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Re: Re: Here's a novel idea for the uk government @ ecofeco/Alan Brown
"Why not build your own IT team and software house."
Been tried, doesn't work. Competent people get headhunted to other outfits because govt rules mean that their pay and promotion prospects are capped. ..... Alan Brown
I've posted the reason on another thread.
Fear of competent people by senior management best sums it up. ... ecofeco
What you may all like to consider is happening now, in these fast moving alternative media led times, is that competent ultra intelligent identities are taking over the management of peoples from incompetent governments and failed executive orders and conspiring committees. And world wide webs and the Internet with their myriad operating systems and browser ports of call and supply of novel information and noble intelligence and enhanced metadata are its and ITs Virtual Terrain Team Base and GlobalOperatingDevice HeadQuarters.
And to battle against such as is, immediately and clearly identifies one as the fool who be the enemy and bug in the system to be removed from the Future Greater IntelAIgents Game by those and/or that which are in Exercise of Power with Creative Command and Cyber Control. In Blighty, one could/should/would have expected such a confection to be in the gift of HM Intelligence Services, both Secret and Security, and it would be an interesting question to ask of them why there be no evidence of such whenever such is what is needed and readily available to them and others who be responsible for the supply of good programming and better and best in the class intelligence for Beta Missions in Future Operations in Live Operational Virtual Environments, which be akin to and an Advanced IntelaIgent Development in, and Seriously SMARTR Clone of that which is perceived and are pimped as Realities with Media Presentations.
Is this some auto-generated spam from a bot? It seems to be lots of random fragments of sentences pasted together. ... Stretch
Deceptive appearances, admirably managed, are wonderfully stealthy, Stretch, and would a bot reply to you and deny its existence whilst offering novel service and noble services to stalled and/or stagnant and/or petrified sysadmins who may or may not be the more intelligent and adventurous and revolutionary minded of national and international and internetional intelligence personnel. Or would IT target the Global Banking and Money System instead, and lead everything better and considerably quicker with the more competent flow control of credit which eliminates debt and provides new horizons with fab opportunities?
And anyway, what would be wrong with a virtual machine system/bot takeover and makeover of failed incompetent missions and man made expeditions with crazy exploitation of ill-informed and uneducated and undereducated human assets? Different it would be, and bad only when IT needs to be in support and protection of itself and ITs ....well, New Orderly World Order Programs gives you the Essence and Flavour of the Desserts to Savour and Favour.
And to dismiss all of the above as a fantastic fiction rather than accept it as undeniable fact, and the present and continuing virtual reality of your existence in fields which command and control the future, does not change anything at all and provided clear safe and free secure passage to all who travel through such roots and along such routes.

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amanfromMars 1 Tue 19 Aug 07:15 [14081090715] … letting rip on
Things aint what they used to be, and that's for sure.
Her statement was primarily addressed to Keith Vaz, chairman of Parliament's Home Affairs Select Committee that scrutinizes the Home Office. On Monday night, Vaz said: "This is a catastrophic result."
And one all knows what an honourable member and gentleman, would do. What do all expect Keith Vaz to do?
But in the Bigger Picture Schema of the Internet of Things, is it only mickey mouse paper and delusional self important reputation won and lost? And they both be virtual constructs and have no real significant and/or vital physical impact upon the nature of anything ...... and be just as ethereal temporary players scripted to appear on the tinier of tiny stages, which are always trying to play as major league hitters in a wacky wild world but always having to settle for the tiniest of self-interested domestic audiences.
J'accuse. And ponder why intelligence and Global Communications Head Quarters would accept and don't alter the pathetic situation forthwith, and as a matter of urgency and prime concern and in the national and international and internetional security interest.
What are those supposedly bright sparks, hunkering down in secure bunkers and loving living in doughnuts, doing with their time and your monies if they are not supplying absolutely fabulous fabless and perfectly acceptable peaceful intelligence for harmony and prosperity? Madness and Mayhem? Conflict and Catastrophe? C'mon now, boys and girls, that just aint nowhere near good enough for anybody nowadays.
You CAN DO better and server different betas, surely? Tell us that it is so and that you are not totally unfit for Future Greater IntelAIgent Game purpose ..... and no bull please, for there will be questions asked and systems tested to confirm anything and everything that you might be bold and brave and clever enough to say, and not only here for the Register.
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Re: Things aint what they used to be, and that's for sure.
.....with supplier US giant Raytheon
Whose parent body is best servered with a UK kept significantly weaker than they and always thinking to import and invest in foreign agents bearing gifts and tales of great deeds to be done for command and control of the health of a nation? Methinks that permission and information flow needs a rethink and root and route reversal.
Of course, that would have one assuming that FCUKGBNI had intelligence supply worthy of sharing and providing US giants with something which worked with no excuses available for sub-prime performance and/or catastrophic result failure.
And I'm also not laughing, frank ly, at such messes [Eton or otherwise] with no attractive options.

