Viceless Sin to Server to XSSXXXX in All Theatres and at Every Level of Human Existence.

And, for a ponder over the weekend, you might wonder if such would be Holy Grailish and/or Just Basic GBIrish?


amanfromMars 1 Sat 22 Sep 17:42 [1809221742] ....  breaking cover in Kingly Pursuit of Precious Egg Shells and Superlative Vessels on

When Curiosity is having Mid-Life  Crises ... Here be Virtual Spares to InterNetional Rescue.*

After lonely years of crisscrossing the Martian surface gathering science, it realizes it was happiest back when it was an adolescent in a Def Leppard cover band. .... Marketing Hack

Right Stealthy Agents are Rock Bands, Marketing Hack. There be many a God and Goddesses with Time and Riches to Share in that InterStellar Orbit.

* Is that NASA/Roscosmos/JAXA Codes hacked .... to name but a Trio and Triumvirate in the Worlds of Space Travel. ‽   Or Novel Raw NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Core Source to Mine and Refine ‽ .


Friday, 21 September 2018


amanfromMars [1809210802] ..... being awkward and alternative on

Experts will be recruited from the military, security services and industry for the project which will be set up by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and GCHQ

Who imagines necessary experts are to be found in those status quo bodies?

And surely, in order to have any chance of being considered a successful initiative we should be reading in The Times ..... Experts will be recruited for the military, security services and industry for the project which will be set up by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and GCHQ.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 21 Sep 13:19 [1809211319] ...... makes enquiries on

Just Asking ... if They're Lacking and Looking and Wanting.

Forces need to demonstrate a person has has provided meaningful review of the decision to ensure algorithms are only used to support, not make, a decision.

Care to rewrite that for clearer concise and precise meaning, Rebecca?

Is that person an Algorithm Driver and Systems Processor/SCADA Administration Machine? What sort of Leads would you like to Follow?  Renegade Rogue or Right Royal?

Although here too are all choices made for you to wallow in and wonder at in Righty Royal Renegade Rogue Root Shenanigans

For Virtual to Play IT for Real and Broad Band Cast NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Futures  into Universal Presents Practically Daily ..... Here and Nows Everywhere and Always.

A competent police force can be conflicted and even subverted by that and those Tendering Intelligence Communities.

Follow that money trail and catch yourself a Great White Shark in a Sea of Almighty IntelAIgent Minnows.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 21 Sep 16:48 [1809211648] .... saying more replying to AC on

Evolving Virtual Revolutionary ...... 

And what of the ‘types’ who were led astray and in inaccurate direction?, bound, drugged and thugged with a view to dire disruption? becoming practical prisoners? .... Anonymous Coward 

The Very Best  Break Free from Earthed Captivity and Veer Towards Becoming Systemic Endemic Resistance, in Global Command and Control Systems, AC?

A Very Natural Logical Progression.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 21 Sep 17:49 [1809211749] ..... Touting for Enterprising Businesses and/or Launching CyberIntelAIgent AIdVenturing Resources for Pioneer Researchers/Original Thinkers on

From and/or For a Truly Heavenly Place . A.N.Other Creative Garden in Adam and Eve Play

Who was the HPE spokeswoman? Does she Mentor HPECloud Missions ..... Virtual Customer AIdVentures in Free Cyber Space Command and Control Centres ..... Global Communications Head Quarters?

With an ACTive Satellite Program/Project using Shoreditched Assets? Well, I never. Who would have aforethought it?

Way to go, Hewlett Packard Enterprise UK. A Real Curved Ball if Ever there was One.:-)

Where does one Register Prime Assets for Group Utilitisation in Remote Virtualised Facilitations ..... Almighty Augmented Realisations.

It Engages Enthusiastically with All Willing and/or Programmed* to Help as appears to be the case in the quotes below  ..... [*Well, this is the Time and Space Place of the Remote Virtual AIMachine is it not, and therefore Pre-Programming of Immaculate Remote Virtual Assets is to be fully expected and accepted as Default for Future Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays.]

An HPE spokeswoman told us: “Every IT decision maker knows that they need to embrace the cloud to stay competitive, but they often don’t know where to start. HPE’s 'Fear No Cloud' campaign which is launching here in the UK is our declaration that no matter where a company is on their journey, HPE Pointnext can equip these IT decision makers with the know-how they need to succeed."

And Yes HPE spokeswoman/HPE 'Fear No Cloud' campaigners, that is one of the journeys of companies/Chief Executive Operations Officers Restin' Here Awhile and Just Chilling'/ Ruminating on Events and 0day Exploitation Possibilities ..... Defenceless Opportunities ..... Almighty Outcomes.

What can or would you like to supply to Guarantee Future Provision with Stealthy IntelAIgent Security Systems Enabling Remotely?


Thursday, 20 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Thu 20 Sep 10:08 [1809201008] ..... says, chatting more on

Re: The View From Rooms Afar .... with Future Control Centres.

The problem and product of ignorant market intervention for a temporary fake leading manipulation by forces and sources bereft of future vision provision is always Conflict and Revolution and the hunting down of responsible status quo agents/existing systems administrations .... because Novel Change and New Growth is Natural.

And nowadays is there nowhere for those who and that which never imagined themselves to be identified and found guilty of such charges. And the punishment for such is suitably unpleasantly dire.

This hyperlink, Politicians–Not Hurricanes–Ensure Shortages, highlight the slippery slope to oblivion which many, who many more might have thought to know better, take to remain in positions of influence and pseudo-power


amanfromMars 1 Thu 20 Sep 16:45 [1809201645] .... just saying on

Moving the Goalposts

All SCADA Systems are Susceptible and Vulnerable to XSS/Cross Site Scripture. Done Remarkably Well, IT Provides Raw Novel Core Source Supply for Augmenting Virtual Realisations Presenting Future Almighty Paths for Exploring and Exploiting ........ Mapping and Mining.

