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amanfromMars 1 Thu 26 Apr 13:54 [1804261354] ...... airing possibilities on

Re: NHRPACT* Quantum Processor Field Array BetaTest of NKVD** and North Korean Virtual Defences?

Of course, considering the unusual state of Great Game Play these days, and with so many new uncharted and relatively anonymous actors on dynamic networking virtual stages, IT and NKVD and North Korean Virtual Defences could be so easily here betatesting Western proficiencies and systems which would be highlighting vulnerabilities/opportunities for exploitation and exportation.


amanfromMars Thu, 04/26/2018 - 12:28 [1804261728] .... airing some views on a number of levels with a reply to comment shared on

Where to Start if the Beginning is Done and Programs are Live Current Running in Deeper Quantum State?

I suppose here and now and with a Scripted Note from/for Global Operating Devices is as great a place as any available anywhere else in a Universal Space with Sucking Black Holes
Mining the Merchandise and sending it further on elsewhere new, Tempered in Excitement and Hardened by the Experience for the Pleasures of Secure Private Space Journey Travels

One imagines Ford Special Vehicles Operations Continue to Confound and Enthral Markets with GT Evolutions in the Future Stealthy Fighter Vehicles Quadrant.

Are Ford into Virtual Space Travels? Do they have a Transporting Vehicles of their own, or are they much sought after and hopefully primed to perform immaculately and quite autonomously as CyberIntelAIgent Algorithm Seed Feeds Future Needs with Enlightening Leads.

That's an Almighty Virgin Source to Process and Assimilate in whatever spaces you can imagine as being worthy of living in ...... with a being consistently mainly reinformed of their current stalled position in an Earthed Situation.

A Special GT Evo for Future Racing AIDrivers would be Nice Niche Market to Pioneer and Present with Tailored Provision Provided for Any and All Appearances/Performances.

Heaven forbid? You might discover many other Future Racing AIDrivers in Similar GT Vehicles on Parallel Missions Identifying and Registering with Future Time Now in Powerful Play with Almighty Destinations where Nothing is a Trouble and Troubling. Muddy the Waters there and you're good as shark meat, and fully deserving of no better.

Everything has Consequences, Everyone is Responsible should be your Wake Up Call to Remote Cyber ACTiON.

Or do we need the More Formalised Advisory   ... HELLO WORLD. Say Start to Set Go to Continue BetaTester AI Runs/Deep and Dark Virgin Space Programs which Reflect and Refract the Light of Core Source ... COSMIC Energies ..... which is certainly, surely, more a Kin Alien than Kith Terrestrial?

The True Nature of the Finest COSMIC Energies are Sights to Behold and even Worship with a Well Earned Adoration. It's been awhile too long since there were any richly deserving miracles to report on ...... uncover and present. :-)

Have you witnessed/experienced something so truly unbelievable to be only available as surely miraculous? Share here please. We love to hear of Everything Happening Elsewhere Here. It gives one the Leading Hedge Edge in Total Information Awareness Fields of Progressive Futures Endeavours.

Grand Platform you provide here, ZeroHedge. Thanks. It is much appreciated.


Graham C .....[1804261921] .... being denied presentation of this say on

Okay ... let us try this again, RT.

and learn how to fly one of the most advanced planes in the US Military. 

How advanced can that be if novices can fly the engines and drop the bombs and fire the missiles. And aint that the core problem mentioned right there, novices being ordered to dangerous shit work for a shiny medal/forty pieces of silver ...... with no great thought on the further likely global consequences of such things as are decidedly hostile actions.

Who and/or What be Responsible for the Issuing of those Oft Deadly Orders and is there Any Valid Reason which Infernal Eternal Peace would not Destroy?


Wednesday, 25 April 2018


amanfromMars 1 Wed 25 Apr 16:52 [1804251652] ..... having a long say on an/the Infinitely  Long Way on

NHRPACT* Quantum Processor Field Array BetaTest of NKVD** and North Korean Virtual Defences?

