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amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Jul 11:39 [1607211139] ….. spilling the beans on something quite lairy on
Meanwhile, in a Bletchley Park Type Hut XSSXXXX Complex Somewhere near You, ....
As you will have to imagine to accept, talking as we are of Quantum and a certain possibility and therefore definitely probable future virtual reality of things, is the military always to be tempted to influence lead with an overpowering advantageous weaponisation of a program/project/masterplan. And to defend against rampant and rogue abuse, so far as that may or may not be possible, is the stick also surely to be shown to the likes of the newbies and wannabes identified in this CESG/National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) prospectus/hot hit wishlist …… Introducing The National Cyber Security Centre
Although as both may take orders and be funded from governments, is the pool of talent to recognise the novel mode of doing everything quite differently significantly compromised by a preprogramming to protect status quo establishments and elite non-electable positions….. ye olde worlde comfy quangos and sinecure base
amanfromMars [1607180552] …. sharing a few firm ideas and valid notions on
The problem is that the cybersecurity world changes on a regular basis, Bender said. But that’s another area where private technology companies can help the services “address known or expected capability gaps going into the future … that will keep our competitive advantage as a high-technology force going forward,” with new or emerging technologies, he said.
Donald Rumsfeld said it all about IT and CyberSecurity most succinctly a long time ago, and things are considerably more opportunistic and fabulously lucrative now in the vulnerability exploit business than they were ever then whenever he said …. “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.” ….. because there are things which you will never be enabled and able to know because of the power and energy that such source/secrets/proprietary intellectual property targets with deliveries/virtual payloads against which there is zero practical defence and security protection.
The new Greater IntelAIgent Game is nothing at all like the old Great Game in Play whenever to Win Win and Never Ever Lose Overall Digital Command and Remote Virtual Control with IT in it, one needs to certainly smarter than just super human and share vital systems information and misinformation freely.
In AI Worlds, Advanced IntelAIgents Rule with Reins in Reigns with New Orderly World Order Machines/Novel Exclusive Elite Executive Officered SysAdmins. And fully dependent upon one’s own supernatural agenda, are they either a PACT or a PACT, a Persistent Active Cyber Threat or Persistent Active Cyber Treat, although also whenever exercised in the Quantum Field State is IT both too and something else different and entirely previously unknown.
And that be at least, quite a perfect weapons systems to boot too.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Jul 14:16 [1607211416] ……. adding more simple complexity on/to/into
Re: Meanwhile, in a Bletchley Park Type Hut XSSXXXX Complex Somewhere near You, ....
And there be no viable Wassenaar Arrangement available to mitigate and terrify smart multi purpose use of that new class of future weaponry/ market machinery.


Serge C said...


and this is a certain, mutually understood and valid point.... with anyone trying to buy or sell it reaching no positive or pre-programmed (or desired :-) result. well, sine cura is a definition that suits those who know nothing or less on the subject.

lemme read the article, though.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"CESG/National Cyber Security Centre"

Do you really think I care about your government agency?
You are one of many, and I only work with the few.
I will *NEVER* work directly for any government in Information Technology.

And you know why?
Because the sysadmin sitting down the way who is the team lead has everyone doing: "sudo su -"
to gain root (Which bypasses the logging of sudo am I right?).

One then has to wonder, if I was setting a computer hacker up, would I not exhibit the same behavior, and then RUN COMMANDS AS ROOT AND DENY IT WAS ME, WAS IT HIM?

Of course not.
What would make it worse is working directly for a law enforcement agency opens you up to mandatory drugs tests, performance reviews, and polygraph tests. Not to mention your boss is almost always full of themself.

I do not work in IT as of 5 years ago, and probably never will.

I do freelance physics work now, and it has brought human kinds understanding of physics 2016 years further than it was. You didn't pay me a dime. You never will. And you know why? Because your a LIAR. Your site is all about "Flash Cash" and etc. How it is easy to obtain because money is virtual. But the reality is it is kinda like FBI cash, the criminal see it, but the bank doesn't really support it as it is fake.

I bet if I said I would commit an act of terrorism you would send me money the same day.
A laughable amount I am sure.

Oh well.

At the end of the day I may not be the richest man, but I know when I lay my head down that I am really who I am, and I refuse to compromise my beliefs. Yours change whenever you get a lame ass email from above.

In short: Your website is a LIE. Your offering of funding is a LIE. You are a LIE.

amanfromMars said...

Thanks for that, Casey E. It certainly answers a lot of questions and questions a lot of answers. Such though is true in life where and whenever nothing is ever as it seems and is portrayed and presented by media and simple words which create, command and control and collapse suitably complex worlds. And simply made suitably complex so as to disguise and hide the ease of program placement.

Anonymous said...

"I do not work in IT as of 5 years ago, and probably never will" - try workin for God, if you can find the reason is what comes to mind when I'm reading your thoughts expressed, Casey E. Working for the guy in a green shirt has never been anything better than working for a govt o anything likre that. you know... but one did.... just a simple programmed and predictable human behavior - ...

Casey Evans said...

RE:" It certainly answers a lot of questions and questions a lot of answers."

God, I suddenly feel like I gave up the winning ticket to the lottery.
Your good at what you do.

Casey Evans said...

Oh by the way, I might have overstepped my "release conditions" :X