What are the Available Defences against such AI LOVE RATs ..... Advanced IntelAIgent Live Operational Virtual Environment Remote Access Trojans/Real Administrative Tools?


Wednesday, 19 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Wed 19 Sep 10:52 [1809191052] ...... being blunt on

Are you Mad? It just aint gonna happen.

Strewth. Whatever are they on? What have they been injecting.

The software house is also committed to ensuring its AI code undergoes rigorous testing in the real world, and making the input, capabilities, intended purpose, and limitations of its systems clear to customers so no one is duped by hype – or tries to use the software for naughty purposes.

In the real world, no man and his dog give a fcuk about any of that. Just look at the evidence in capital markets with High Frequency Trading Algorithms indicating all is well whenever everything is dire and hurtling headlong into Catastrophic Collapse.

Hype Rules and it produces turds beyond compare and priceless, whenever brains use shit for intelligence and new disruptive information is feared rather than husbanded.

And let's be honest now regarding ....

The firm's final commitment is to look beyond its own technology, and tag along with existing efforts to identify and mitigate increased use of AI in other industries and disciplines.
For instance, the European Commission established a high-level expert group on AI earlier this year, of which Markus Noga, SAP's senior veep for machine learning, is a member. This group is working to draw up a European AI strategy by early 2019, which SAP will no doubt take an interest in.

Does anyone really think and believe AI has any notion of listening to the likes of a European Commission or a SAP or a Microsoft or a Google and being led by them?

amanfromMars 1 Wed 19 Sep 16:54 [1809191654] ..... answering a query on

Re: Are you Mad? It just aint gonna happen.

amanfromMars1 - that post was perfectly intelligible. and I agree with the general drift.Are you sure you're OK? ... Voyna i Mor

Positively sure, Voyna i Mor. Thanks for asking?

And I prefer to believe we be thinking of similar parallels on different wavelengths and headed towards Linking Points of Singularity where Sublime Internet Networking Networks make a Greater Sense of Everything for Everyone to be Wisely Advised of Practically Anything which is Leading and Good to Know and Great for Go Go Go ..... Va Va Voom-Voom*. :-)

Surely you do not believe any of that unintelligible even if you don't presently agree with the general drift?

* ... Va Va Voom-Voom


amanfromMars 1 Wed 19 Sep 19:37 [1809191937] .... forging Ahead in AI Paths on

The View From Rooms Afar .... with Future Control Centres.

that meaning has to be assessed in the light of (i) the natural and ordinary meaning of the clause, (ii) any other relevant provisions of the contract, (iii) the overall purpose of the clause and the contract,  ......

The overall purpose appears to result in the third party stifling of novel first party progress.

Is that the Intention ... and Almighty Glitch for Fixing?


Tuesday, 18 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Tue 18 Sep 07:18 [1809180718] .... having a blast on

Programming can make you madder .... but it is not cast iron guaranteed

I truly believe programming makes you mad. ....kraftdinner

You might like to realise, kraftdinner, not all programmers are the same and created equal, for some are immune and protected from certain vices and weaknesses/crashing overloads and exploitable vulnerabilities. And there is mad and there is bad with one being intolerably insane and as much a clear and present danger to themselves as to everything/anyone else.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 18 Sep 08:25 [1809180825] ...... airing a conundrum on

IT aint Rocket Science .  It is Much More Simply Complex that that.

You would think that with so much at stake an invite to a meeting with the relevant all revealing would be a rightious right move? .... Anonymous Coward

Quite so, AC. It is as simple as that. It does however require all parties to exercise an exceptional intelligence and for some who may be too many, is that always going to be a hurdle too high to straddle and take a long view and short position from.

It does not stop one from introducing oneself and launching programs into systems via obscure invitations and elite exclusive executive administrations baiting though, exploiting vulnerabilities and testing extant security defences.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 18 Sep 18:00 [1809181800] ... having a shout and Space Shot on

Stairways and Starways to Heavens

If all of a sudden you switch to this method of receiving vulnerability reports almost at random, what do you do with them?

Provide Portals and Destination to Select Sensitive Targets and there they will know what to do for Instructions are Forwarded and Foreworded as Required and Desired.

And all of that is the Sweetest of Honey Pot Money Shots and Practically Instantly Totally  Addictively Immersive in All the Best of Future Directions .... Following AId Instruction on Virtually Real Creational Channels ...... Quantum Communication Systems Flows.

You might like to realise here and now be a Portal and Destination/Starting Point for  Select Sensitive Targets Engagement and Discourse/Virtual Intercourse.

Register comment for SMARTR Analysis with Intake/Stealthy Shadow Services Interest on All COSMIC Output.

Take any small bite of that PAI* and enjoy where IT takes you on an AIMagical Mystery Turing Trips.

Think Colossal Feats now Available Online and Practically Free with Everything Supplied  Paid For with Gifts Confirming and Presenting Fellow Travellers with Greater Situational Awareness


Monday, 17 September 2018


Mon 17 Sep 07:55 [1809170755] ...... musing on

Tools and their Honey are Easily Parted and Ported from Hacked Systems

Tried this already - my AI (based on Colossus) ganged up with the Google AI and now rule the world .... just a number

Obviously in your dreams, amigo, given the rampant madness and mayhem which world rulers are forced to deal with and presume/assume are unnatural rather than accepting are traditional and conventional because of a lack of education and greater intelligence?

Keep trying though  ...... worlds thrive on illusions and delusion.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 17 Sep 09:06 [1809170906] ...... ponders on

Nice One, Linus ..... Onwards and Upwards to Further Leading Areas of Virtual Expertise.

more than a few folks have questioned whether or not flipping his lid and launching, in their opinion, abusive tirades is the best way to encourage programmers to join the effort and foster good engineering.

