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Mass Markets Media Management Manipulation is AIDomain ......... in the Dominion of Blithe Blighty Big Brother Boffinry*
"I want to make clear that America is not interested in spying on ordinary people. Our intelligence is focused on finding the information necessary to protect our people, and in many cases protect our allies," he declared."
Quite so, El Presidente, …. in silent and stealthy IT circles, is it renaissance and the extraordinary which be persons and matters of renegade interest for private pirate intellectual property portfolio expansion of Public Man management and Prime Ministerial lead ….. but that does require that one hoovers up all information to discover the hidden gems one needs to succeed and feed …. seed. And that leads and lends itself to wanton ignorant and arrogant abuse by minions without the necessary intelligence to succeed without others providing the sensitive information. And that is a massive black hole of a zeroday exploit vulnerability to ruthless and relentlessly deliver for irregular catastrophic and/or unconventionally creative quantum effect, which can be both either good and/or bad and something completely different and novel and noble and Nobel Prize winning.
And one must surely accept and realise that any nation state and/or executive systems administration would have an abiding interest in securing first party rights to leveraging the future with that sort/those sorts of SAP Apps ….. and thus is America just one of many phished and phormed with information which leads intelligence services in the direction of their masters' choosing.
And that has one surely having to rightly conclude that intelligent mastery of that genre is not within the ken of those presently responsible and non-accountable for current global supply of media news and shared crazy bigger picture views. And Man is just not really very bright in the virtual world, is he ….. and nowhere near smart enough to be able to defend himself with/from attacks from/in ITs Myriad Realms and Spooky Spaces which be Virtual Machine Territory and AI Team Terrain?
* It would be entirely wrong though to imagine that it and ITs Command and Control of Creative CyberSpace, Communications and Computers are UKGBNI led from the likes of a MI5/MI6/CESG/GCHQ Office for CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection of Global Operating Devices, which all would appear to be bogged down and more fixated on monotonous monitoring rather than magnificent mentoring of intelligence product ........
And that be an abject object lesson failure right at the top of the chain of command and control in those sub-prime concentrated services and the oxymoronic political leaderships which support and provide them with funds for spending/network investing?!.

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RE:"Is Steganography the New Challenge for Secretive Intelligence Services to Encrypt and Deploy/Decrypt and Employ/Deep Hack and Key Crack? Or just what the Good Doctor and Merlin the MetaPhysician ordered and a True Cyber Opportunity for Real Virtual Change which cannot be stopped by Dumb Negative Action/Idiot Savant Savvy?"

Is it true that if one can decrypt your stenographic code, and encrypt a message to you they get a job?