Friday, 30 January 2015


There’s a lot more than just strange and highly intelligent goings on out there and in the Mass Perception and Brainwashing Space Place, DB, and increasingly impossible to hide away from, ignore and deny irreverently exists and is creatively disruptive and destructively irrelevant, methinks too …….. An AutoChanging of the Old Anonymous Guard
Such non-positive activity is certainly self-defeating and revealingly destructive.
Mission Blindness Extraordinarily Renders the Enemy Without
The NSA was set up to protect the United State's infrastructure from foreigners, so why do we still see millions of infected systems reporting to foreign countries? They have the funding and skillset to stop such things, which are a far bigger threat to our economy and safety than terrorists ever were... SO why aren't they even lifting a finger to stop it .... Crazy Operations Guy
If one considers the Davos Crowd Cloud to be a big global networking malware infected bot lot, and some who are more than just a few chosen can and do and proact accordingly, COG, then can it explain the NSA and Director of National Intelligence and USCYBERCOM serial failings in the Great Game with ITs Bigger Beta Pictures and Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays with Private Sector Renegade and Pirate Vector Rogue Non-State Actors in Practically Remote Anonymous Active Autonomous Virtual Command and Control.


Anonymous said...

Surely US- Israel- and UK- developed systems (from ARM processor to Linux) all have their backdoors for the governments of said countries.

They rule the territory, they can easily insert bad actors into the development teams.

I salute to UK efforts to infest the world with the ARM processor cores. Cyber-wise, the UK Imperium is one of the biggest !

Recently I watched a teardown of a good Chinese oscilloscope on youtube and it transpired that the key semiconductor components were either U.S. (especially the black-magic a/d converters) or European. So much to the "yellow peril".

Sovereignty means you need your own full stack of IT technologies from DRAM chip up to search engine and trading platform.

Russia and China have some of that (Baidu, Yandex, Alibaba etc), but even they have let ARM, Windows, Android subvert their national interest.

The "Euros" - they are still an occupied zone and the real masters are in NY, Washington and TelAviv. A bunch of rotten communists/collaborateurs (see Barroso) and some ineffective, sclerotic, outdated industries like carmaking. From that follows that the Euro countries are 100% americanized in terms of IT.
Why would you allow your vasalls to protect their information ? That only makes your ruling much more difficult.

Merkel has a "secured" Blackberry. She wants to ensure the UKUSA-Israel overloards are always properly informed.

Anonymous said...

One of the finest parts of U.S. subversion strategy is the C language.

By its very design and concepts (unchecked buffers, manual pointer operations, lots of unsafe typecasting), it "naturally" generates a ton of exploitable bugs.

So AT&T Bell Labs, a branch of U.S. government then, pwned the IT world quite effectively and pervasively.

For every 1 million idiots the U.S. have one smart, capable and nasty guy and even the Russkies and the Chinese cant look through this.

See for the sort-of efforts of Russia to counter this. Google translate works nicely.

Analyze what they do and it boils down to fixing the CPU issue while getting a good infection via Linux and all the assoicated stuff like OpenOffice and tons of little tools.

The Chinese are similar, they do some amount of CPU design and then run Linux on that hardware.

AR said...

"Russia and China have some of that (Baidu, Yandex, Alibaba etc), but even they have let ARM, Windows, Android subvert their national interest" - am I the only who supposes that they knew but do not care (-: ?