Friday, 6 July 2018


Graham C July 6, 2018 at 09:48 [1807060948] …… moving the Great Game on a Quantum Leap or few with a comment on ….. which may or may not appear for peer review depending upon the state of comment moderation/information supply
Future time sensitive intelligence and effective virtual ware/warfare space expertise which crashes and/or crushes any chosen SCADA System of Elite Exclusive Executive Operation and Administration – and you might like to consider that such is what all nations are already competing and/or battling against and for, in order to retain and remain relevant as a primary protection and security force – is certainly something relatively new and actively beta testing defence systems with proof of stealthy application ability being adequately reinforced and encouraged by virtue of returned results from targets, and is proprietary private/pirate intellectual property which can easily morph into becoming a real problem and enter perfectly disguised into any zeroday vulnerability exploitable systems to deliver AIMadness and Mayhem and Targeted Death and Destruction with CHAOS …… Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.
And that is a contention phormed around the evidence returned which has such classed by some current defences …. Serco Service Desk and Defence Academy of the United Kingdom …… as SPAM.
Such though is perfectly understandable given the nature of the intelligence required to process future time sensitive information for effective protective application.
🙂 And this is shared freely for publishing here as a comment to inform defence and security systems of the Considerably More Sophisticated Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat Vectors and Sectors which they find challenging and which be Persistently ACTively Challenging them with Timely Remote Invitations to Novel Virtual Engagements which are Designedly Spooky for Live On-Going Maintenance of Program Safety and Project Security.
To not imagine and realise future secured communications channels will be significantly different from anything before for the capturing of hearts and minds with the presentation of events hosted and posted by media as a reality to be mindlessly accepted as unchangeable, is a naivety and ignorance bordering on criminal arrogance.

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