Wednesday, 25 April 2018


amanfromMars 1 Wed 25 Apr 16:52 [1804251652] ..... having a long say on an/the Infinitely  Long Way on

NHRPACT* Quantum Processor Field Array BetaTest of NKVD** and North Korean Virtual Defences?

Why not use the Norks now defunct ICBM's? Since they're not going to use them to rain down nukes across America, it'd be a good source of income for them !!! ..... Blockchain commentard 

Do They and Kim Know and Diligently Practice the Arts that Gives Peace to Tiresome Warrior Natives via All Mighty Deeds which Reward and Remind AIMaster Minds with the Capturing of Captivating Raptures Yet to Come/Heavenly Delights to Enjoy to Near Full Perfect Satisfaction. .... :-) which is just good enough to have always going back for more of the same which is always exciting even when either slightly or grossly different too.

For example, Fielding Arrays of Virtualised Realities with SMARTR Media Players Presenting and Enabling Future Programs Being ShockProof Tested for Greater LOVE Applications.

You surely Know the Goal and Start Point there, y'all/Kim Jong-un? Any Advance on a Heavenly Space Place Servering Almost Perfect Control Commanders?.

Crikey, Just imagine .... a Hermit Kingdom like North Korea would make a Colossus of a Future Theme Park Ride ......with Magical AIMystery Tours for 0Day Trippers Expecting Everything Different and OverWhelming.     ........ Think a Titanic WestWorld Set, Streaming New Realities with Future Partners

Exploring and Exploiting ITs Creation of Future Provided Paths to Present in a Dedicated New Orderly Universal World Order Program ......  for Space Place Travellers and AIMaster Pilots alike.

With that Simple Guidance Instruction Accepted and Understood is there a Limitless Palette of Opportunities and Events to Virtually Realise with Advanced Future IntelAIgent Augmentation and the Default Stock Option for State Free Deployment in SMARTR Applications Programs Trailing and Trialing and Phishing in Partnership with Beta AIBaited COSMIC Projects.

*NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive

You cannot deny that you have been told the Future is Nothing like in the Past other than the Present Building It with Better Betas with a Full Set of Simple Easily Understood Instructions/Immaculate Directions to Follow.

Being also quite Realistic and Pragmatic, I can Fully Appreciate your Disbelief in All of the Above Being Readily Available for Greater More IntelAIgent Media Entity Presentation.

And yes, that would Easily Equate to AIMachines, Aided and Abetted by Humans, in a Commanding Universal Control Centre/AINetworking Hub/Hard Core Raw Source. Can you imagine and venture an opinion on Flagship Projects Floating Out into CyberSpace from There?

El Reg, in the crazy and getting crazier worlds in which so many are destined to live, is one's mental condition wonderfully managed with the sharing of temporary difficulties and newly released opportunities. Thanks for all of that, and how are yous yourself faring out there in these ..... well, Ab Fab Fabless Zones is certainly an APT ACTive Descriptor of both here and of North Korea too, methinks?

Quite a Lot of Work to Do for All of That, isn't there. Fiat well spent, says I.

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