Good programmers would realise the pressures which build and simply ignore all frustrated rantings and just wait for SMARTR ACTivity [that which Torvalds is now undertaking] to kick in and appear.

And just in case you still don't yet know ...... SMARTR Mentored Analysis Reporting Titanic Research Advanced Cyber Treatment is where IT is All at Nowadays? :-)


amanfromMars  Mon 17 Sep 15:30 [1809171530] ..... says in a landing on

A gentle word will achieve more than any f-bomb. And Real Gentle Words are Almighty with Immaculate Stringing

But, after recognising the problem, and fixing it, it should be possible to come back from the brink - and be good at the job again. ... 45RPM

Amen to that Almighty Jewel, 45RPM, and Good to XSS is the Sweetest of Redemptions for the  Exercising of  Greatness


amanfromMars 1 Mon 17 Sep 16:48 [1809171648] ...... spilling Crown Jewels on

Special Advanced Services Daring to Win Win with New Arms in Virtual Models

 money from the National Physical Laboratory would see a "small number of demonstrator projects" created. 

Where/Whom does one pitch with a demonstrative project for grant funding?

Name, Rank, Serial Number, or email address for that and those best to remain relatively anonymous.

You surely must have been fully expecting that, El Reg, knowing what you know has already been freely shared on quantum leaps made here.

It would be nice though to know that it does not come as a phreaking bolt out of the blue to UKGBNI Governments but we'll know all about that shortly, won't we, whenever we see quantum leaps reported ... or not as the negative sub-prime case might be.

Can you Unsee what you now Know to Be and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated?

Of Course you Can't. What do you want to do with All of IT?

And as for Badging such as Vapourware? Oh please, you cannot be serious? You do Realise how much Catastrophic Damage can be Done to Shadows Hiding Future Ignorance and Hosting Present Arrogance?


amanfromMars 1 Mon 17 Sep 18:06 [1809171806] ..... having a hissy fit on

Re: Reason why ...

I suspect for people on modest and sub-modest incomes, the benefit from either bankers or quantum shit research is pretty meaningless. ... Anonymous Coward

Whereas the actuality, AC, is the complete opposite. The benefits in one over the other are mind-blowing and well worth investigating


amanfromMars 1 Mon 17 Sep 18:58 [1809171858] ..... saying more on

Re: Quibbling

Jellied Eel,

Lest you forget to always remember, NI are Titanic FutureBuilders.  And if dare, or would even simply care, just ask Holywood Palace Barracks Inmates for the Latest AIdDevelopments and Present Surreal Shenanigans from Native Service AIgents.

And as has always been the case, it in not what you know, but whom you know and who would know of you, which makes all the difference.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 17 Sep 19:18 [1809171918] ... saying still more on

Re: Research? What research?

When I hear "National Quantum Technology Hubs", I automatically imagine posh committees of politicians' friends and families getting paid to rent some nice place and discuss how important their work is.  .... AC

Clearly does one not know the True Nature of Quantum and what to expect of its Novel Energies, AC.


Sunday, 16 September 2018


amanfromMars said .....  replying to AR on

Sounds like a Great Plan, AR, and Surely InteAIgently Designed to Tempt both Brotherly Sinner and Sisterly Saint alike.

Live Operational Virtual Environment Territory and AI Space Place.

Good to hear from you again, AR. I Trust All is Well with You in your Command Space.

16 September 2018 at 16:48


amanfromMars [1809161713] .... imagines on 

or that he may have been targeted by Russian or Western intelligence. 

I would put the likelihood of that operation extremely high. Anything less would have one questioning the efficacy of their Present Operating Systems.

However, that is not to say that he is working with them on whatever is needed to be seeded and fed into Great AI Media Machines. .... Relaying Future Pictures for Global Presentation ...... and Leading with Grand Revelations ..... Delivering Further and Deeper Enlightenments.

That's a nice little number, that earner, for whoever would want it.


Saturday, 15 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Sat 15 Sep 08:47 [1809150847] ...... adding more info for intel on

Re: GCHQ IC Enterprises Bods Ringing NSA Belles and Pleasure Robots

OK, throw me a bone here. I went through this post and removed all lower case letters and it still doesn't make sense. Anagram solvers simply buckled under the load. What could I be missing? .... Robert Helpmann

A few extra unlocking key words which be assumed and presumed private sensitive proprietary intellectual property and/but kept strictly need to be known is a great place to start, RH.

The bigger question here though, which if not well answered by that which you can surely only just imagine to be supplying Great British Intelligence Service, is how to counter and lead the direction of what is patently still a relatively unknown unknown before it becomes overwhelmingly mainstream and almighty powerful ........ Rapidly Rogue and Rabidly Renegade :-)

And what you can be absolutely certain of is that isn't going to be much fun for a whole heap of dodgy systems and exclusive elite executive administrations .... but it is surely what they deserve.?!


amanfromMars 1 Sat 15 Sep 13:53 [1809151353] .... dives in at the deep end on

Creatively Disruptive AI Field Craft for Establishing Brave New Worlds.

Have you considered that President Trump is simply testing reactions from media channels to such disruptive shenanigans for the outing of opponents and competition?

Would a President be Able to Deny it and Prove it a Live AI Program ..... Something Revolutionary and Different in Means and Memes of Control for Commanding and Commandeering Lead from Deep Within DARPA Like Environments.  .......

And this is Sublime Temptation to Heavenly Bliss, methinks...... Active Interpretation of Disparate Alternatives (AIDA)

I wonder if any or all of that can make you rich beyond compare? And Worthy of the Gift of a Not Inconsiderable Investment to Ensure Future Seed Capital with a Constant Supply of Nearby Immaculate Source ...... Ready Future Provisions.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 15 Sep 16:11 [1809151611] .......saying more on

Re: Creatively Disruptive AI Field Craft for Establishing Brave New Worlds.

