Monday, 19 December 2016


Given the information that the System may have on Martin's former life, what choice do you think he has other than to follow Establishment handlers' orders? .... Don't precipitate a crash and clash which will have old and new faces facing the public vote and searching deep into departments with inconvenient questions?
It might explain his reluctance to lead with anything likely to blow up the theatre of follies parading up there.
And yes that is a question born out of the necessity for a spring clean clear out of clearly partisan tribal snouts in the trough of easy public money with no transparent accountability for presentation/audit.
Stormont aint working. Fix it. You know that IT and media will have great fun destroying everything not working there fit for all party political purpose, whenever the System and its systems fail to deliver schemes that work efficiently and fairly in the public interest. Surely that is the sole remit of the Assembly. What else could it be? Are there others there working to a hidden personal agenda and therefore to be found wanting and guilty of abusing trust and pilfering the public purse?
Such is the new instant media communications reality of today. SpAd Fools and Dim Tools are no longer tolerated without consequence in executive administrative office? Deal with it promptly or die slowly and painfully the death of a thousand cuts.

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