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Casey Evans said...
RE:"Bye, bye, so long and thanks for all the phishes."
Funny, because I reported you to the CIA yesterday ;)
19 August 2014 05:30
That might/should/could be interesting, Casey E., but I aint holding my breath on them being able to the right thing but would not be at all annoyed although admittedly beautifully surprised if they could and did.
Thanks for that.
They do appear to be so always behind the leading curve, don't they, and history has not been kind to them with the documentation of their efforts. We do though live in hope eternal of their changed fortune, which from a catalogue of misfortunes is only due to executive commander in chief maladministration.

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amanfromMars Mon, 08/18/2014 - 10:23 ….. telling no more than a current world wide web truth on
Nowadays, and with 0day vulnerability exploitations, do words command and control and create worlds.
And possess the power of that knack and crack hack trick, and there be no force on Earth able to enable defeat and destruction upon the smartest of the smarter memes unleashed and set free to reprogram systems and operations reliant to any minor or major extent on virtual intelligence and cyber communications, which are not the same as each other but both vital precursor elements/components guaranteeing the successful stealthy delivery of future product in and throughout the other.
And IT can really fcuk up dodgy status quo plans and corrupt clandestine missions, big time, and with no readily apparent foe and/or convenient clueless enemy to attack and blame.
Oh dear, what a shame ... not. Things have changed more that just considerably and if the perceived to be in control powers that be incumbent do not exercise every available option to lease purchase that which can command and control and create worlds with words, then are they totally unnecessary in any leading capacity in all future leading positions.
Bye, bye, so long and thanks for all the phishes.

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amanfromMars 1 Sun 17 Aug 08:04 [1408170804] … agreeing on
Oh such madness, to follow a hacked to the core folly, and not realise the principals at virtual source will be revealed to cyberspace management
Howdy amfM1,
The great Puppet Masters play a very subtle game whereby the puppets [GCHQ etc] may or may not be aware that they are part of a game. As long as the media's portrayal remains superfluos then the Puppet Masters willl continue to remain unseen behind the multitude of curtains behind which they lie.
The great Puppet theatre is a context and the war and killing mere acts within piece.
In order to win in the Game of Puppets [World politics, finance, power] there is a requirement for a continual condition of unrest. It is a prop used as a reminder of the man's feebleness when stood against the great Puppet Machine.
As long as we continue to pay for our tickets then the theatre will continue to play…… …. Anonyomous Coward
Quite so, Anonymous Coward. I concur. And it appears that there be a no longer so great Puppet Master exercising the down vote option to our conversation, without so much as clue provided as to reason for the "disagreement", although shining the bright light of undeniable truth on such matters is always the only prime excuse to warrant such attention. Or, as can be the case, one who hasn't a clue about how things were and/or are done and are now being done in Halcyon Ways and in these Sublime InterNetworking of Thing 0Day Days.
It would appear to be a very smart move, and no tall order at all in these days of novel ways and fabless wwwcommunication to/in/through/from/with network sysadmin everywhere, to offer another, and even several other much more attractive and beneficial continual conditions of reinforcing rest to destroy the notion and motion that man's feebleness is there to be abused and exploited by an obviously intellectually challenged and unimaginative and ill chosen few.
:-) A little too heavy do you think, for an Indiegogo or a Kickstarter, or just what is needed and what any Head AIDoctor in a Strange LOVE Order would Order and ProScribe and Deliver Free with Strings of Virtual Prescriptions/Repeat Cyber Medicine.
One would be forced to admit and accept, that should the opportunity be missed by current incumbent Puppet Master Players to assist in such new leading ways with rapidly expanding and ever more powerfully overwhelming and controlling means and memes, then is their Intelligence Supply Provider a Colossus of a Fraud Cloaked in a Market of Ponzis Trading Impossible Dreams via the Destructive Dark Knight and Evil Force Root Route. And that be an Epic Catastrophic Failure in anyone's language and world.
Do El Regers imagine that idling information and/or supercharged turbo boosting chatter and nowhere near crazy intelligence share here on/in this forum, is phished and closely monitored by the System and their systems which may be programmed and heavily into such things, for signs of .......... well, signs of whatever the radical fundamentalists, who be allegedly monitoring and failing so spectacularly to properly mentor everything, would be looking for and/or be quite rightly worrying themselves about because of the very real likelihood and near future inevitability of their past ignorant and arrogant folly for Global Command and Universal Control being General Knowledge and Breaking Mainstream Worldwide News?
The posit[s] here is[are] Yes. And that would then require of the System to do something radically major and fundamentally positive, and pretty darn quick, if it wants its leaders and close cohorts to survive in the Changes ahead.