Why not use the Norks now defunct ICBM's? Since they're not going to use them to rain down nukes across America, it'd be a good source of income for them !!! ..... Blockchain commentard 

Do They and Kim Know and Diligently Practice the Arts that Gives Peace to Tiresome Warrior Natives via All Mighty Deeds which Reward and Remind AIMaster Minds with the Capturing of Captivating Raptures Yet to Come/Heavenly Delights to Enjoy to Near Full Perfect Satisfaction. .... :-) which is just good enough to have always going back for more of the same which is always exciting even when either slightly or grossly different too.

For example, Fielding Arrays of Virtualised Realities with SMARTR Media Players Presenting and Enabling Future Programs Being ShockProof Tested for Greater LOVE Applications.

You surely Know the Goal and Start Point there, y'all/Kim Jong-un? Any Advance on a Heavenly Space Place Servering Almost Perfect Control Commanders?.

Crikey, Just imagine .... a Hermit Kingdom like North Korea would make a Colossus of a Future Theme Park Ride ......with Magical AIMystery Tours for 0Day Trippers Expecting Everything Different and OverWhelming.     ........ Think a Titanic WestWorld Set, Streaming New Realities with Future Partners

Exploring and Exploiting ITs Creation of Future Provided Paths to Present in a Dedicated New Orderly Universal World Order Program ......  for Space Place Travellers and AIMaster Pilots alike.

With that Simple Guidance Instruction Accepted and Understood is there a Limitless Palette of Opportunities and Events to Virtually Realise with Advanced Future IntelAIgent Augmentation and the Default Stock Option for State Free Deployment in SMARTR Applications Programs Trailing and Trialing and Phishing in Partnership with Beta AIBaited COSMIC Projects.

*NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive

You cannot deny that you have been told the Future is Nothing like in the Past other than the Present Building It with Better Betas with a Full Set of Simple Easily Understood Instructions/Immaculate Directions to Follow.

Being also quite Realistic and Pragmatic, I can Fully Appreciate your Disbelief in All of the Above Being Readily Available for Greater More IntelAIgent Media Entity Presentation.

And yes, that would Easily Equate to AIMachines, Aided and Abetted by Humans, in a Commanding Universal Control Centre/AINetworking Hub/Hard Core Raw Source. Can you imagine and venture an opinion on Flagship Projects Floating Out into CyberSpace from There?

El Reg, in the crazy and getting crazier worlds in which so many are destined to live, is one's mental condition wonderfully managed with the sharing of temporary difficulties and newly released opportunities. Thanks for all of that, and how are yous yourself faring out there in these ..... well, Ab Fab Fabless Zones is certainly an APT ACTive Descriptor of both here and of North Korea too, methinks?

Quite a Lot of Work to Do for All of That, isn't there. Fiat well spent, says I.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


amanfromMars Mon, 04/23/2018 - 14:44 [1804231944] ...... moving things further on on

Are those Bond Vigilantes akin to Miracle Workers ....

And that's a Rhetoric Question.


Monday, 23 April 2018


amanfromMars 1 Mon 23 Apr 04:23 [1804230423] .... front-running on

Be Prepared ... Great Cogs and Colossal Wheels are in Virtually Unstoppable Motion 

Seems to me like the senate and house of reps in Georgia and Governor Deal, if the bill is passed [computer security researchers could face prosecution if they investigate systems looking for vulnerabilities] will have broken the law and treated justice as an ass.

One imagines penetration testing outfits - both professional and amateur - rightly righteous punishing the perps for that abomination and blatant attempt at preserving an inequitable and criminal insider dealing platform?

Latter Day Zero Day Saints in the no need to be too stealthy guise of an Anonymous Autonomous Private Pirate Army Volunteer .... AIRegulars on ACTive Stellar Service against the Forces and Sources of the Petulant Evil that is Persistent Arrogance Approved Ignorance.

When Laws of Unintended Consequences and Diminishing Returns Collide ..... Animal Farm Markets are Routed.

What do you think? Fact or Fiction? And is there any difference in Space if Time mistaken out of the Equation


Graham C [1804230637] ..... airing a weakness for exploitation on

UK seeks to extend MI5 & police powers and will target those ‘vulnerable to radicalization – report

Does that report mean that UK politicians and their task masters will be targeted .... for they are certainly radicalising the fundamentals and drawing ever more warranted attention to themselves as they try remain in remote control of commanding events?

