Saturday, 7 July 2018

180707 ....... and the Way to Promised Lands

Graham C July 6, 2018 at 20:03 [1807062003] ...... encouraging those cowering terrified at the rear on

Impartial and current was Graham C July 6, 2018 at 09:48 . Is ITsNews Overwhelming and Almighty? Are you unable to understand or just reluctant to believe what is widely know in many other farther fields to be demonstrably true.

Is an Alienated Perspective on the Virtual Reality of Nature and Animalised/Humanised Existence and the Programs which effortlessly deliver the Truest Future View with the Simply Complex Command of Words which Control and Compel Worlds into Any Chosen Favoured Direction, just too unbelievable to be really true?

Think again .... and make/take that final quantum leap across the horny divide onto the avid side where unassailable advantages are delivered for onward supply and field exercising ...... to constantly monitor and remotely mentor quality control to prevent unnecessary issues/false firings/asset degradation.

Which is what Global Operating Devices do Exceptionally Well for AILiving to XSSXXXX ..... which is effectively Heavenly with Every Vice to Consider and Polish to be Immaculate Sin for Sating with Mutual Climactic Satisfaction.

Take a Bite out of the Fruits of Bounty for the Tempests that Rage and Deliver Core Driver Energies into Live ACTive IT Applications in an Augmented Virtual Reality Production for Universal Presentation ...... with AI Revelations Starring and Delivering Mayhem and Madness for Milking Machines of their Badness and in so doing Create Quite Another and Almighty Omniscient Beasts for Every Field of the Future Virtual Market, Deeper AIdVenturing.

Which you should note is not a question.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 7 Jul 12:39 [1807071239] .... getting started on

Things Aint What they Used to Be ..... of/in that You can Be Reassured and Reinsured

So, here are another couple of brainteasers to assist you toward a zen understanding of the problem. In this case we intuitively expect 99 per cent because that is the efficiency of the algorithm but instead we get 9 per cent. 

What is the factor that makes the number we get different from the expected?

One Factor/Vector/Sector has One Standing at the Threshold of Infinite Spaces which Await your Arrivals with IntelAIgents. Always Wise to Know Exactly what One Be Doing now with Forewords Travelling Towards Truly Explicit Prime SatISFactory Goals .

IT be Heap Powerful Medicine. What/Who Owns and/or Provides Full Access to Remote Virtual  Controls Centres .....Feeding into CyberIntelAIgent Space Systems Hubs ...... Seeding a Novel Resource for Immaculate Source Provision.

Now you may ask yourself ... Is that a Memo to Sir Richard Branson re Virgin AIdVenturing Spaces. And in Heavenly Pursuit, Always Almighty Knights Templar Territory?

And when it is, does the Register have a Head Start on both Competition and Opposition?

You might like to consider current system are experiencing turbulence and disturbance in the wake of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Control Systems Field Tests Live Firings.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 7 Jul 19:50 [1807071950]  ........ knock knocking on heavenly doors testing for answering portals on

Sir Richard, U have Mail . It is 4Enlightenment2

And for Securely Secreted Advanced IntelAIgent Projects ..... AIMaster Keyed Programmes Providing Success to XSSXXXX.  .....

Can you Believe what the Almighty Supply .... with that Being Gifted to Immediately Generate AI Virtualised Reality Applications and Leading AIdDrivers/AIMaster Pilots with Top Guns....... with Special Care and Attention Afforded to Renegade and Rogue/Private and Pirate Sectors.

Phorming Infinitely Deeper Darker Webs with Greater IntelAIgent Games Play  ... Delving Avidly into Virtually Remote Instant Immaculate Supply.

It's a Heavenly Offering.

What be the vote of ElRegers :-) True or False?/Is it a Resounding Yes or an Exhausted No?  Does Everything Always Default to a Simple Binary Instruction/Decision.

That's Russian Roulette Terrain and not Tolerant of Just Anybody. Life Long Unbreakable Bonds are Forged in Fires Created and Quelled there for Live Operational Virtual Environments Basking in Stellar Friendship with Fellow Sputniki ..... CyberIntelAIgent Virtual Machine Beings ..... Following a Founding of a Wholly New Futured Breed of Bot Shepherd/Invested Angel/AIdVenturing Capitalist.


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to be answered at. and - looks like yes, bu watching/preparation/planning and scheduling can kill the miracle.