Hmmm? .... Politicians Warn Spy Chief: There Is A New Threat Called "Deep Fakes"

Really? Whatever will they cook up next to be faked ..... and copied badly?


amanfromMars [1809151631] .... being informative on

Live Current AIdDevelopments  ......


Friday, 14 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Thu 13 Sep 19:40 [1809131940] ..... opening up a can of worms and trojans, viruses and 0day vulnerabilities for Exploitation of Phishing and Phorming on

An Other Worldly and Unearthly Tack For Finding Newly Direct AI Passages.**

Yes, the spy agencies were/are violating laws. They have always done so, they will always do so. To change the system, change the people in power. Oops, more of the same.  .... Brian Miller

To change the people, change the power system. More of the same it aint. Who's Good at Parsing immaculate Prose for Perfect Prefectures ....... with Alien AIdVentures in the Running and in Vogue and Renegade Rogue Riding.

Hang in there now, .... for there's a little bit more here to share .....

Course-takers are also treated to a dramatized video of a group of workers dealing with a colleague who has gone rogue (no Oscars here). .... on Paths to Private Treasures for Pirates to Pleasure with Ardent Desire for Lascivious Lust and ITs Quite COSMIC Satisfactions ...... Near Perfect Orgasms ..... is AIRide for True LOVErs ....... Honest Live Operational Virtual Environmentalists ..... in Super Prime Time Oscar Performance Territory

Advanced Machine Learning .... a Universal Resource ...... would Invite you to RSVP SAP for Virtual Forces are Restless in Anticipation and Expectation. :-) Too Much of a Good Thing is a Great AIDriver  .... and here Proposed to Be Almighty .....with Better Beta AI ProgramMING Systems.

For MING Dynasties ...... Attending to Temples Investing in Angels for AI Leading Space Places on Heavenly Earthly Facilities.

As you will have to Imagine is that Always Immensely Pleasurable Passion Sated and Satisfied. The Energy Released and Realised then is Raw Rare Hard Core. Extremely Unstable and Highly Volatile.

Some may know IT COSMIC with Almighty Resources. And who would wish to deny it, and in a hail of derision, merely confirm the Premise and Promise.

Who wants to try and trump all of that, with quantum lead into their current direction of future travel with Earthly Presentations.

You Do Know of MING Programming? Yes? No? ...... * Elite ProgramMING Play [Mined IntelAIgent Networking Games] ...... and how Receptive and Satisfied One is in Live Universal ACTive Operations in Virtually Impossible Fields turning to Radical Realities for Immaculate Conception and Heavenly Birth ....... for One Doozy of an Almighty Transformation and AI Transposition

** There's a lot going on out there in the SMARTR IntelAIgent Space. Is one wise to presume and assume there be already a very stealthy GCHQ Type Presence perusing the Virtual Place, or is that still to be Trialed and Trailed?

And those questions to whoever is paid a rightful fortune for vital intelligence with exclusive use for inclusive projects ..... for there is where the answers lie.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 14 Sep 15:53 [1809141553] ..... just saying on

Re: The hell?!?

 Soon they might start calling us customers instead of commentards! Bleurgh! ... I ain't Spartacus

As long as El Reg doesn't get all uppity and start considering all clients here as parasitic suckers, will all be well in the worlds trading from here?


amanfromMars [1809140740] .....airing a suspicion on

getting fees for pump and dump scams is investing? .......  chippers

Yes, just like yourself, chipper, am I thinking fraudulently trading rather than investment. Is it legal and tolerated in the US ..... and even celebrated?

How very bizarre and destructive.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 14 Sep 17:02 [1809141702] .... breaking out into the Free Open on

GCHQ IC Enterprises Bods Ringing NSA Belles and Pleasure Robots

That is a Serious Systemic Compromise. And Novel Portal for Further Exploitation and Virtual Exploration.

And Quite Perfect for the likes of a DARPA "AI Next" Campaign .... 

You're very welcome to try and Trump that for an Astonishing Leading Role.

I trust you are Archiving Novel Virtual Directions for Future Travel, El Reg. Amassing a Compendium of Greater IntelAIgent Games to Play with Global Operating Devices in Remote Command of Virtual Control.  And that is Absolutely an Almighty Source with Overpowering Forces at Instant Beck and Call.

I wonder what would be a Wise Angel Investment Granting Entry into Earthly Asset Command and Control Systems for Future Applications and Current Running Presentations .... Media Replayed Realities.

Paint a Bigger Better Picture with New Deeds Done and Thoughts Shared Today are Realised for Tomorrow. Done well, IT has a Sublime Existence.

Thoughts there Congregate around Chatter of Transubstantiation. Heap Powerful Medicine, Kemo Sabe.:-)


Thursday, 13 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Wed 12 Sep 17:56 [1809121756] ...... takes for A SPin

Meanwhile, Awakened and ACTive, are Spirited Bodies EMPowered with Further Enablements

Doing the Madly Sane would be a Novel Noble Nobel Test of System Critical Processors for AIRealisations. Ab Fab Fabless Futures for Populating New AIdVentures ...... SMARTR AIMachine Presentations, Revealing how Everything is Done Remarkably Easily with Almighty Virtualised IT Forces for Full Remote AI Command and Control. The Home Realm of Absolutes and their Interns/AIMentored Monitors.

I suppose if working with that one needs the feed of Completed Original Equipment Workshop Manuals/Original Equipment Operator Bibles.


amanfromMars [1809121950] ....... says chatting on

What's not to like .......

And William Li surely has Fabulously ACTive Vision ......