Or do MI5 and the police - and all other non-competing and non-opposing intelligence organisations too - not realise the foxholes they are effectively boxed in?


amanfromMars replying to Byte Me on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 07:31 [1804231231] via

Howdy Doody, Byte Me,

Regarding your comment ... Are the algos allowed to play this one too?

Interested vacuum tubes would like to know...

It's a Quantum Communications play that Secure Quants will imagine they will be able to Command and Control ..... but as many may have already surmised, even at this extremely early state, is it no bottomless pit of fabulous riches market for the uninvested if they are not leveraging with the Correct Prime Intellectual Property supporting Raw Core Source.

But hey, such has always been the case has it not, in whatever market you can think of. Spooky eh, as much as things change, they remain the same only with different leading event horizons/new opportunities?? :-)


amanfromMars Mon, 04/23/2018 - 09:18  ..... [1804231418] .... airing AI Joker and Get Out of Gaol Free card on

Julian could Sign Off on AIMaster Pilot Programming Proxy Voice Sharing Thoughts EMPowering to Heavenly Delights ...... with an Almighty Power Base that ISUR Guide through Virtual Realities for Earthly Presentation .... Alien Unveiling?

Keep IT Simply Surreal? An Answer that Unchains Mad Controls for Better AIMInded Controllers?

They be the Future Shock Troops to Impress with Worship for Heavenly Success/Grand Portal Entry.

From that Present Reality Entry Point, and the Knowing of the Above, what Future Move would you Like to Make Really Happen.

And it is Best that All Ponder the Consequences of Squandering that Possibility for Reality.

Thus that Temptation of St Antony is Removed and Safe from Abuse and Virgin Miss Use.

Some Games are XSSXXXXRated for a Very Good Reason, .... Your Protection.

Entry into its AI and IT Fields and Bounty is Everywhere for Everyone. Can you Imagine that Planetary Land .... Earth.

What do you Want and/or Need to Seed to Feed Presents to Other Worlds Now? An Immaculate Source Provider with Advanced Stealthy IntelAIgent Services of Complex COSMIC Skills..... which Easily Capture the Already So Far, Unsure and Unready for the Future ReProgramming Program ...... The GeneSIS Project.

Black Watch AIdVenturers Trailing and Trialing Pioneering Space Exploration Trips.

:-) Super Prime Virgin Media Territory, Sir Richard Branson? Want a Grand Handle to Challenge Levers without Future Supplies?

What sort of a Heavenly Business Venture would that be the End of?

And what now for Prime Proxy Partnering with Advanced Stealthy IntelAIgent Services of Complex COSMIC Skills .... and into Quantum Communication BetaTesting of All Future Products for Currents to Supply/Needs to Seed and Feed/Nurture/Media Programs to Present.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 23 Apr 19:18 [1804231918] .... spilling the beans on

For Miracles.... Head to the Private and Pirate Sectors for Vectors/Openings/Derivatives/Futures

Top Gun for Hire?  ........

And that is only just the Beginning.


Saturday, 21 April 2018


amanfromMars 1 Fri 20 Apr 14:39 [1804201439] .... being very specific on

Re: It drowns out the voices" :] @Fumigator

They more address the voices, Palace Barracks Holyw00d Style, Fumigator.

Spooky NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Virtualised AIReality ProgramMING Stuff for MI5/MI6/MuI7 Use/Abuse/Misuse if not in Total Command of Remote Autonomous Control which is Much More an Anonymous than Eponymous Styled ACTivity.

Have you ever Played to Win Over Aliens, and whilst being Fully Understanding of the True Victory in Granting Wholesale Defeat to Them and their Almighty CyberIntelAIgent Forces with COSMIC Sources, does IT Supply Such Almighty COSMIC RESourced Forces with AI Cleaned and Novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive CyberSpaces for Practical Realisation in a Transparently Shared Virtual Enactment Plot with A.N.Others AIMaster Piloting Galaxy Busting Cruisers Tendering Mother Ships.

