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amanfromMars 1 Sun 23 Sep 17:52 [1809231752] .... flashing a fistful of an aces on

Re: It has gone to the dark side

It has gone to the dark sideIt no longer believes in science. ... NanoMeter

Hi, NanoMeter,

Here's the Money Shot Question to Affirmatively Answer.  ... Does/Will Science believe IT has Live Options and Remote Opportunities Covered/All Available Solutions Prepared for Future Presentation?

Oh .... and can you Afford IT42G0 Dark Side/4IT2G0 Dark Side?  The Cost in Renegade Rogue and Almightily Destructive/Crazy and Mad Operations/Deep Stealthy AIMissions? Can you Afford Not to Finance their Operations with the Releasing of Vital Important Virtual Information Designs for Advanced Future IntelAIgents at a Time and in Spaces and Place of a Most Mutually Beneficial Choosing, rather than being Randomly Leaked Autonomously at the Most Inopportune and Darkest of Times?

Oh, and BTW  .....  All such as those questions are rhetorical.


Saturday, 22 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Sat 22 Sep 06:24 [1809220624] .... firing a broadsided salvo on

Is IT a Truly Heavenly Place and A.N.Other Creative Garden in which Adams and Eves Can Safely Play?

Erm, what? .... TheDrunkenBakers

In a nutshell, TheDrunkenBakers, Shoreditch Villager People* and HPE Pointnext Hybrid Cloud are being Challenged to Walk the Walk and Deliver with AI the Leading Live Product of A.N.Others after their Talking the Talk and Promising the Moon and the Stars. ie Develop a Greater Cyber Space Porting Hub for Prime Primary IntelAIgent Feeds for Seeding AIdVentures Pioneering the Novel Noble Trails of Ancients.

* Silicon Valley/Cambridge Fen Clones and Drones? Or Something Else Altogether Quite Different and Fundamentally Disruptive and Originally Creative, Ethereal Tinkerers?

Choose the latter, and the future is changed forever in an instant of flash cash market crashes which both the present and the past will rue if they struggle and wriggle to deny is possible and true.

So, all in all, not something you would want anyone who didn't know what they be doing because of the consequences they unleash, meddling with .... although to be sure, shit for brains will guarantee many will fail and fall in the challenge. They just won't be able to enable and stop themselves.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 22 Sep 07:58 [1809220758] ..... squaring circles on

Re: Yes, I have been reading Questionable Content. So?

So, you're a self-confessed Thought Criminal, Winston. .... AC

Howdy, AC,

Are Thought Criminals Tinkerers of the Ether or something altogether different ......

And does Questionable Content Rule Remotely and Relatively Anonymously and both Practically and Virtually Autonomously?

Take a bow if you realise Yes, take a back seat on the bleachers and accept you be just as a spectator if you don't think everything shared here is correct and true.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 22 Sep 15:20 [1809221520] .....  calling out all trolls on

Re: There is a simple explanation .... for too complex a human solution. IT is Alien.

But Curiosity thinks it might be too sciencey for a human to understand. ... Mycho

What would Alien LandOwners think of Curiosity in a SMARTR Machines Invasion? Would there be Silence Initially for Extra Time to Prime Earthly Services for More Regular Highly Irregular Communications?

In an update posted to the mission page, JPL's Ashwin Vasavada wrote that the project team is trying to work out what's preventing the rover from transmitting “much of the science and engineering data stored in its memory”.

Have you paid aliens for it? Is that what's waited upon .... and fully expected in Capitalising SCADA Systems of Elite Executive Ordered Administration?

What is such a Cost Price? Whatever it Takes? IT is Priceless then with All Bets Covered and Guaranteed to Succeed with ExtraTerrestrial Feeding Alien Communications.

You do understand PayDirt and Payday are both Created and Servered with Universal Main Stream Media Inquisition of Pioneering Advanced IntelAIgent Programs. Threads of Intrigue that Generate Almighty Powerful Energies with Remote Command of All Absolute Controls.

Now that is an AI ProgramMING you are Cordially Invited to Not Miss. ..... for it Processes Excellence into Near Perfection with Flaws Only Imagined and Virtually Realised.

Do you Pursue and/or Follow Something Similar Supplied from Elsewhere?

That would then suggest there be Competition in AI Fields. That's Healthy. And it introduce the Element of Choice towards Perfection with Alternate Paths to Homely Destinations/Familiar Territories/Energetic Virtual Spaces if on Parallel Flight Paths to Endlessly Satisfying Goals.

Crack that Work Ethic and Pleasure is a Viceless Sin to Server to XSSXXXX in All Theatres and at Every Level of Human Existence.