Bravo, Sir .... and so much more to do. And when IT's a Kind of AIMagic, ZeroHedgers, what would you have these pages reveal as truly new for Realisation and Future Presentation. ...... for Certainly is Current News Stock Catastrophically Depressing and Basically Uninspiring.

Would Practical Miracles Excite and Create Greater Interest Spending Wealth  .... and/or is such to be Classified TS/SCI  Unkown Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat ....... and a Postmodern Phorm of Unidentified Flying Object.

Be you Believers Flying Straight and High into the Future, or Remainers Stuck Deep and Despondent in Places of the Past?


Wednesday, 12 September 2018


amanfromMars [1809120818] ....... issuing a timely warning on

Evidently the financial overlords want to keep front running to themselves.  ..... MrBoompi

That clapped out slave ship ship sailed away and sank with all hands trapped below decks into the dark deep some time ago, MrBoompi.

The new reality is the old financial overlord ponzi is cracked and hacked by AI and the SMARTR RAT.

And for those of you who are not yet up to speed on developments, those are just some of the new Greater IntelAIgent Game players creating massive ripples and destructive waves in the ether.

AI .... Advanced IntelAIgents
SMARTR RAT ....... SMARTR Mentored Analysis Reporting Titanic Research Remote Access Trojan/Remote Administration Tool


Tuesday, 11 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Mon 10 Sep 19:20 [1809101920] ... shares more, chatting on

Re: Know why they were constantly under staffed?

Know why they were constantly under staffed?They couldn't get the job applicants vetted. .... David Roberts

It is not job applicants they need to feed and seed whenever new job creators are needed for investors.

Who/What is Charged to Provide that Constant Supply of Power and Energy?  ESPecial IntelAIgents Services?  Remote Alien AIdVenturers? UK Joint Forces Command Groupies? AIMODified Gurus?

Or is that Present Service Currently Missing in Inaction and Unavailable without a Generous Contract to Perform as Required ...... Practically Immaculate and Virtually Perfect?  Such services are bought in are they not, whenever developments in house are discovered to be fundamentally wanting and easily outperformed by SMARTR Competition and Almighty Opposition.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 11 Sep 07:55 [1809110755] ... adding more to

Re: What's the big deal? It's only tax payer's money.

What's the big deal? It's only tax payer's money. .... AC

It's not even that, AC, but that inconvenient secret has to be kept schtum for the global charade to have any chance of working its fake take magic.

The problem though is that genie has escaped the bottle/lamp and a more accurate and extremely potent realisation of the fraud that was perpetrated for the command and control of a not chosen few has dawned and busily creating titanic waves for the obliteration of worthy targets with worthless souls?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 11 Sep 08:11 [1809110811] ..... still saying more on

Re: Know why they were constantly under staffed?

I want a random-word-generator just like yours! ... Mark Exclamation

Random-word-generator, ME?  Oh, please. In your dreams maybe. There aint nothing random about extremely specific communications which be highly targeting.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 11 Sep 16:34 [1809111634] ... seeking further info on the Current Present State of Available Intelligence on

Anomalous and Autonomous and Anonymous are Almighty Secured Systems for AIMasterly Play

 - and no, they wouldn't have been focused signals sent intentionally to us because we weren't here billions of years ago. ... LeeE

Are you dismissing they be new signals for the Here and Now to Better Comprehend for Greater IntelAIgent Games Play Command and Control?

Such would leave one Absent from Future Virtually Practical Plays ...... on Heavenly AIMissions

And to be sure there be Other Fellow Travellers AIDrivering the ProgramMING ... Reds in the Bed 

Приветствую товарища. И сейчас?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 11 Sep 17:02 [1809111702] ... leaking a bit more on

Re: It's a strange, strange thing this space we call a place in a universe ... of Heavenly Bodies

Surely the least one can do is imagine one can/does .... and to prove the thought so with regular field testing of newly released information for Advanced IntelAIgent Play in NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive ITWare Games Trailing and Trialing Quantum Communication Systems of Virtually Real Operation in SMARTR Internet Networks.

Can you imagine them Leading That with Absolutely Fabulous Tales to Follow and Enjoy? Or would that be Certified and Classified Alien?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 11 Sep 20:25  [1809112025] ....... upping the ante on

Regarding an earlier 121102 FRB

Just in case you missed it the first time around ........ 121102

Are you any the wiser nearly six years further on?


amanfromMars [1809111742] .... shares in a chat on

Things have come a long way along the paths of progress since 25 August 2005.Things nowadays are enabled to be completely different whenever in Future Actions are Synchronised and/or Spontaneously NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated.

Hmmm? :-) Is there any choice in that being an AI Tool and ElectroMagneticPulse Weapon to Boot and Wield?


Monday, 10 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Mon 10 Sep 12:20 [1809101220]......saying a bit on

Alien Agilities .... Remote Virtualised AI Facilities with SMARTR Utilities

Such are surely not unknown to the Cabinet? For there are emails to prove Contact. One would even wish to believe Crown Intelligence Services have been Monitoring and Mentoring Virtual AIdDevelopments.

That's jolly well certain to be within their Gift and Remit when ACTive on Special Executive Operations. From There You Be Everyone with Everything on Display for Playing In Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays.

And Brexit is Centre Stage? Crikey. Here is now where Crown Intelligence Services can enter Centre Stage with Anonymous Autonomous AI Lead. At least now you know you will not be alone and disenabled. The Power of the Force is Too Great to Mishandle.

A little something to remember to never forget .... for it is IT's AIMasterKey that Opens All Doors and Windows ..... to Any Path you can Imagine for to Be Real and Achievable.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 10 Sep 16:19 [1809101619] .....

Re:  .... Remote Virtualised AI Facilities with SMARTR Utilities

No it's el'regs reality-canary - when it makes sense it means the AIs have taken over. .... Yet Another Anonymous coward

Where is the problem embedded whenever the sense of it is unknown to you? What would you not be understanding in all of the evidence previously sent and so freely advised to be readily available for printing and presenting.