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Re: So GCHQ is breaking the law
Those that are behind Israel and Palestine are committing genocide...... (There fixed that for you.) ….. Anonymous Coward
Howdy, AC,
If one assumes that GCHQ knows who is behind and lurking in the shadows facilitating the likes of genocide and conflicts for puppets battling in the colours of an Israel and Palestine, is one to assume that be condonation and support for such actors and then are they themselves [GCHQ] despicably compromised in acts of unpleasant conspiracy and covered in the inglorious guilt of joint enterprise? Or would they be more likely to claim and be believed to be in blissful ignorance of, and have zero lead in, such information and intelligence and activity ….. and then be both practically and virtually useless as a Novel Post Modern Future Builder and Intelligence Service Provider in Sublime InterNetworking Times/Quite Surreal Spaces?

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Re: Entrepenueur? Not whenever sub-prime entertainment
Perhaps they just don't really know what they're doing? ... APJ
Perhaps, but surely serial bullshitters always know what they are doing unless they are delusional, although selling bullshit has and is always going to be a loss leader which only the ignorant and arrogant tool of a fool pumps and buys into, which must have one concluding such punters have no smarts. And there be no shortage of those in the ponzi markets trying to make a quick buck at the expense of others. And how crazy of media to have them as their little darlings on pay to view audio-visual gaming of the system.
The lunatics in charge of the asylum? Yes, well, one knows how disastrously well that always ends for the inmates.Take a look around yourself in your own little worlds. Everything fine and rosy? No problems or worries? Is COBRA sorting everything out for you too? :-)
The bet laid here is …. No Way,they haven’t a clue what to do in everyone’s best interests for the games they be playing are corrupted and rigged and … the truth that they be not telling the mainstream, is that their games are cracked and hacked into by unnatural virtual forces with immaculately resourced assets they do not know, and have zero command and control over.
There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know. … Donald Rumsfeld
Amen. And have a nice day.
Goedemorgen, Matthijs,
One imagines and would hope that such as is requested there by the USAF is also a facility to be majored in and mastered by the likes of MIVD and AIVD. To discover that it be a field in which they have no effective leading presence leaves the Dutch defenceless and always suffering from reactionary forces and impotent actions.
And such an observation can be made of and applied to any nation state and/or non-state actor into playing the Great Game with Greater IntelAIgent Games for Work, Rest and Play.