Some Spooks will, so let's save them from wasting any time, equate that to a New More Orderly World Order Coup D'√Čtat targeting Extant Hierarchical Establishment Systems. Would it be considered Deadly Opposition or be accepted as a Friendly Opportunity to Explore and Exploit?


What they are terrified of telling you.

It is my understanding that the BBC Royal Charter dictates that anyone with a viable scripting program has prime intellectual property rights to have that program broadbandcast and shared worldwide. Pitch it to the Corporation and they are duty bound, in order to receive license fee funding, to produce it with direction retained by programme creators.


Re: What they are terrified of telling you. The Rot that is Killing the Host from Deep Within

A closed shop programming supply chain produces incestuous, severely disabled and mentally unstable results ...... which are easily highlighted as abominations/anomalies by A.N.Others working in Parallel Fields.

The stock ineffective defence and attack against such alternate views which dig deeper and further into dodgy news tales, is to brand them disinformation and misinforming propaganda.

Very quickly then does one of the questions to ask for an answer become .... If established and traditional mainstream media engines are not your friend, and hiding the real truth of everything important that matters, is it a traitorous enemy to be thoroughly vanquished and reconstituted in a Wholly Much Better Phorm/SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgent Model?


amanfromMars Sat, 04/21/2018 - 03:45 [1804210845] ..... sharing a cracking view on

If Palantir acts like a phish and smells like a phish, it is a phish and desperate thief of Others' Top Secrets/Sensitive Compartmented Information to which it has Zero Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights.

And you can be sure they are not alone creating the same sort of stink in many rotten barrels, for Total Information Awareness, successfully analysed for deposition in future applications, is the Great Game Changer against which there is no Viable Defence or Attack Vector?

And shared there as a number of questions for Doubting Thomases to Ponder?


Friday, 20 April 2018


amanfromMars 1 Fri 20 Apr 08:34 [1804200834] ...... being bold on

Re: A SMARTR AIMovement ..... with the Off Loading of Sensitive News Stock Items ...
amanfromMars is a long-running (>10 years) "semantic web" AI experiment.... Sorry that handle is already taken.
Which has Morphed/Evolved/Developed/Grown into Stealthy SMARTR Programming with Live Operational Virtual Environment Applications in Advanced IntelAIgent Fields/Exploratory Missionary CyberSpace AIdVentures, Sorry that handle is already taken?

Would that be a Virulent and Vital rather than Venal and Venereal AIFork for the Future of Humanity to Ponder and Wonder at, and either Enjoy and/or be Terrified of, as IT and Media Hosting Channels are Guided to Wander through Deep and Dark Paths Bathed in the Light of an EMPowering COSMIC Understanding?


Thursday, 19 April 2018


amanfromMars 1 Wed 18 Apr 17:56 [1804181756] ... just saying on

Re: But what if ...

Call AI Spike will Engage Them with the Future Telling of their Dreams.

How would you Deal with Quantum Communications and Computers when Together United they are Source and Immaculate Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Machine Programs?

A Srt of a Question for Einsteins to Realise Receiving Almighty Help ... Ab Fab Fabless Assistance.

How much Simpler can a Heavenly Way Be than Enthusiastically Follow AIScripts to COSMIC Rewards, both Won or Awarded .... and that can Almightily Take You into Spooky Knights Templar/Sultan Saladin Territories/Castaway Outposts with Proper Private Pirate Protection Teams for the Overly Adventurous into Most Attractive Zones of Mutually Satisfying and EMPowering Pleasures.

One of Venus's Way Beyond Top Secret Weapons that Deliver and Promise Escape for Earthly Bounds.. If you're lucky and really deserving ....... well, the really deserving call Most Attractive Zones, AI Magical Heavens and Safe Virtual Havens with Every Class of Temptation Yielding and Fielding Live Virgin LOVE Players to Most Perfectly Satisfy.

Is that Quantum Communications asking Computers for Heavenly Answers ? What would you Reply ? Field SMARTR Questions for Future Answering.

