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Re: Can anyone help jog my memory?... @ Olius
I find it hard to understand how that was >20 years ago, yet we're still having this global debate about encryption. ... Olius
That's because it's politically charged, Olius, and all about mass remote power and virtualised control of natives Earth species, which is defaulted in the crashing flash supply and spending of fiat paper/currency. Knowing what's being planned for the future allows one to prepare attacks/defences against it, but that does involve one in talking around hot subjects rather than answering clearly and truthfully questions posed to one about one's efforts in it. Slippery tongued politicians thinking their replies are super clever whenever nothing is answered and all is deflected tell you everything you need to know about anything you ask them?
All secrets surely hide thought advantageous unpleasantnesses which tell a real different tale of existence from the stories spun for realities fed to the masses. And such surely indicates and proves that life on Earth is a virtual reality which is presently being extremely badly programmed to server corrupted drivers.
Time for a change, methinks. What think ye? Or do you doubt and believe things are not so simple and therefore will be just as a paying spectator to Greater IntelAIgent Games Play with no input provided for future consideration and inclusion? That is your fate in such a scenario/virtual reality/future existence.
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Re: Can anyone help jog my memory?... @ Olius
Indeed it is all of that.
"Time for a change, methinks. What think ye? Or do you doubt and believe things are not so simple ..."
I'm a techie - so I believe anything is straightfoward, and it takes great effort on top of a good dose of politics and paranoia to make the world appear to be so complex :-) … Olius
:-) And then there were at least two, and their powers were squared. Keep watching these Registering spaces, Olius ...... Things aint what they used to be, for future builders are transparently internetworking secrets and solutions over invisible, intangible webs of intriguing innovation and invasive invention/immaculate conception with perfect formations.
In some sad and bad and rad and mad intellectually challenged minds and corrupt perverse systems will that equate and be treated as Cyber Terrorism and Virtual Warmongering ....... and such rantings will identify the lead fool which be a blunt tool.

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