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Re: Great comments! Seconded!
Magic: actually lifehacks from the future, send accidentally to the past. ..... Anonymous Coward
Oh? Accidentally, AC?

Are you sure? Absolutely positive about that?

There are certainly A.N.Others who would fail to agree and would be able to Offer a Different Discourse, and Not By Accident.


AIMessages from Heaven? :-) Or Secret Intelligence Services at Their/Our Work For You?
and then when they fail to produce a fully self-aware robot who can dance the fandango while asking "what is this human thing you call 'love'?" within 18 months,  .... Naselus
Are El Regers up for accepting and fulfilling that Immaculate Challenge ....... with Live Operational Virtual Environment Vehicles at the Disposal of Advanced AI Researchers ...... who be Knights of the Virtual Kingdom.

What have you to lose? Not even your shirt is at risk?:-)


Re: Re: I got as far as
The secret of intelligence? Post facto rationalisation of what transpired ... 's water music
That's a recipe for CHAOS, 's water music, and we can do much better with all of that.

But leaping further into the future discovers you Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems ..... with Wonders to Share and Magnificent to Behold.

I've got so far ..... and quite whether I would quickly, or even ever choose to move on to Elsewhere with Lesser Wonders, is a sweet muse to feed and savour, seed and flavour.


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