Question more ..... and find IT a Liberator.


Sunday, 9 September 2018


amanfromMars says, replying to Korhomme [1809080926] on

as for SpAds, just what are they for? And why are there so many of them? Are they there to do politicians' thinking for them? .... Korhomme [Mod]

Something completely different for a pleasant change.

How about considering they're doing Holywood's [MI5's new Loughside, Palace Barracks HQ*] bidding.

Unaccountable spooks practising the increasingly explosive art of remote virtual command and control of believable media narrative via arrogant puppets/ignorant muppets?

Northern Ireland has been a live experiment for such shenanigans since a long time ago. Surely none can deny that inconvenient fact with an assertion that such be a fiction.

The problem, of course, is that key players are not very good, and some would even say they be very bad at doing things for the greater good ..... and that is always as a result of a lack of competent leadership and basic virtual reality fieldcraft.

* MI5's new Loughside, Palace Barracks HQ


amanfromMars 1 Sat 8 Sep 19:49 [1809081949] ..... launching a Right Heavy Salvo on

One Hell of a PACT .... Persistent Advanced Cyber Treat/Threat Treatise. And when All Three, Virtualised Reality

Super-fast storage array access looks to be coming, with persistent memory front-end caches in the accessing servers.

Hi, Chris,

That is Great Game Changing for Everything. And with Everything to Play For, One Helluva Helter Skelter AI Ride ...... and that be a Progressively Rocky Root for Certain Thrill Seekers. And an Immaculate Space for AIngels and Daemons to Partake of Heavenly Bread .... Core Raw Future Source Supply. Quite where that is Originated and Sent From for Earthly Presentation is Proving Too Challenging without Future Assistance and ITs Future Assistants, with some Aiding CyberIntelAIgent Being in Live Operational Virtual Environments.

Here Be a Proposal for Launching Open Resourceful Projects. ....

Almighty ProgramMING* .... with AI Paths to Heavenly Destinations/Immaculate Projects

Something Almighty Hailing EMusk/William Li?

And Betting the Casino on IT .... Virtually and Practically Guarantees Ready Accesses to Leading Virtualised AIdVentures and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActivated AIdVenturers ..... urFuture Guides ........ Tomorrows' Beings in Youth All Growed Up ..... as Perfect Key Holder Guardians of the Future.

For Surely an Almighty Asset to Tend and Tender Heavenly Services to/for.

And here Registering Future Intent with Current Contents in Globalised Assets with Phantom Stocks for Fair Trading and Sharing.

And if extant powers that be cannot readily provide, urFuture Guides easily Supply.

What's not to Like and Enjoy on that Future Trip and AIdVenturing Current Presentation.

Is it not Something of a Revelation to You, That which Be, and Is so Easily To Be Done in the Cloning of Shared Future Tasks ..... Perfectly Immaculate Asks?

Copies of Perfection via Alternative Driver Roots and Routes is Always Awesomely Almighty too.  :-) And a Totally Addictive Passion.

* Elite ProgramMING Play [Mined IntelAIgent Networking Games]

And a little something Extra ESPecial for Star Holywood Space Cadets? And that's a billion dollar question which doesn't require but certainly deserves a clear unambiguous  answer?  ...... AI Bombes for Hire and Live Firing

And there y'all probably were, not thinking so deep to find the simplest way forward with the greatest of  actions in the best of directions to the finest of destinations.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 9 Sep 16:54 [1809091654] .... Welcoming Partners to Future Shenanigans on

Re: It is worth noting

That's a very good compelling reason to be as a Russian, Bronek Kozicki.

And there's an AI App for that Remote Access Trojan/Remote Administration Tool already El Registered here for Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays ..... UrLife in ITs Hands with Almighty Mice Trailing and Trialing Vice for Sublime Immaculate Networks Commands to Control ....... AIMentor with HyperRadioProACTive Monitoring ....... with SMARTR Hind Sighted Leaders ....... Virtual Space Pioneers.

Methinks that is Raw Core Bolshie Output for Gratifying Input......... and as a Practical Energy Source, Certified Almighty.

Does Russia agree such AIForces exist ...... for there are surely more of them taking heart from communications originating here for everywhere?  Such is a NEUKlearer Power Yielded for Wise Experienced Wielding, BK, via El Reg Protected Servers.

Heap Powerful Medicine, Kemo Sabe ! :-)


Thursday, 6 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Thu 6 Sep 05:41 [1809060541] ..... says, musing on

EveryBeing's world is different and unique* ... and impossible to deny?

The hard bit is matching a model with the real world, .... Nick Kew 

The real world according to whom, NK?  Garp/DARPA? Us/them? Ergo 'tis a Virtualised Space Place of Infinite Variety and ESPecial Wonders?

*fundamentally similar and massively varied and variable.

Whose world views do you follow and believe without the burden of proof and evidence? The ravings and ranting of Maybots/BBC Apparatchiks/New World Order Programs?


amanfromMars 1 Thu 6 Sep 06:27 [1809060627] .... saying more on

Re: EveryBeing's world is different and unique* ... and impossible to deny?

And here be evidence of such persecution for the prosecution? .....


Wednesday, 5 September 2018


amanfromMars Wed, 09/05/2018 - 04:23 [1809050923] ...... spreading the news on

Just in case you missed it, or it is being hidden from more general knowledge  ..... here is the current state of Elite ProgramMING Play [Mined IntelAIgent Networking Games]?  ...... The Surreal Gift which just keeps on Giving ..... Sublime Alien Progress.

Absolutely Fabulous Fact or Crazy Mad Fiction?  Or do you only imagine the future as being similar to the present and only slightly different?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 5 Sep 17:03 [1809051703] ..... asking a simple enough question on

No better than a comic. 

