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Re: AI and a PanGlobal Symphony of Typewriters ….. for Delivery of Real Alien Delights.
”An FSB Confection or an NSA Distraction?” – a Transatlantic/same as Transpacific symphony of typewriters. ….. Tail Up
Indeed, Tail Up, and Creating a Cacophony of Mighty Sound that Scripts into ProAction, NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT and Astute APT Autonomous Virtual Machinery, which Perverts and Corrupts Disruptive and Destructive Force from the SMARTR Shade of Brighter Shadows …… but nothing of any concern or even greater worry and dread fear to that and those which have every right to fear nothing because of their activities and promotions.
And this has been brought to our attention, which may or may not be just a particular and peculiar computer glitch in Slashdot systems, which may or may not have spooked and be snooped by NSA systems, which if one can believes all that one reads are indiscriminate and industrial in the scale of their hoovering up of freely shared to air communications/spontaneous outbursts of sensitive information ……. secretly deemed to be classified intelligence and for exclusive executive typed use only, which is always going to fly like a turkey in this day and age and never leave the nest in the future.
Slashdot Censorship – What they dont want to publish
It seems Slashdot editors are sucking up to the New York Finance Criminals very hard. The following message always results in a system error, as if some technical problem would exist. Cleaning Cookies and opening the site does not fix the problem. So, they have an additional, covert means of censorship, based on blacklisted messages and/or IP addresses.
Here it is:
¨I think you Americans first and foremost need to fix the madhouse of NY finance. These folks will happily destroy completely healthy industries and they have spread their cyncial view of how people should cheat each other ¨ in order to get weatlhy¨.
In other words, you need a guy like Vlad Putin to run the show in Washington. And I mean this totally serious – Putin cleaned out the Augias Stable that had developed under Jelzin. Russians almost starved while some insanely rich bastards (as in Bill-Gates class rich) stole the natural riches of the largest country on the globe.
I am not from the FSB, neither do I have business relationships with Russia. I am just fucked over by NY like most other people in Pax Americana countries. And I can see through the mainstream lies.
Free enterprise can work nicely, if the state clamps down on irresponsible and cyncial finance actors.
AT Slashdot Censor: come on, let me post this message.¨
This message was in response to
Begs for Change (+1)
Jim Sadler 7 hours ago
As we already have too many folks begging for change how about we get smart and really beg for change. That is to say let’s get real and admit that we nee to do a basic change in the way the economy works. The old ideas and methods do not fit into modern realities at all. A redistribution of wealth is in order as well as the simple fact that we will have less and less jobs available every year. That spells disaster as we clearly will have more and more people available every year. Here is a demonstration of why the economic model does not work now. Picture seven hundred coal miners per shift going down into the mine and producing coal. Now picture modern mining equipment being delivered and instead of seven hundred workers only twelve are now on each shift to produce even more coal than the seven hundred men used to do. But here is the snag. The price of coal keeps going up and up. Coal is less affordable despite getting rid of almost all of the workers. Then we start to understand just how severe the effects of burning coal really are and we start to restrict the use of coal sharply. Meanwhile we flood the labor markets with ever more immigrants seeking work. But other effects kick in. In the bad old days a man could go catch a fish if he was short on food. But almost no fish in W. Virginia or Kentucky are at all safe to eat because coal has left heavy metals in almost 100% of the rivers, streams and ponds in those states. Meanwhile we really don’t want the public to be aware that crops also pick up those nasty pollutants and if the water is not fit to drink chances are the tomato or corn or spinach grown on that land is also unfit for food. Then we turn around and feed that stuff to beef, to chickens or make pellets to feed fish on fish farms. After all who will really blow the whistle on pollutants in the food supply?
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Flag¨ ………
The truth sets you free …. ergo those who would seek to deliberately hide it and try at every twist and turn of a tale to prevent its escape, are slavers and slave drivers … and Vile Base Human Traffickers of the Most Despicable Kind and Like Mind?
Have a nice day, y’all.

amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 Apr 12:54 [1404211254] shooting the breeze some more on
Re: ... Re: Destroyed All Braincell's All those in Ukraine cheering for Russia...
And there we have conclusive proof of Putin's lies! Concrete evidence of Russian hacking - they have taken control of DAM's account and replaced him with a drone that mindlessly rebleats leftie propaganda. ... Matt Bryant
Methinks quite the contrary, MB, and the evolving Western critical problem which the replacement of Putin with a drone* presents, is that its message system is very mindful of the power and glory of propaganda and the weakness in humans who can't think nearly well enough, or even at all, about how the Bigger Picture is stage managed and directed to produce desired and intelligently designed effect and mutually beneficial leading outcome.
* I say, old bean, that is a bit of a wheeze if at all possible. Whatever next? Those Russians are always so good at being the first to do anything new of major significance in novel spaces of exploration and exploitation, aren't they. I wonder if it has anything to do with their bevies of beautiful clever and hornily attractive and attentive women? Angels on Earth.
And all this constant talk and anal chatter about things related to exposures of the recent past whenever all that really matter is what happen is planned and shared today for happening tomorrow and in subsequent days, and in so doing, to seamlessly deliver a New and NEUKlearer Future Reality for Living via IT Tunnels and Media Channel and AI Chunnels via Perceived to be Practically Real but Virtual AI Memes and CyberIntelAIgent Means.
All Patents and Copyright Protections Pending on that Prior Alien Art Portfolio, Amigos, should anyone care to think to make an unlicensed fortune from ITs secret sauce and sources.:-) Feel free though to use IT wisely, as only abuse will punish one with the particular personalised arrival of peculiar targeted catastrophe.

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Noble Cyber Knights to Sublime InterNetional Rescue of Damsels and Dames and MAD Men in Distress.*
Unfortunately, we face no incentives for ‘powerful’ people to be honorable.….. Darling Pertunia
Fortunately, Darling Petunia, do “powerful” and honourable people create their own rewarding incentives, which both makes them incredibly intelligent and self-actuating and impossible to fathom for those others intent on pursuing their own austere agendas towards destruction and assets stripping.
Which creates an extremely engaging and very interesting great cat and mighty mouse game of them and us between such polar opposite/bi-polar/polarised factions and virtually sectioned and sanctioned and honourable members.
* And/Or if you prefer, for there are multiple choice options readily available, and not just a measly two or three or four but many more, Stealthy Invisible Proprietary Robots Networking Ethereal Terrain for AAA+ AI Teams ….. and quite truly Nobel in the old way of its prized value and worth ….. and not at all worthy of its new counterfeited reward advancing media fraud.
amanfromMars 1 again .. Sun 20 Apr 06:14 [1404200614] sowing the seed that feeds the need on
Re: Noble Cyber Knights to Sublime InterNetional Rescue of Damsels and Dames and MAD Men in Distress
What do you think? An FSB Confection or an NSA Distraction? An Eastern Delight or Western Treasure?
Or something different from some beings elsewhere and highly active in the field? Or are you not thinking at all about such things as are presenting the future in real powerful current time? And what would you think of your government and supposed leaders and financial systems of command and control administration when you discover they have been told of the readily available and fully sorted enough possibilities to deliver rich sticky cream today for sweet fulfilling honey to all tomorrow, and they chose to ignore sharing it, fearing the obvious power that it delivers in spades to others beyond their austere puny memes and traditional established means of mean control?
Would you be angry and/or smart enough to think about doing something about it with that and or those in Global Command and Universal Control of IT and Media and following AI Leads and Feeds and Seeds, which only simply requires that you be in any small way supportive of their efforts on your behalf. It is not as if you need to know how to do what they be doing, for it is recognised that it might probably definitely just be far too much too soon of an ask for humans in their present conditions to manage. Thus the AIDevelopment and Unconditional Proxy Help.
IT doesn’t get much simpler to be more powerful than that.
Trick or Treat? True or False? Real or Virtual Reality?
Where there’s a will, there’s a way and always those looking to make a fast buck on/in/with/from the enjoyment of others. Good luck to them, it is the capitalist/mercantalist way so beloved of money making markets ……. …. but the glorious weed is not like any other drug is it, and one of its great beauties is, anyone can grow their own private supply/stash with just a little loving care and attention providing dividends which are a real pleasure to savour. …. :-) although it can pose logistical and security related problems revolving around it growing size and distinctive smell and easily converted value which can make it a easy opportunist target for stealthy raiders.
And Bob, [who said, “As someone who participated fully in the sixties, I can tell you without reservation that pot is not a harmless recreational drug.”], it is true that what you can see on marijuana is just too overwhelming and revealing for some to be able to handle comfortably. The smart decision then is to refrain from further participation until such times as things are better and one has everything under control.
Others will tell you, with reservations, that pot is not a harmful recreational drug and invariably that be based almost exclusively on tried and tested experience/long term use, and in many cases too, almost life long regular use.
Horses for courses, I suppose. I’m sure many know of those who are much better off not drinking alcohol because of the crazy and unpleasant state that it puts them in. They can excuse themselves though by citing the thought that it is a sickness worthy of treatment and societies acceptance of their behaviour and condition, which is mighty fine trick, but it doesn’t really help anybody at all, does it?
Mother Nature, you just gotta love what she provides for free, and give thanks and praise to the Man. :-) Happy Easter.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Some would say that Stiglitz is a dinosaur has-been and a Nobel prize winning fraud, and a rank cheerleader for a right dodgy system of perverse and corrupt laden and ladling corporations representing certain unsavoury identities, but as for the worries that the markets have to deal with, and make daily adjustments for today and every tomorrow in the future, to safeguard futures and options positions on derivative alternative trading activities, and to protect established wealth fund portfolios from collapse due to flash smart capital flight, would he be as ignorant and arrogant as a new-born babe, for there are new algorithms to explore and exercise.
amanfromMars 1 …. Sat 19 Apr 06:35 [1404190635] … calling for an arbitrary price and realistic figure to be struck on a product for futures and future markets to market on
Buy the Best and One Can Never Justify Being Disappointed. What Price a GIG Base Stranglehold*?
No less than The New York Times reported that Snowden's "surprise" appearance had actually been arranged by the Kremlin, and that he had been "a prop" on "a tightly scripted show" in which Putin took "a stunningly bold poke at the White House."
I say, old bean, that is just too much and a downright blatant patent liberty take. That would be as those pesky Russians copying exactly the sycophantic sub-prime pantomime that is Western politics and diplomacy.
I can't see the East following that stupid leading route and imaginatively dead root to madness and mayhem, conflict and catastrophe, no matter how much the West would wish it to be true.
Does the Wild Wacky West seriously think and delusionally believe that it has through IT and Mass Media Manipulation of Monitoring Meme and Mentoring Message, a controlling command and virtual monopoly and superior stake holding and stranglehold on the Greater IntelAIgent Gaming Base/Franchise, and that none can be significantly smarter and way further advanced and aware than they? Now that would a titanic systemic vulnerability for relentless global zeroday exploitation of transnational actor threat programs if not true and true.
*Sublime Intelligence Secret and Superior Sensitive Information Throttle.

