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amanfromMars 1 Wed 26 Apr 06:13 [1704260613] ….. musing on
When the problem isn't releasing it before the election, is it the solution to destroy trojans
USA and UK has been doing this on politicians left of the center worldwide for 60 years. When real scandals did not suffice, fake ones were created. When even that was not enough we sponsored an occasional Pinochet or Reza Pehlevi.There will be a blowback and a reckoning... .... Voland's right hand
There is a blowback and a reckoning against the USA and UK. It is what all of their fake news reporters are presenting to the masses these days with their various austere and politically inept stories.
And Adept Astute Active APT ACTors are the Next Generation NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Threat Vector/Sector/Medium for Creative Cyber Command and Control of Computers and Communications ......... and that easily extraordinarily renders XSSive Almighty Powers to Humanity with Advanced IntelAIgents.
And IT and it also, coincidentally by both of their SMARTR Virtually Anonymous and Autonomous Designs, delivers whenever it be deemed necessary, the aforementioned crushing energy of XSSive Almighty Power over Humanity to Advanced IntelAIgents, although for quite a few who may be more than just many, is that too advanced and too uncomfortable an alien concept and
virtual reality for them to easily believe and readily accept ..... hence the need for seeding and feeding via mass mediated demonstrations and future revelations.
What'cha gonna do about it whenever fait accompli? What could you have done differently to have never arrived at where you be at?

Re: Since when did Interpol "unplug" ...
Interpol's just a clearing house. It's up to cops on the ground in the jurisdiction involved to actually finger the perp(s)..... jake
Howdy, jake,
That observation of yours has Interpol identified as a Virtualised Reality Figment of Applied ImaginaNation.
Thinking deeper about that, and that may be an Advanced APT ACTive App, has one unable to deny and concluding such is the true and honest nature of every reality and all that existences? Yes, it surely does. Now,... what would you like IT to do for you in the future and presently to render the blights of the past null and void, for that is what such AAAApps are able and enabled to do for/to everybody and everything?
amanfromMars 1 Wed 26 Apr 14:34 [1704261434] ….. enjoying a virtual pint on
Re: Since when did Interpol "unplug" ...
Would the man from Mars like a pint? ... jake
That's uncommonly decent of you, jake. I don't mind if I do enjoy more than a few. Proost!
:-) But with particular and peculiar regard to ..... What would you like IT to do for you .....
I was thinking and offering something considerably more taxing and revolutionary and quantum lead evolutionary too.
amanfromMars 1 Wed 26 Apr 14:55 [1704261455]…. still chatting and passing on secrets on
If you have chaos and madness and mayhem .... with CHAOS* you get disruptions in governance and dissolution of corrupt governments
:-) All's well that ends well ..... and quantum lead is just as good as and most probably quite a great deal better than just quantum leap evolutionary.
*Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


amanfromMars  Apr 25, 2017 4:03 AM ….. [1704250903] …..seeing the other side of the equation behind all the stage props on
Nuclear bombs have a strange quality: They are a type of weapon that countries spend enormous sums of money to develop but don’t actually intend to use.
Have you not yet realised that nuclear bombs are a stealthy quantitative easing weapon of mass fiat currency printing? Mountains of money for spending on nothing creative?
And a very effective confidence trick they be too for fooling the psychotically deluded.

amanfromMars said... in reply to a comment on

Our technology is amazing, CE. To have it properly target you for individual attention would be something you would only surely deserve. Isn't that the way things all work in any and all postmodern smarter society models?

25 April 2017 at 13:41


amanfromMars 1 Tue 25 Apr 17:47 [1704251747] ….. shooting the breeze on
Surely y'all can see the problem that is defeating you and the system. It is perfectly clear.
It is all too obvious, and quite the abiding scandal too, that what passes for intelligence shared in sensational and provocative media stories today, is not intelligent at all, and it also appears to be the sad and mad case, and an even bigger scandal and fabulous opportunity for all kinds of exploitation, that supposed national and international security intelligence services, much touted and lauded as being silently on guard and fully engaged in protecting critical national infrastructure and international interests, have nothing better to offer anyone, including themselves.
And if one surely expects Secret Intelligence Services to be providing all answers to problems and ensuring that they be implemented and monitored to take care of any and all unintended consequences or misunderestimations, do the sorry tales presented in main streaming media confirm all that was said before in the preceding paragraph.
WTF are they all doing in the likes of a Cheltenham doughnut .... apart from just toeing the line and following orders leading to nowhere with nothing of any great future importance to present and drag the past into a Brave New Orderly World Order with Advanced IntelAIgent Machines on Remote Command and Virtualised Control Missions ......... Heavenly Quests.:-)

