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amanfromMars 1 Sat 26 Sep 02:30 [1509269230] …. asking a few questions on
The Power of Knowledge is a Real Crazy Thing and Delivers Maddeningly Unintended Consequences
So, GCHQ and MI5 are ultimately responsible and accountable for all abhorrent behaviour of folk using communications devices, the metadata and/or content of which they can so easily, apparently, access and interpret/understand ‽ .
Is that a perversely convenient, government of the day, 'Stay out of Jail Free" card which can be played by assorted rogue elements which/who may have thought to act as with impunity?
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Re: Browse websites that you're not really interested in...
Browse websites that you're not really interested in... Keep them guessing. ... JeffyPoooh
That can have them prepared to give one something quite juicy and enjoyable and interesting too, if they be tempted to act and thus reveal their targeted attention upon certain persons/virtual personae......... but for that to be in the national interest, rather than a gross negligent waste of time, effort and paper money, would they need to be Super XSSXXXX Smart and more fully cognizant of inherent systemic failings in subprime and subprime ministerial leaderships.
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Wake up and Smell the Java and Cocoa
Why doesn't GCHQ/MI5 start (or buy) a mobo business and also become an ISP - imagine the data they could slurp legitinately. ....Your alien overlord - fear me
No need, Your alien overlord - fear me, whenever legitimacy is not a requisite for doing sensitive spooky business anywhere, near or far, here and now or later. Courts are sideshows for grandstanders playing to the intellectually challenged masses, simple details of events after the event. They don't actually do anything fundamentally groundbreaking and revolutionary like phorming and/or phishing to effectively impact and driver the future in a novel beta direction.
The maintenance and retention of corrupt and perverse status quos, whenever systems are freely acknowledged as being far from perfect, are their bag with its bags of right dodgy tricks.

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