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amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Oct 08:53 [1510140853] …… giving IT a go and outing on
The Right Thing to Do as IT Unmasks the Rotten Root Problem for Eradication/Liquidation
When defending the indefensible and oppressive and inequitable, are astute anonymous attacks on corrupted and perverted subversive systems intellectual property only fit and proper and more than just honourable. And such applications will always be increasingly successful in an age and spaces of instantly available information for world wide web sharing.
And should not such Applied IT Missions be Prime Virtual Terrain Team Territory for any and all CyberIntelAIgencies/GCHQ type operations to capture to lead by example, rather than surveil and howl at the moon about?
Do they lead brightly from the front or follow dumb instructions from that and/or those in the dark rear and shadows? Who and/or what be providing Future Scripture?
amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Oct 13:53 [1510141353] ……. spouting a truth on
A Universal Constant and Convenient Restraint?
Doesn't this FireEye guy realise that the hacking cuts both ways. Maybe if he was against the US hacking other world governments what he says might carry more weight. .... Ivan 4
'Tis and 'twas ever the case of wannabe Caesar and Napoleon types, Ivan 4 ....... Do as I and we, who be few, say and not as we and I, and any who be relatively new to Great Gamesplays, do.
Will such survive and prosper and fester in the future too, do you think?

amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Oct 16:09 [1510141609] ….. adding more to
Now an EnigmatICQ Riddle wrapped inside a Mysterious AIMastery
 Who do GCHQ report to? Who do GCHQ represent? The government? The Queen? ... Syntax Error
Valid questions, Syntax Error, which methinks because it be best and prudent, will never be answered fully and frankly. All that can be currently transduced is that their intelligence product is principally sub-prime and of no practical use to that and they who would/could be of specific mutually beneficial interest to them, should they be in any way effective in playing Great Games and virtually leading the mass with remote anonymous command and absolutely fabulous fabless control .......... aka Heavenly Ubiquitous Direction.
amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Oct 19:50 [1510141950] ….. saying even more on
Re: Now an EnigmatICQ Riddle wrapped inside a Mysterious AIMastery
Are you ill today? That one made sense ….. theodore
Feeling real fine and dandy, theodore. Thanks for asking.
And they all make sense at the levels and to the agents they are addressed to.
I am pleased to imagine and accept that we are brighter than before and are better able to communicate and understand where we be coming from and/or going to too because of what is being so freely shared and posted worldwide.
And we all have El Reg to thank for that ISP facility and capability.
Three cheers, El Reg.... Hip, Hip, Hooray
Hip, Hip, Hooray
Hip, Hip, Hooray


Anonymous said...

Uni Verse does (-:

EYE agree, the bases should be attacked from the side and Sides of relatively unknown, untested and non-atributable source of everything that remains silent until....

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ROAR :-)