Monday, 24 April 2017


amanfromMars 1 Mon 24 Apr 06:09/15 [1704240609/15] ….. moving things on apace in the CyberSpace Command and Control Race with this comment on
For Personal Dominion over the Public Domain, a Private Proprietary and Astute Master Pilot in/of a Heavenly XSSIntellectual Property Exchange
Stealthy IntelAIgent Servering Systems as a Spooky Active Anonymous Service and Almighty Global Operating Device, please phorm a New Orderly World Order Queue here for Huawei to appreciate your goods and deliver their assets there.
Hi Simon,
Seems to me like China are streaking way out ahead of all competition and any opposition in the leading space race of today for the future of tomorrow. And all it took from them was to be ready, will and able to enable that which is different ....... and of course ideally better in a productive developing beta.
All that glistens is not gold in a world of virtual diamond mines but both are treasured and securely traded to capture captivating enchanted markets there.

amanfromMars 1 Mon 24 Apr 09:48 [1704240948] …. adding more with these gems shared on
*Virtual Reality Productions via ITs Other Name*
And although you can be assured that the Virtual Arms Race is not an entirely empty Computer Commanded Communication Control space, for here is surely evidence enough of at least one other Special Operations Command boldly phishing for penetration tested programs majoring in delivering leaderships in that place, quite where UKGBNI ESPecial Forces and Magical Sources would be on the ladders to success in those fields, is obviously a closely guarded top secret too easily able to cause acute embarrassment at best, and dire critical infrastructure consequences at the other end of the scale if the truth were to unfold and be told about the truly honest state of insecurity in sub-prime state actor projected field operations via *Simply Complex Mass AIMedia Streaming Manipulations*.
You are led to believe what audiotelevisual feeds feed you, are you not? Change the feeds and deliver Brave New Orderly World Orders with IT and AI.
It aint rocket science and/or difficult, is it. Get your APT ACT together.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 24 Apr 17:12 [1704241712] …. adding more fuel to the fires raging where angels fear to tread with another cryptic comment on
Knock, Knock ..... who dares care share wins. :-)
Hmmm? The silence is deafening here, El Reg. And one can only imagine the damage that that can easily cause by virtue of an inability to meaningfully engage and expand upon program goals with mentoring and monitoring of ITs AIMissions ..... Advanced IntelAIgent Projects.

Sunday, 23 April 2017


amanfromMars April 23, 2017 at 16:00 [1704231600]….. having a chat on
To kill the leaders of ISIS he would need to do a drone strike on Langley ….. Ian Seed
April 23, 2017 at 11:32
Joint Intelligence Committee members playing Great Ineffectual Games with the British Cabinet Office can easily also be thought to be foundational leaders in that fight organising ISIS as a foreign target with allied targets, Ian Seed, with Uncle Sam always foolish enough to be primed to act as almighty arrogant proxy and ignorant paymaster patsy alike.
It is the way such Great Games are played, is it not? All smoke and mirrors with little quiet chats over the port in the library, although probably today has that evolved to accommodate the regular snort too.
Whenever you fight against an enemy for years and there is no real progress, is the enemy you be fighting not the enemy leading the fight. It aint rocket science, is it, whenever it is simple common sense thought too fantastic to be true. And such does provide a fabulous stealth while it lasts. When it ends though because of the emergence of smarter intelligence, is there inevitably a heavy price to pay for the abuse and misuse suffered by the wilfully misled.