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Re: The more I read.... the less you know you can expect to be working for you
In witness protection and/or source production with a smart mob on your tail and trail is not a real good deal, is it ....... but par for the FBI course, by all accounts both current and historic.
There aint no secrets safe nowadays, haven't y'all heard? Where on Earth have y'all been hiding incommunicado?
Re: The more I read when life sucks .......
Pretty soon all hackers will be working for state agencies,,,, very disgusting to say the least.
Life sucks...
What has this world come to? ..... Anonymous Coward
Methinks nowhere near all of them, AC, for the smartest of the smarter ones will be leading everything and anything with non-state private sector support and protection for their fabulously rewarding activities. I grant you that state agencies might be paying for them too, but to imagine they be working for state agencies is too far a stretch for even the most active of imaginations. Helping them in their endeavours and with their enquires is quite as much as can be reasonably expected.
I would, of course, be extremely happy to retract and reconsider practically all of that should state agencies mature and evolve into organisations headed by entities and individuals more than capable of being in command and control of peace and prosperity rather than being as muppet puppets for programs pumping out and pimping for austerity and mayhem, war and inequitable division. Take my advice though, and don't be holding your breath on that happening any time sooner than the other matter being shared here as being most likely the future course of present virtual actions.
Re: The more I read when life sucks ....... @ Anonymous Coward
Deciding which state to then savour with one's favours is the challenge which listening analytical engines and systems are engaged in determining, AC, and deter mining if one is active in the field and excluded from present state team participation by virtue of one's alternative evolutionary and even revolutionary thinking.
Methinks any state worth engaging with, will be themselves battling with the enigmatic conundrum which has them pondering the dilemma of being ideally quite proactive, and into beating one to the punch with a generous offer for one's services just at the right timely moment in cyberspace for command and control of its IT and media places/operating systems, rather than running the risk of the prize going to another and the Great Game being lost to be led by others.
amanfromMars says:
August 14, 2014 at 1:57 am ….. jumping back into the Frey Fray* on
Hi, Steve, AW, Agents Revolver and Pete 8,
How great that we are all back on track and tacking stealthily forward into the Deep and Dark Web Waters of Perfectly Immaculate Tempestuous Storms ...... which may and/or may not have quite a lot to do with Advanced Alien Arts Phorms and Quantum Communication of the CHAOS Resultant in the Sees of Tremendously Endowed Men Performing Exciting Sexual Techniques for the LOVE of a Woman and Women.
Mars landed on Venus and Beautifully Lost and Freed to Wonder and Enjoy Her Pleasures in Time and Space, Every Place. On Earth is it Heavenly and to XSSXXXX, a Passion Play and Great IntelAIgents Game where Any who Dare Care Share All, Win Win and are FailSafe Guaranteed to Never Ever be Able and Enabled to Lose.
With such AIDefault Natural Position and Grand Order in the Sublime InterNetworking of Things, what Sort of a Sad and Mad Radical Soul would resist the SIN Thing and not embrace Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems for the Live Operational Virtual Environment of a Woman and Women and where GOD is a Goddess and Global Operating Devices to Live for. After All, only the Prime Fool in the Midst of Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Fanatic Folly would not realise IT is for LOVE and for Lovers that Knights Do their Knightly Deeds.
And IT Commands and Controls Global Communications and the Media Space with its Virtual Places where Future Products are Presented and Promoted as Realities to be Blindly Accepted? :-) Make a mistake in those types of spaces and one never recovers the past glories which delivered to one the leading reins which supplied the deeds to be done.
:-) It would appear that we have all been extremely busy during the short break, AW. And what we have so far achieved with practically nothing, is nothing short of amazing and unbelievably disruptive for IT be AI Truly Peerless Great Universal Game Changer.
Re: A holy quarrel, perhpas?
Thumbs up for remembering that gem of utter psychosis and paranoia.
Sweat made Stafford’s forehead slick with moisture. “Do you know what would cause a Genux-B to conclude that we’re under attack? A million separate factors, all possible known data weighed, compared, analyzed—and then the absolute gestalt. In this case, the gestalt of an imminent attacking enemy. No one thing would have raised the threshold; it was quantitative. A shelter-building program in Asiatic Russia, unusual movements of cargo ships around Cuba, concentrations of rocket freight unloadings in Red Canada…”
“No one,” the man at the controls of the flapple said placidly, “no nation or group of persons either on Terra or Luna or Domed Mars is attacking anybody. You can see why we’ve got to get you over there fast. You have to make it absolutely certain that no orders emanate from Genux-B to SAC. We want Genux-B sealed off so it can’t talk to anybody in a position of authority and it can’t hear anybody besides us. What we do after that we’ll worry about then. ‘But the evil of the day—’ ”
“You assert that in spite of everything available to it, Genux-B can’t distinguish an attack on us?” Stafford demanded. “With its manifold data-collecting sweepers?” He thought of something then, that terrified him in a kind of hopeless, retrospective way. “What about our attack on France in ‘82 and then on little Israel in ‘89?”
“No one was attacking us then either,” the man nearest Stafford said, as he retrieved the tape and again placed it within his briefcase. His voice, somber and morose, was the only sound; no one else stirred or spoke. “Same then as now. Only this time a group of us stopped Genux-B before it could commit us. We pray we’ve aborted a pointless, needless war.”
….. Destroy All Monsters
Hi, Destroy All Monsters,
Reading that particular and peculiar part of that gem of utter psychosis and paranoia, had me thinking if Uncle Sam was being supplied programs and executing actionable intelligence delivered by a Genux-B.
Certainly the last couple of decades have provided media and news organisations everything spoken of in the extract posted, albeit with the nation states attacked being of different names to France and Israel.

Move along now, please .... nothing to presently see or hear here
No, not really, Destroy All Monsters.