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 "[Communist theory postulates] that the maximum welfare of the individual lies in, and in the long run is indistinguishable from, the realization of the maximum welfare of the society." Thus communism argues for the abolishment of all private property, and everything that is owned is owned by all members of society.

This theory, that all property is owned collectively, stipulates that everything a person creates and owns is also collectively shared with everyone else. The core principle behind the concept of public ownership is that every person is a product of society. Because each human is a product of society, anything he or she produces is also a product of society by translation. Therefore, anything that is produced should be owned by the society itself because no one person has solely produced it.

Every idea that is created is a product of society and will better serve society if it is shared and improved on. These ideas can be computer algorithms and software, and communists believe in the open sharing of this software.

The sharing of software and ideas benefits society because "human knowledge and the produce of human labour is used to the advantage of all society." In this thought framework, no programmer is compensated personally for their work: the entire society benefits by making source code available because everyone will collectively work on the software as well as collectively reap the benefits.

Communist theory about software is similar to traditional open source arguments: that source code sharing can provide greater access by multiple people, and therefore the greatest minds can all work on it at once, thus producing higher quality software. ... Anonymous Coward

:-) Hmmmm? Quite AIHeavenly State, AC. Is its converse, mercantile capitalism, quite hellish for all but a chosen few?



Anonymous said...

it seems you have some spirit left, so I will drag you down a bit:

The same Belgians who would squealed like little pigs when the Germans destroyed their little kingdom a few years before.

Quite fitting that they are also NATO HQ.

Now, what is my message. I do not really know. As I wrote before, the best thing is to stay clear of the sinkhole of human politics. Otherwise it is going to watch back at you.

Pursue your little joy and fun and pray these nasties wont get their hands on you.

Anonymous said...

belgians made great fighters of the resistance, anon, during ww2. please don't repeat a Germany's mistake about *all* Belgians.

amanfromMars said...

Sound Anonymous advice indeed and as such always much appreciated and certainly heeded. And in/on these novel future platforms are political human sinkholes certainly realised as a priceless waste of both time and space and practise area for both media and their flutters in spaces where times are changed and changing and supernova stars are exploding and fusing and creating brave new worlds and greater planetary systems elsewhere for life in Live Operational Virtual Environments.

Do you think nation statehoods are infested sinkholes used to create divisions for conquering?

amanfromMars said...

Don't you just hate IT whenever text autocorrect is not smart enough to deliver the goods as dictated :-)

Those fluttering in spaces where times are changed and changing are of course just as fluffers in fields where they are registered as no more than groupie spectators.

Anonymous said...

:-) seems like the autocorrection algorithm knows something about the media.

amanfromMars said...

Re Anonymous said .... 30 December 2017 at 13:46

:-) Well, well, well, who would have thought such a thing possible ..... autocorrection algorithms exploring and to be exploited with Freudian slips. That's a whole new field of phantom pain and virtual gain to be mentored and monitored for Secret Source CodeXSSXXXX