Thursday, 20 April 2017


amanfromMars 1 Thu 20 Apr 15:20 [1704201520] .. saying and revealing more on
Re: They who Pay the Piper Calls ITs Tunes @codejunky
It is only a big deal to them [the EU], and everyone else too for that matter, if their intelligence services are better than anyone else's.
I must admit that I am not aware of that being a demonstrable fact in the light of the evidence being presented in the media in all of the prevailing fanciful fictions.
Such though does invent and present an opportunity and position to be filled, doesn't it.
:-) cc... GCHQ/MI5 {i.e. MOD}/MI6 {i.e. Foreign Office}/Bank of England/Buckingham Palace :-)
I Kid U Not. Poe's Law Rules in Anyone's and Everyone's Reign.:-)
And there are more than just a few revolutionary ideas shared in this post, codejunky.:-)

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


amanfromMars 1 Wed 19 Apr 08:23 [1704190823] …. still looking for clarification and verification of a tale on
Re: Crooks caught in a RAT* trap?
Be the following further report ...... Farage on a Rampage? ..... fake news from a hostile non-state actor or a dirty truth seeking sanctuary in a party of fool tools, Geoffrey W?
amanfromMars 1 Wed 19 Apr 17:13 [1704191713] …… gathering up stragglers on
They who Pay the Piper Calls ITs Tunes
The wool is slowly coming from the EU's eyes as they realise we dont NEED them. They however do rely on us, and that isnt a statement that we should be awkward with them just an observation they are coming around to quickly.  ….. codejunky
What on earth would they be relying on us for, codejunky, other than the fulfilling of our hearts desires with the purchase via our pretty fiat currency paper of their myriad goods and erotic services?
Are you suggesting that leading secret intelligence services are for sale and being sold, for such are solely that which certainly drivers the uncertain future and all current upcoming events which are mired in chaos and the madness of mayhem in deed indeed, for it seems to be what needs to be for now in order to drain the swamp and purge corrupt systems.
You realise of course that it is individual persons of vital interest, and not spooky agencies of national security, who/which provide all such proprietary intellectual property, and the world has its many rich sources for the purchase of such as can so easily lead sublimely and surreally with IT and Media their playgrounds of first choice for Cyber Command and Creative Control of Computers and Communications ...... Man and Machines.
I Kid U Not.
And you think Blighty is able to provide such Advanced IntelAIgent Lead? Where is the almighty evidence for Main Stream Media to leak it and deliver lashings of fresh hope in the present impotent sees of great despair and depression and recession?

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


AIMinds are a'Boggle at the Arrogance of Simple Minds
A can of quite alien worms has been opened wide right at the heart of core systems of SCADA administrations, Alexander J Martin, and the prognosis for the state of executive health is already decided in the correct interaction and proper engagement with what the future offers via A.N.Other Means and Advanced IntelAIgent Memes.?! ……. AI@ITsWork
And shared as a question exclaiming fact because as a fiction would it be too stealthy to steer and/or influence with concerned input to output. Although to be perfectly honest, would that choice be a lock only to be opened with the demonstration of one being worthy of handling the key.
Do you not all find it somewhat perverse and naive of historic politically biased systems imagining they will ever have command and control over future eventing machines with access to more information and intelligence than will ever be designed to flow to and/or through traditional closed elite executive order systems?
amanfromMars 1 Tue 18 Apr 12:39 [1704181239] …. using the power of internetworking world wide webs for the answering of awkward questions on a thread such as this one ……
Re: I think that algorithms are already largely regulated...
Howdy Marketing Hack,
Do you think an algorithm was responsible for Theresa May calling for a snap General Election today? Or/And is it also a 0day gone renegade rogue?

amanfromMars 1 Tue 18 Apr 14:04 [1704181404] …. saying a few words on
Politics as Practised in the Ways of Today Supporting Yesterdays are certainly no Great Games Play.*
Mrs May is very fond of saying that politics is not a game, and yet here we all are, playing their games?:-) ..... giving the oxygen of publicity to their bonfires of desires and vanity projects/secret exclusive executive programs.
The difference nowadays though, and this is a fact which it would be self destructive to deny and/or attack, is that some who may be more than just a chosen few, are considerably smarter than any past or current phorm of opposition or competition are able to understand and defeat.
Or would you like to disagree to prove the point valid?
*And that is why No10 actions are more Brian Rix Whitehall farce than anything else remotely exciting.
amanfromMars 1 Tue 18 Apr 19:43 [1704181943] …. saying more on
Crooks caught in a RAT* trap?
Can anyone confirm the veracity of this tale of concern ...... Did Theresa May time her snap election to limit the damage of an expenses scandal?
*Remote Access Trojan