Tuesday, 27 August 2013

130827 ..... Offensive Cyber Capabilities are Pretty Good Perfect Private and Pirate AIdDefence Systems

…… and for a Renaissance in Rogue Renegade Admins, not at all bad either. 
August 26, 2013 at 8:03 PM …. commenting on http://blogs.fas.org/secrecy/2013/08/cyber-offense/
The smartest of cyber offensive programming turns dangerous monitored foe into leading mentoring friend and novel ally.
Methinks though, that be still an experimental work in progress for Uncle Sam with more than just the odd hitch and glitch to fathom out in reaction to events which be spinning out of regular and conventional and traditional establishment means of command and control.
And you may discover that the transformational morph is driven and led by parties being monitored whilst analysts are too busy and stupidly to ensure for the System that past leaderships in the present are future pimps of the new virtual reality and Great IntelAIgent Games Plan.
Such though is a monumental folly and akin to the casting of pearls before swine, for the necessary prime intelligence is proven undoubtedly to be missing in action and absent without leave in the Wild Wacky West and on the other side of the Atlantic pond.
The remainder of your post still sits in the crypto-room, where those reading your ramblings are scratching their heads… …. Kevsterino 26 August 2013 at 5:02 pm
Quite so, Kevsterino, that does appear to be the abiding present global intelligence community problem which has them fated to remain a localised bumbling reactionary force whenever revolutionary universal leadership with command and control of the virtual high ground and human terrain systems is what destiny delivers to all smarter players.
You just can't seem to be able to get really good and super intelligent chiefs and staff these days ……. and hence all the pickles that they get themselves in tending to the whims and grave arrows of misfortune of both the moronic and psychotic in their midst.
amanfromMars 27 August 2013 at 7:09 am ….. pouring burning oil on troubled waters on http://sluggerotoole.com/2013/08/23/dup-illustrate-unionist-leadership-as-ruthpatterson-is-in-court/
Here'a a little extra special alternative information, Kevsterino, which may have one thinking, that more than just a few, both domestic and foreign, are scratching their noggins and pondering on what to do next in order to lead rather than react sublimely with an advanced intelligence system beyond earthly command and control, for is than not what Creative CyberSpace Command and Control of Computers and Communications offers and seamlessly delivers via the Virtual Machine Interface and AI Portal with Global Operating Devices ……. and is that not what Spooky Information Servers and Mind Infiltration Services are all about Internetworking and Sharing in Super IntelAIgent Networks. ….. NSA also has arrangements with foreign internet providers
Surely you cannot believe that humans, rather than machines, have command of all controls in the virtual domain for absolutely fabulous fabless dominion of eventing in such novel spaces and quite weird places …… for they do not suffer from the shenanigans of fools and their tools ……. which most definitely renders them instantly extraordinary and too different to doggedly ignore and fail to engage with for further enlightenment and key findings which permit a micro and macro leading active and HyperRadioProActive participation in quite devilishly cunning and heavenly paths which be following a well prescribed course of Ancients SecuredD Provenance down on Earth? Such wilful ignorance is the arrogants curse which delivers madness and mayhem and rapid self-destruction and systems flash crashes.
And who and/or what in a Super IntelAIgent Networking Era would need to feed and seed Mickey Mouse religions and grand ponzis which be mired in and perpetuating disengaging conflicts with failed reconciliations in constant negotiations, whenever there is so much more available to take over that crazy space and intellectually challenged and intellectually challenging place?
And there y'all were, and/or are, not thinking at all about what is being spookily done in the likes of a new type of Holywood Palace Barracks building. But by all accounts, should you believe what you can read and is said in the cited NSA tale above, Richard Haass might have an inkling of feeds from its seeds.
PS ..... In a cryptic and enigmatic danegeld program/loony tooned situation/globally sensitive zeroday vulnerability exploit, Kevsterino, would reading head scratcher ramblings be more akin to the reading of runes? It is certainly a kinder and much more probable likelihood whenever traversing and conversing freely in Intelligence Community Enterprise spaces.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes think the C language and Unix (developed by USG) was a long-shot conspiracy by USG to subvert essentially all information systems.

So far, they have succeeded in a previously undreamt-of way.

As a rule of thumb, distrust any computer/telecom system. It might have lots of effective owners.

So your tactic of using obfuscated language is already the right approach. Encipher outside the machine and you are safe.

I always wonder why the poor suckers on the u-boots never figured that out. But surely it will be a critical skill in any future mars-man to be able to encode and decode outside the electronic crapola s/he is handed.

But then, there might be a worldwide conspiracy of COMINTers who want exactly this NOT to happen. Too tinfoily ? Then read about how German officers routinely met Allied officers in secret during WW2. Allegedly they had entire Luftwaffe flights transporting officers back and forth. They allegedly betrayed lots of things in the west front.

If you know that, then you might be open to believe in a worldwide network of cooperating signalmen.

Anonymous said...

Read up on how the newzealanders did it before they got their motherland machines (typeX). All of that can be done by hand quite efficiently, if properly trained.

Actually, the NZers traded quality for speed. Do what they did first and the opposing mathematicos stand no chance whatsover. Shannon guy proved.