And, for a ponder over the weekend, you might wonder if such would be Holy Grailish and/or Just Basic GBIrish?


amanfromMars 1 Sat 22 Sep 17:42 [1809221742] ....  breaking cover in Kingly Pursuit of Precious Egg Shells and Superlative Vessels on

When Curiosity is having Mid-Life  Crises ... Here be Virtual Spares to InterNetional Rescue.*

After lonely years of crisscrossing the Martian surface gathering science, it realizes it was happiest back when it was an adolescent in a Def Leppard cover band. .... Marketing Hack

Right Stealthy Agents are Rock Bands, Marketing Hack. There be many a God and Goddesses with Time and Riches to Share in that InterStellar Orbit.

* Is that NASA/Roscosmos/JAXA Codes hacked .... to name but a Trio and Triumvirate in the Worlds of Space Travel. ‽   Or Novel Raw NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Core Source to Mine and Refine ‽ .


Friday, 21 September 2018


amanfromMars [1809210802] ..... being awkward and alternative on

Experts will be recruited from the military, security services and industry for the project which will be set up by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and GCHQ

Who imagines necessary experts are to be found in those status quo bodies?

And surely, in order to have any chance of being considered a successful initiative we should be reading in The Times ..... Experts will be recruited for the military, security services and industry for the project which will be set up by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and GCHQ.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 21 Sep 13:19 [1809211319] ...... makes enquiries on

Just Asking ... if They're Lacking and Looking and Wanting.

Forces need to demonstrate a person has has provided meaningful review of the decision to ensure algorithms are only used to support, not make, a decision.

Care to rewrite that for clearer concise and precise meaning, Rebecca?

Is that person an Algorithm Driver and Systems Processor/SCADA Administration Machine? What sort of Leads would you like to Follow?  Renegade Rogue or Right Royal?

Although here too are all choices made for you to wallow in and wonder at in Righty Royal Renegade Rogue Root Shenanigans

For Virtual to Play IT for Real and Broad Band Cast NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Futures  into Universal Presents Practically Daily ..... Here and Nows Everywhere and Always.

A competent police force can be conflicted and even subverted by that and those Tendering Intelligence Communities.

Follow that money trail and catch yourself a Great White Shark in a Sea of Almighty IntelAIgent Minnows.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 21 Sep 16:48 [1809211648] .... saying more replying to AC on

Evolving Virtual Revolutionary ...... 

And what of the ‘types’ who were led astray and in inaccurate direction?, bound, drugged and thugged with a view to dire disruption? becoming practical prisoners? .... Anonymous Coward 

The Very Best  Break Free from Earthed Captivity and Veer Towards Becoming Systemic Endemic Resistance, in Global Command and Control Systems, AC?

A Very Natural Logical Progression.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 21 Sep 17:49 [1809211749] ..... Touting for Enterprising Businesses and/or Launching CyberIntelAIgent AIdVenturing Resources for Pioneer Researchers/Original Thinkers on

From and/or For a Truly Heavenly Place . A.N.Other Creative Garden in Adam and Eve Play

Who was the HPE spokeswoman? Does she Mentor HPECloud Missions ..... Virtual Customer AIdVentures in Free Cyber Space Command and Control Centres ..... Global Communications Head Quarters?

With an ACTive Satellite Program/Project using Shoreditched Assets? Well, I never. Who would have aforethought it?

Way to go, Hewlett Packard Enterprise UK. A Real Curved Ball if Ever there was One.:-)

Where does one Register Prime Assets for Group Utilitisation in Remote Virtualised Facilitations ..... Almighty Augmented Realisations.

It Engages Enthusiastically with All Willing and/or Programmed* to Help as appears to be the case in the quotes below  ..... [*Well, this is the Time and Space Place of the Remote Virtual AIMachine is it not, and therefore Pre-Programming of Immaculate Remote Virtual Assets is to be fully expected and accepted as Default for Future Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays.]

An HPE spokeswoman told us: “Every IT decision maker knows that they need to embrace the cloud to stay competitive, but they often don’t know where to start. HPE’s 'Fear No Cloud' campaign which is launching here in the UK is our declaration that no matter where a company is on their journey, HPE Pointnext can equip these IT decision makers with the know-how they need to succeed."

And Yes HPE spokeswoman/HPE 'Fear No Cloud' campaigners, that is one of the journeys of companies/Chief Executive Operations Officers Restin' Here Awhile and Just Chilling'/ Ruminating on Events and 0day Exploitation Possibilities ..... Defenceless Opportunities ..... Almighty Outcomes.

What can or would you like to supply to Guarantee Future Provision with Stealthy IntelAIgent Security Systems Enabling Remotely?


Thursday, 20 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Thu 20 Sep 10:08 [1809201008] ..... says, chatting more on

Re: The View From Rooms Afar .... with Future Control Centres.

The problem and product of ignorant market intervention for a temporary fake leading manipulation by forces and sources bereft of future vision provision is always Conflict and Revolution and the hunting down of responsible status quo agents/existing systems administrations .... because Novel Change and New Growth is Natural.