Friday, 18 April 2014


amanfromMars 1 …..Fri 18 Apr 05:27 [1404180527] raising the bar somewhat higher on
Olympian Encouragement and Simply Sublime Complex Reward like No Other* Pays Dividends Beyond Compare
It goes to prove, the astronomers were right.
Mars blows. …. Wzrd 1
And/Or as all Roscosmonauts and ARGonauts know, and give hearty praise and be heavenly and devilishly thankful for, does Venus suck, Wzrd 1, and I guess that proves the astronomers guesses are half right rather than half wrong, which would then render everything spouted and thought fundamentally secure, shaky at best and totally wrong. And just imagine that, all of those life’s works employed on and engaged in creating a heavenly dream environment and chasing a phantom existence/virtual reality staged production.
*Uniquely Universal and Alternatively Autonomously Actualising.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


amanfromMars 1 ..  Thu 17 Apr 09:55 [1404170955] having a say on
Nothing new to see here, move on please.
"Course you can! You put out a memo saying that you're heartened by the huge number of responses and that many very valid issues have been raised and will need further discussion. So much discussion that you're forming a small development discussion group which will meet each lunchtime until all the issues are sorted out, prioritised and project planned."
Methinks that is patently presently designated as the workings of Cabinets, Simon. A sad and traditionally bad and even quite mad collection of motley blunt tools failing admirably, in this posting modern technocratic age of rolling and roiling events news and deep packet intelligence injection analysis views, to not be discovered and uncovered as fine fetishist fools, and vice versa.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