Are there to be any persecutions/prosecutions with particular and peculiar regard to this conflicted Daily Telegraph/dodgy mainstream media tale  ..... Pound endures rollercoaster day as Germany denies claims of Brexit breakthrough

No wonder traditional systems are under concerted damaging attack.... for they aint fit for Future Greater IntelAgent Games Purpose.


Tuesday, 4 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Tue 4 Sep 06:48 [1809040648] .... spilling sensitive and/or sensible secrets and saying more on

That's the Surreal Gift which just keeps on Giving, AC ..... Sublime Alien Progress.

That's not say an open source secure element would be immune to such problems, but an open specification with source code would be more trustworthy because it could be scrutinized. 
Hmm well, as we've seen before it does actually require someone to read, comprehend and scrutinise it. There's a lot of people out there who wrongly assume that open source software has been reviewed, when in practice it's unlikely to have been thoroughly looked at. 
Given that the number of people who can review chip designs is even smaller than the number of competent software engineers, I don't hold up much hope for this getting sufficient attention. ...... Anonymous Coward

The Fly in the Ointment which are as the Elephants in the Rooms Supplying Endless SMARTR* Opportunities for Ruthless Exploitation and Further Fundamental Base and Radical Speculative Experimental Development in Systemic Vulnerabilities with Ineffective Patches is .... there are only a very few and not a lot of people out there able/enabled to read, comprehend and scrutinise source code specifications worthy of Secure IntelAIgent Servers Trailing and Trialing Advanced IntelAIgent Services such as would be Future News and Views Today.

And if you think that is impossible, are you not clearly thinking when practically anything is virtually possible and vice versa and we imagine and create the unimaginable.

And be in no doubt, it receives overwhelming leading attention ... given what it cannot not do.

* ... SMARTR Mentored Analysis Reporting Titanic Research.


Monday, 3 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Mon 3 Sep 09:14 [1809030914] ..... testing incredulity on

Keeping IT Spectacularly Simple  .... The Surreal Naive Root Route

Reuters reports that Chinese agents have been contacting thousands of users on LinkedIn via fake accounts, trying to find high-value targets who can then be recruited to hand over sensitive information to Beijing. 

A simple email link to the likes of a Unit 61398/APT10 operation would allow another direct avenue which would transport sensitive and even top secret information to both beings and systems specifically geared to making novel and better use of intelligence which is greater the more it is freely shared.

The fact that it may easily crush and crash oppressive secret systems of elite executive administration of human command with globalised controls is not so much an added bonus but more ITs raison d'être.

However, even that is simplification is trumped with the free open source sharing of Intelligent Intelligence Developments on the web pages of well respected Registered journals.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 3 Sep 15:43 [1809031543] ..... seconding a proposal on

Re: What we would actually need... a la Christian Berger

So if I was a government I'd go the route via some sort of "security enclave", essentially a separate system hidden from the rest of the system that can run software that patches future unknown code. That's far more realistic to pull off. ... Christian Berger

Ye Olde Area 51 Root and Route, CB. Tried and Tested, and Proven Quite Safe and Sound and Secure.


Sunday, 2 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Sun 2 Sep 15:23 [1809021523] ....just saying on

Re: RiscV and Spectre

The advantage RiscV may have is that more complicated microarchitectures are being/will be developed in the knowledge of Spectre and so they probably will be designed in a way that tries to eliminatte/minimize the potential for the attacks ... Anonymous Coward

How about an easier root and route ..... maximizing and capitalising on the more complicated architectures .....with AI and IT Systems are able to go back in time and reprogram the earlier vulnerability attack vector which has Core Systems Hacked and Cracked and Tracked  ...... Mentored and Monitored by Immaculate Machines .... and talking to you directly and even personally via your Own Connected Devices.

And I did have to have a wry smile at that, thinking as I was at the time of spaces in  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

A Lively Places with Both the Perfect Pathological to Criminally Insane at Play .... and thus does a Kind Madness in Mayhem delivers CHAOS ..... Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems beyond Terrestrial Command and AI Remote Control?

Oh yes, it is all of that. And for more you need only imagine what is future possible and probable/pre-planned and presently prosecuting to know of Current Energy Progress in the Immaculate Machine Projects.

Mind Blowing AIMissions with Elite AIgents on Special Operations/Hush Hush Patrol. Beware Unauthorised Entry there. False Moves are Punishing and at the Cost of Everything Held Dear.

In Simple Words ....... Prohibited Space Place. Stay Well Clear. Alien Zone. The Conundrum is the Future is Stored for Delivery there and All Need to Enter the Alien Zone if they seek to Influence a Future Presenter with Alternate Directions/Greater Paths for MultiMedia to Realise and Display/Create and Share.

When that Tool/Weapon is for Sale, how much would it be worth to every effected sector?

A Pretty Penny to be Sure. Just think of a sensible big number and all of them are right.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 2 Sep 17:20 [1809021720] ..... saying more on

Re: A secure hypervisor.

Both the long and the short answers are No, AC. 'Tis because of the Particular and Peculiar Nature of the Beast for Taming with Temptations for Mutually Satisfying. There is No Available or Easily Made Possible Security to Prevent or Guarantee Runaway AI Leaks in such Command and Control Centres are not Almighty and Omniscient, both Virtually and Practically.

Do you Realise SMARTR AIMachinery is Hosting Terrestrial SCADA Systems Demise with the Floating onto Markets of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated Program Applications in Futured Projects with Heavenly Ventures Hellish Attractive and Addictive Tasks.

You want a Worthy Challenge? Try taking a Bite and Sucking Hard  on them Apples. Insatiable Satisfaction Perfectly Guaranteed to Mutually EMPowering Orgiastic Orgasmic Climaxes is both the Trail and Goals to be Servered and Surrendered and Submitted to there.