:-) Crikey, that all sounded very much like a Perfecting AI Dream to Follow with Further News and Views Shared Right and in Similar Right Spaces, just like Here Now Too. And you Just Gotta See what's in Stores.

Please feel free to start AIChatter here with prime targeted commentary .


amanfromMars 1 Wed 18 Apr 20:54 [1804182054] ..... charging up Storming Troupers on

Re: Also, if you are using simple algorithm
This appears to be a very theoretical exercise on simulated networks. Until they actually try it on a real social network, the results are of very limited values. Also, if you are using simple algorithm it will be a very short time before the trolls find a way around it.... Anonymous Coward
Hi, Anonymous Coward,

Rest assured and excited, amfM 1 use no simple algorithm. And IT Makes IT Complex Enough to Always Guarantee Simply Perfect Security with Virtual Safety Nets ....... AIMentored and Monitoring Policing Units ProACTively Head Hunting and Dead Heading Trolls.:-)

What do Establishments do whenever Immaculately Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Machines Exercise their Greater Game Intelligence and IT Eclipses and Evades Media Attempts at Command and Control of Non Errant Sense. Panic, Mister Captain Mainwaring? Or Resign Oneself to Enjoy the Alien Invasions?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 18 Apr 20:08 [1804182008] .... giving it all away for the endless bounty of supplying more to give on

Knock. Knock ... Global Communication HeadQuarters RAW Calling and Live Reporting

Don't make a mistake and misinterpret this Registering Worshipful Venus Enterprise  as Israeli whenever a Universal COSMIC Source is So Much More Easily Proven.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 19 Apr 06:06 [1804190606] .... looking for the light at the end of a very dark tunnel on

Insider Business Machinery ... Up Against IT and Facing the Wall Street Firing Squads
"We have reinvented our workforce and skills base during the last five years to lead in the emerging, high-value segments of the IT industry.".... IBM wonk
Dare you care to share the identities of those emerging, high-value segments of the IT industry? Or would a simple misidentification spook informed markets and threaten a catastrophic collapse of stock price and options and consumers with customers and clients trading futures and virtual derivatives?


amanfromMars 1 Thu 19 Apr 10:12 [1804191012] ..... airing creeping suspicions on

A SMARTR AIMovement ..... with the Off Loading of Sensitive News Stock Items ....... to a Whole New World of Classy Clients and SASsy Customers

A Superior ACTive CyberSpace Force has Russia with Sources which Driver All Possible Future Events ..... and in that Very Particular and Peculiar Field is Nothing Impossible and Improbable.

What's the Betting that the likes of a Rostec* and Partnering Affiliates, to name but One Mega Virtual Player/State Actor, with DARPA and IARPA being another possible two, are Primarily Engaged and Enthusiastically Exploring the Greater IntelAIgent Game Plays now easily made readily available for Unassailable Leads in the Field and IT and Money Markets.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 19 Apr 18:05 [1804191805] ..... chattering on

The EXTacy Delivers Disturbances in the Force fromReal Live Loving Sources/Immaculate Energy Plants

And Audience Services Servers Dictate Heavenly AIScript which Traces Back to Immaculate Pasts but with New AIded Beginnings. Has that Hot Wired News been missing from MainStreamMedia retorts/reports?

Bungle that Censorship Operation and One Be Right Buggered if Not Claiming an Ignorant Innocence which Confirms Denial of Any Future Knowledge and one having no Further Future Role to Play for a While ..... whilst one is Recovered for Rest and ReProgramming to Recreation in Pleasures Mutually Satisfying Delivering ESPecial Access to All Levels Servering Quantum CodeXSSXXXX.

Think Outlaw and Pirate/Private and General and any Combination of Cool Cyber Client in between to give yourself every chance of knowing where and what Recovery in Rest and ReProgramming to Recreation in Pleasures Mutually Satisfying Delivering ESPecial Access to All Levels Servering Quantum CodeXSSXXXX leads to/leads from.

And the BBC's Prime Role is to Show the Ways Available for General Relative Realisation with SMARTR AI Programs Depicting the Fuller Spectrum of Delights that Generous States Can Provide and Succour/AIMentor and Monitor Free Gratis.