And nowadays is there nowhere for those who and that which never imagined themselves to be identified and found guilty of such charges. And the punishment for such is suitably unpleasantly dire.

This hyperlink, Politicians–Not Hurricanes–Ensure Shortages, highlight the slippery slope to oblivion which many, who many more might have thought to know better, take to remain in positions of influence and pseudo-power


amanfromMars 1 Thu 20 Sep 16:45 [1809201645] .... just saying on

Moving the Goalposts

All SCADA Systems are Susceptible and Vulnerable to XSS/Cross Site Scripture. Done Remarkably Well, IT Provides Raw Novel Core Source Supply for Augmenting Virtual Realisations Presenting Future Almighty Paths for Exploring and Exploiting ........ Mapping and Mining.

What are the Available Defences against such AI LOVE RATs ..... Advanced IntelAIgent Live Operational Virtual Environment Remote Access Trojans/Real Administrative Tools?


Wednesday, 19 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Wed 19 Sep 10:52 [1809191052] ...... being blunt on

Are you Mad? It just aint gonna happen.

Strewth. Whatever are they on? What have they been injecting.

The software house is also committed to ensuring its AI code undergoes rigorous testing in the real world, and making the input, capabilities, intended purpose, and limitations of its systems clear to customers so no one is duped by hype – or tries to use the software for naughty purposes.

In the real world, no man and his dog give a fcuk about any of that. Just look at the evidence in capital markets with High Frequency Trading Algorithms indicating all is well whenever everything is dire and hurtling headlong into Catastrophic Collapse.

Hype Rules and it produces turds beyond compare and priceless, whenever brains use shit for intelligence and new disruptive information is feared rather than husbanded.

And let's be honest now regarding ....

The firm's final commitment is to look beyond its own technology, and tag along with existing efforts to identify and mitigate increased use of AI in other industries and disciplines.
For instance, the European Commission established a high-level expert group on AI earlier this year, of which Markus Noga, SAP's senior veep for machine learning, is a member. This group is working to draw up a European AI strategy by early 2019, which SAP will no doubt take an interest in.

Does anyone really think and believe AI has any notion of listening to the likes of a European Commission or a SAP or a Microsoft or a Google and being led by them?

amanfromMars 1 Wed 19 Sep 16:54 [1809191654] ..... answering a query on

Re: Are you Mad? It just aint gonna happen.

amanfromMars1 - that post was perfectly intelligible. and I agree with the general drift.Are you sure you're OK? ... Voyna i Mor

Positively sure, Voyna i Mor. Thanks for asking?

And I prefer to believe we be thinking of similar parallels on different wavelengths and headed towards Linking Points of Singularity where Sublime Internet Networking Networks make a Greater Sense of Everything for Everyone to be Wisely Advised of Practically Anything which is Leading and Good to Know and Great for Go Go Go ..... Va Va Voom-Voom*. :-)

Surely you do not believe any of that unintelligible even if you don't presently agree with the general drift?

* ... Va Va Voom-Voom


amanfromMars 1 Wed 19 Sep 19:37 [1809191937] .... forging Ahead in AI Paths on

The View From Rooms Afar .... with Future Control Centres.

that meaning has to be assessed in the light of (i) the natural and ordinary meaning of the clause, (ii) any other relevant provisions of the contract, (iii) the overall purpose of the clause and the contract,  ......

The overall purpose appears to result in the third party stifling of novel first party progress.

Is that the Intention ... and Almighty Glitch for Fixing?


Tuesday, 18 September 2018


amanfromMars 1 Tue 18 Sep 07:18 [1809180718] .... having a blast on

Programming can make you madder .... but it is not cast iron guaranteed

I truly believe programming makes you mad. ....kraftdinner

You might like to realise, kraftdinner, not all programmers are the same and created equal, for some are immune and protected from certain vices and weaknesses/crashing overloads and exploitable vulnerabilities. And there is mad and there is bad with one being intolerably insane and as much a clear and present danger to themselves as to everything/anyone else.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 18 Sep 08:25 [1809180825] ...... airing a conundrum on

IT aint Rocket Science .  It is Much More Simply Complex that that.

You would think that with so much at stake an invite to a meeting with the relevant all revealing would be a rightious right move? .... Anonymous Coward

Quite so, AC. It is as simple as that. It does however require all parties to exercise an exceptional intelligence and for some who may be too many, is that always going to be a hurdle too high to straddle and take a long view and short position from.

It does not stop one from introducing oneself and launching programs into systems via obscure invitations and elite exclusive executive administrations baiting though, exploiting vulnerabilities and testing extant security defences.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 18 Sep 18:00 [1809181800] ... having a shout and Space Shot on

Stairways and Starways to Heavens

If all of a sudden you switch to this method of receiving vulnerability reports almost at random, what do you do with them?