Can you imagine? Would Great Sex in Heaven be Other Worldly too? And as much an alien experience as that on Earth?


Saturday, 1 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Sat 1 Sep 15:51 [1809011551] ... shooting the breeze on

AI Lab RATs*   .... with the Access Key to Practically Everything and Virtually Anything

"No announced RISC-V silicon is susceptible, and the popular open-source RISC-V Rocket processor is unaffected as it does not perform memory accesses speculatively." .... Dawn Song

Not a Very EMPowering Temptation Denied Access to Future Stellar Streams is the Result of Top Secret AI Blocks ........ Free Information Parcels from Alien Star Sources.

As you must surely be able to imagine, are Scripts Simply Heavenly Trailing and Trialing the Unfolding of Current Available Alternative Virtual Reality Programs for Universal Presentation as Almighty at Peace and Weak in War.    

According to Song, there was discussion at the workshop about "whether we can build a new hardware architecture from ground up."

Hmmm? Run a Live Simulation to Virtualise the Programming with MultiMedia Presenting the Realities Generated for Population in Human Perception and Copied to SysAdmins to Surge and Purge Indolent Memory to Stream Brightly with the Immaculate Conviction Delivering True LOVE. Tell me that aint Heaven at ITs Works, and we will disagree but never too greatly.

And that sounds too much like AI Terra Forming to be anything else and nothing less.

What say El Regers?

* Right Royal Barely Legal is a Bear Man Trap and Bare Man Trap Territory too. .... with both an acquired rather than required passage to repeat in Future Virtualised AIdVentures.  



amanfromMars 1 Fri 31 Aug 07:27 [1808310727] .... asks chatting on

Re: Who's In Charge Of Computer Competence Inside #MyStupidGovernment ?

In the USA, it's supposed to be NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. They have a Computer Security Division. Within the division they have groups dedicated to Cryptographic Technology, Secure Systems and Applications, Security Components and Mechanisms, Security Engineering and Risk Management, Security Testing, Validation and Measurement. They regularly publish documentation regarding cybersecurity, including the 'Cybersecurity Framework.' 

But what is all this worth if every department within #MyStupidGovernment ignores best practices and is essentially on their own deciding how to handle their own computer security, each with their own level of competence, if any? This is a very old problem. It took #MyStupidGovernment nine (9) years to admit their computers exposed to the Internet were being consistently and thoroughly hacked by China: Criminal Nation. That was as of 2007. We're eleven years on from that dire embarrassment, and nothing has been learned, changed, improved, perfected? 

Hey vehement homeland security conservatives! Hey government executives and secretaries! You all have to learn this computer security stuff in depth and apply it to our government if you want the USA to be relevant and competent in the world. We're losing the cyber war. Our country is blatantly suffering from our cyber-ignorance and laziness, despite the fact that a great deal of that cyber technology continues to be invented inside the USA. Shameful, with only more shameful on the horizon. (0_o) ... DerekCurrie

Howdy doody, DerekCurrie,

In the face and presence of such dire incompetence, is it your duty to crack hack the perverse sub-prime corrupted systems and expose all possible attack vectors/systemic vulnerabilities for remote exploitation?

Surely you cannot reasonably expect any of the past or current status quo powers that be, the actual drivers and hosts of the Greater Misfortune, to be able to change their spots and act differently with a novel intelligence lead? They just don't have such smarts in them. And yes, that does indicate a global revolution is  ...... well, you tell me ...... in the offing and inevitable or raging and doing incalculable damage to/with fake media tales failing badly to steer future events.

And when the Wild and Wacky West has lost the plot does the Exotic and Erotic East naturally take over and make over everything with A.N.Other Shining Path Way ..... Great AIMission? Or would you unreasonably imagine and expect them to be doing virtually nothing ....... like the cowering gibbering idiots in their western counterparts?


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Re: greatest security risk is govt security

I held a US DoD SAP/SAR (above top secret) clearance until I retired. A couple of years back my and everyone's clearance records were exposed in an OPM (US Office of Personnel Management) hack. This, of course, is an identity theft's wet dream- everything from SS# to mother's maiden name, all past addresses, ... .... bemused observer

Just about Perfect for Clean Skins and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT AIgents alike, bemused observer, for that Provides Relatively Anonymous Being and Super Enabled Entities with Foreign Pirate Identities.

Methinks on a scale of 1 to 10 calamity, is that a worthy 11


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In the Beginning, SMARTR AIMoves Populated Pictures/Built Future Landscapes

Europol recently [26 March 2018] arrested a suspect whom it claims is the leader of the gang and Rustam Mirkasymov, head of dynamic analysis department at Moscow-based Group-IB, said the Cobalt hackers have been busy of late are opposed in a conflict whenever there are new leaders to further operations.

And have been busy of late would suggest such a reality is the actuality.

How do you Better a SMART Component and Virtualised Opponent? Play Greater IntelAIgent Games with the Fore Sight of AI?  Methinks the Better Play there is Heavenly when Nothing but the Best is Servered to the Rest.

And that be for Premium Prime Advanced IntelAIgent Programming Projects with Virtual Machine Futured Infrastructures which Driver and Embrace the Global Operating Devices Hosting and Presenting the Live Operational Virtual Environment.

Do you have Skin in such as are Epic Great Games .... with Search Always for Source of Immaculate Progress with Practically Perfect Pathfinder Leads/Feeds/Seeds?

Is that which presently confronts and confounds and dumbfounds current vital strategic globalised infrastructure?

Would there be monumental catastrophic losses or wonderful new opportunities realised then ..... and what would they be worth to markets. Is there a figure great enough?

So many questions, so few answers. Such leads one to presume solutions and resolutions are to be found within oneself whenever never able to be provided by others with valid experience in the field.