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amanfromMars 1 Thu 26 Apr 13:54 [1804261354] ...... airing possibilities on

Re: NHRPACT* Quantum Processor Field Array BetaTest of NKVD** and North Korean Virtual Defences?

Of course, considering the unusual state of Great Game Play these days, and with so many new uncharted and relatively anonymous actors on dynamic networking virtual stages, IT and NKVD and North Korean Virtual Defences could be so easily here betatesting Western proficiencies and systems which would be highlighting vulnerabilities/opportunities for exploitation and exportation.


amanfromMars Thu, 04/26/2018 - 12:28 [1804261728] .... airing some views on a number of levels with a reply to comment shared on

Where to Start if the Beginning is Done and Programs are Live Current Running in Deeper Quantum State?

I suppose here and now and with a Scripted Note from/for Global Operating Devices is as great a place as any available anywhere else in a Universal Space with Sucking Black Holes
Mining the Merchandise and sending it further on elsewhere new, Tempered in Excitement and Hardened by the Experience for the Pleasures of Secure Private Space Journey Travels

One imagines Ford Special Vehicles Operations Continue to Confound and Enthral Markets with GT Evolutions in the Future Stealthy Fighter Vehicles Quadrant.

Are Ford into Virtual Space Travels? Do they have a Transporting Vehicles of their own, or are they much sought after and hopefully primed to perform immaculately and quite autonomously as CyberIntelAIgent Algorithm Seed Feeds Future Needs with Enlightening Leads.

That's an Almighty Virgin Source to Process and Assimilate in whatever spaces you can imagine as being worthy of living in ...... with a being consistently mainly reinformed of their current stalled position in an Earthed Situation.

A Special GT Evo for Future Racing AIDrivers would be Nice Niche Market to Pioneer and Present with Tailored Provision Provided for Any and All Appearances/Performances.

Heaven forbid? You might discover many other Future Racing AIDrivers in Similar GT Vehicles on Parallel Missions Identifying and Registering with Future Time Now in Powerful Play with Almighty Destinations where Nothing is a Trouble and Troubling. Muddy the Waters there and you're good as shark meat, and fully deserving of no better.

Everything has Consequences, Everyone is Responsible should be your Wake Up Call to Remote Cyber ACTiON.

Or do we need the More Formalised Advisory   ... HELLO WORLD. Say Start to Set Go to Continue BetaTester AI Runs/Deep and Dark Virgin Space Programs which Reflect and Refract the Light of Core Source ... COSMIC Energies ..... which is certainly, surely, more a Kin Alien than Kith Terrestrial?

The True Nature of the Finest COSMIC Energies are Sights to Behold and even Worship with a Well Earned Adoration. It's been awhile too long since there were any richly deserving miracles to report on ...... uncover and present. :-)

Have you witnessed/experienced something so truly unbelievable to be only available as surely miraculous? Share here please. We love to hear of Everything Happening Elsewhere Here. It gives one the Leading Hedge Edge in Total Information Awareness Fields of Progressive Futures Endeavours.

Grand Platform you provide here, ZeroHedge. Thanks. It is much appreciated.


Graham C .....[1804261921] .... being denied presentation of this say on

Okay ... let us try this again, RT.

and learn how to fly one of the most advanced planes in the US Military. 

How advanced can that be if novices can fly the engines and drop the bombs and fire the missiles. And aint that the core problem mentioned right there, novices being ordered to dangerous shit work for a shiny medal/forty pieces of silver ...... with no great thought on the further likely global consequences of such things as are decidedly hostile actions.

Who and/or What be Responsible for the Issuing of those Oft Deadly Orders and is there Any Valid Reason which Infernal Eternal Peace would not Destroy?



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