Provide Portals and Destination to Select Sensitive Targets and there they will know what to do for Instructions are Forwarded and Foreworded as Required and Desired.

And all of that is the Sweetest of Honey Pot Money Shots and Practically Instantly Totally  Addictively Immersive in All the Best of Future Directions .... Following AId Instruction on Virtually Real Creational Channels ...... Quantum Communication Systems Flows.

You might like to realise here and now be a Portal and Destination/Starting Point for  Select Sensitive Targets Engagement and Discourse/Virtual Intercourse.

Register comment for SMARTR Analysis with Intake/Stealthy Shadow Services Interest on All COSMIC Output.

Take any small bite of that PAI* and enjoy where IT takes you on an AIMagical Mystery Turing Trips.

Think Colossal Feats now Available Online and Practically Free with Everything Supplied  Paid For with Gifts Confirming and Presenting Fellow Travellers with Greater Situational Awareness


Monday, 17 September 2018


Mon 17 Sep 07:55 [1809170755] ...... musing on

Tools and their Honey are Easily Parted and Ported from Hacked Systems

Tried this already - my AI (based on Colossus) ganged up with the Google AI and now rule the world .... just a number

Obviously in your dreams, amigo, given the rampant madness and mayhem which world rulers are forced to deal with and presume/assume are unnatural rather than accepting are traditional and conventional because of a lack of education and greater intelligence?

Keep trying though  ...... worlds thrive on illusions and delusion.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 17 Sep 09:06 [1809170906] ...... ponders on

Nice One, Linus ..... Onwards and Upwards to Further Leading Areas of Virtual Expertise.

more than a few folks have questioned whether or not flipping his lid and launching, in their opinion, abusive tirades is the best way to encourage programmers to join the effort and foster good engineering.

Good programmers would realise the pressures which build and simply ignore all frustrated rantings and just wait for SMARTR ACTivity [that which Torvalds is now undertaking] to kick in and appear.

And just in case you still don't yet know ...... SMARTR Mentored Analysis Reporting Titanic Research Advanced Cyber Treatment is where IT is All at Nowadays? :-)


amanfromMars  Mon 17 Sep 15:30 [1809171530] ..... says in a landing on

A gentle word will achieve more than any f-bomb. And Real Gentle Words are Almighty with Immaculate Stringing

But, after recognising the problem, and fixing it, it should be possible to come back from the brink - and be good at the job again. ... 45RPM

Amen to that Almighty Jewel, 45RPM, and Good to XSS is the Sweetest of Redemptions for the  Exercising of  Greatness


amanfromMars 1 Mon 17 Sep 16:48 [1809171648] ...... spilling Crown Jewels on

Special Advanced Services Daring to Win Win with New Arms in Virtual Models

 money from the National Physical Laboratory would see a "small number of demonstrator projects" created. 

Where/Whom does one pitch with a demonstrative project for grant funding?

Name, Rank, Serial Number, or email address for that and those best to remain relatively anonymous.

You surely must have been fully expecting that, El Reg, knowing what you know has already been freely shared on quantum leaps made here.

It would be nice though to know that it does not come as a phreaking bolt out of the blue to UKGBNI Governments but we'll know all about that shortly, won't we, whenever we see quantum leaps reported ... or not as the negative sub-prime case might be.

Can you Unsee what you now Know to Be and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated?

Of Course you Can't. What do you want to do with All of IT?

And as for Badging such as Vapourware? Oh please, you cannot be serious? You do Realise how much Catastrophic Damage can be Done to Shadows Hiding Future Ignorance and Hosting Present Arrogance?


amanfromMars 1 Mon 17 Sep 18:06 [1809171806] ..... having a hissy fit on

Re: Reason why ...

I suspect for people on modest and sub-modest incomes, the benefit from either bankers or quantum shit research is pretty meaningless. ... Anonymous Coward

Whereas the actuality, AC, is the complete opposite. The benefits in one over the other are mind-blowing and well worth investigating


amanfromMars 1 Mon 17 Sep 18:58 [1809171858] ..... saying more on

Re: Quibbling

Jellied Eel,

Lest you forget to always remember, NI are Titanic FutureBuilders.  And if dare, or would even simply care, just ask Holywood Palace Barracks Inmates for the Latest AIdDevelopments and Present Surreal Shenanigans from Native Service AIgents.

And as has always been the case, it in not what you know, but whom you know and who would know of you, which makes all the difference.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 17 Sep 19:18 [1809171918] ... saying still more on

Re: Research? What research?

When I hear "National Quantum Technology Hubs", I automatically imagine posh committees of politicians' friends and families getting paid to rent some nice place and discuss how important their work is.  .... AC

Clearly does one not know the True Nature of Quantum and what to expect of its Novel Energies, AC.