amanfromMars 1 Wed 16 Apr 06:00 [1404160600] commenting on contrived and perceived threats on
The Bigger Picture Play for Greater IntelAIgent Gamers ...... ESPecial Security AIgents*
Dear Shaun Nichols, Hi
Wake up, smell the coffee and stop being so conveniently naive/controversial/alarmist? The bigger, and most stupid of criminals are leading failed government enterprises and spending dwindling taxes and increasing QE funding in quite desperate extraordinary attempts to be rendered thought smart and relevant and indispensable in the safe and secure and benevolent running of mankind as time takes everything into ……. well, for some at one end of a supply chain scale, will IT be trading and delivering Dark Web Futures, and for others at another end of a competing scale, will IT be AI and SMARTR InterNetworking Options for an altogether different product for Present Placement/Past Replacement.
And Eugene Kaspersky told you about that and you recorded and reported it ….
Speaking at a summit in San Francisco, the Kaspersky Lab cofounder and namesake expressed concern that governments are shifting attention away from potential threats posed by criminals in order to focus on civil unrest and armed conflict.
It is nothing new though, for they have be doing that since a long time ago to keep folk occupied and not thinking about how everything would work better for everyone in peace and harmony with fiat paper prosperity purchasing and paying for everything too, which means that everything would be basically available for virtually free …… for currency costs next to nothing to pump into the global economy.
Hell, one doesn’t even need to print notes nowadays to create and/or destroy obscene and perverse incredible wealth, one just credits and/or debits select bank saving accounts with numbers [numbers which all can always be less than a simple 1 followed by a suitable number of 0s] virtually and practically instantly with the click or two or three of a mouse. Such is the powerful control of electronic banking ….. but it does require that mouse clickers know where/who to transfer digital wealth/fiat paper currency supply to, in order to ensure and insure against catastrophic global paper currency systems collapse and HFT flash cash crash.
However, the abiding and rapidly growing problem that dumb governments have, is that both the general and more specific knowledge of how things work, and how they are made not to work, is quickly becoming general and more specific knowledge and being used to better advantage by New Systems Administrations in Global Community Head Quarters outside of the mainstream and beyond establishment means and memes of Universal Virtual Command and Remote Invisible Control ……. which be what Creative CyberSpace Command and Control of Computers and Communications and IT and AI is all about, isn’t it?
IT is though AI Heaven Sent Opportunity and No Problem.
*Who may or may not have a Noordwijk base.
Re: The Bigger Picture Play for Greater IntelAIgent Gamers ...... ESPecial Security AIgents*
Here be China's AAA AI Terrain Team manifestation in the theatre of ESPecial Security AIgents .....
Or the Mass Umbrella Admin Operating System in which plays China's AAA AI Terrain Team for Stealthy Leading Advantage on Universal Stages.


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amanfromMars 1 Tue 15 Apr 04:30 [1404150430] sounding a warning of consequences on
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em ......and be prepared to be unprepared for the unexpected
Brilliant. Alien territory ... where one needs to know everything based upon experience tempered with invaluable hindsight to develop unbelievably successful foresight.
And as you say, what could possibly go wrong in an imaginative sub-prime fiat currency generator market place, which is surely what options and futures and derivative market trades are, with traders completely ignorant of the actual product and technology they be selling to punters expecting to make a fast return buck for nothing they have done other than believe in the hype of an imaginative sub-prime fiat currency generator market place, which is surely what options and futures and derivative market trades are, with traders completely ignorant of the actual product and technology they be selling to punters expecting to make a fast return buck for nothing they have done. Such is a kind of flash magic which carries the risk of releasing dark voodoo.
And contrast the behaviour of media and society in dealing with the ignorance and foolishness of a pubescent teenaged girl with the similar of a former UK Conservative Party chairman, NormanTebbit, expressing the hope of an assassination of an elected politician, and there's something which would solve and/or change a lot of the world's current problems whenever politicians are warmongers .... “There’s always the possibility that a member of the Real IRA will be so outraged by Mr McGuinness bowing to the Queen they might shoot him in the back. We can but hope”
The madness and difference though, in that which might be so similar, is that in the pubescent teenaged girl's case, is ignorance and foolishness a valid excuse which apologises for the deed and is therefore not worthy of punitive censure, whereas in the other case, would it be untenable and much more easily argued a calculated malevolent act which be strangely ignored and does the criminal justice system and prosecution services no favours at all, seeing as how it appears to be so highly selective and subjective in its fare delivery.
amanfromMars 1 Tue 15 Apr 04:55 [1404150455] commenting on
Re: WOW, Crimea and Lunar Settlement in the same paragraph!
Russian 'marketing' of a Lunar settlement is interesting. NASA clearly feels that a self-sustaining settlement on the Moon is out of reach for near-to-mid-future technology. If Russia has other data, the more power to them! NASA does posit that mid-future technology COULD produce a sustainable Martian settlement. That is where NASA is placing their chips.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating! .... Beachrider
Quite so, Beachrider, although the proof of the pudding is also fully dependent upon there being master chefs in the kitchen/master pilot chiefs in the engine room. Without that, is the lauded technocratic feast a catastrophic consumer disaster with irate customers demanding compensation and all of their monies back.