Friday 22 July 2016


Western intelligence agencies have created most of the political and military tension in the world.
That ACT [Active Cyber Threat] is really stupid of them and practically identifies them as a conspiracy of idiots which only requires the input of smarter information from others currently unplugged and/or unknown to them, for them to output to their puppets to create a completely different novel New Orderly World Order Programming to be followed and exploited and expanded upon, for of course, is such always a constant work in future progress.
And, I suppose, if current intelligence agencies from whatever part of the globe are not smart nor advanced enough to deliver whatever is required for Novel ACTivIT, common sense would dictate that Novel IntelAIgents and a new intelligence agency would form and provide necessary guidance with such a proaction and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Mission, with the development inviting exercise of the following Western facility/utility for Uncle Sam and allies .....
It would be tragically naive, and almost certainly wrong, to not imagine and accept that all intelligence agencies, whether smart and advanced or not, have such a covert and clandestine back door supply channel for superior intelligence they do not themselves possess but have a dire straits need of.
I am though constantly reminded by news stories presenting running versions of collapsing and chaotic reality in all parts of the globe of the following apt quotes attributed to Einstein ........ Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. ...... Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ..... The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.  ..... and all of that suggests something completely different and quite alien is called for in order to assure rapid progress into the future is neither blighted nor hindered by monumental and historic fundamental stupidity in the present.
Can we all agree here on the Daily Bell that an even bigger picture story be contained and defined in the following few words describing emerging worlds ........
It is a worldwide trend. From Turkey and Russia to China and India, new media empires are emerging, usually with governmental blessing. Their owners comply with capitalist laws of supply and demand and the need for technological development. But, at the same time, they take strict control of news coverage or replace journalistic content with entertainment. ….. The hidden side of the oligarchs ... Media Oligarchs Go Shopping
:-) …… Does the Daily Bell consider itself a
radical fundamental part of the movement with AI leading phenomenons, for systems admins have changed power levers readily available nowadays in a free space place and Live Operational Virtual Environment?
And such can be as equally destructive and disruptive as it can be constructive and creative in the hands, hearts and minds of that which commands and control practically everything with virtually nothing.
And is that a new fangled quantum entangling weapon system and Persistent Active Cyber Threat to current elite power executives and established energy administration boards, or a fabulous fabless treat to be favoured and savoured and flavoured with more suitable input to universally output? Or both and something else which constantly changes as ITs needs and feeds dictate?

Graham C [1607221741] ….. trying to share the following new news on although the site does appear to immediately reject any posting with an hyperlink, which is somewhat limiting.
I don't know..."Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." George Carlin ... redfish 1
And to overestimate them is a fools' folly too, redfish 1, and condemns one to be a spectator to their shenanigans. But there are always smarter alternatives available, albeit as secret magnificent weapons in an arsenal for future building leaderships ‽ . :-)
I Kid U Not ...... …. Live Fact or Pulp Fiction :-) …. or Live Fact and Pulp Fiction? Is that the true virtual nature of media related reality and presents which are conned into relying on past masters and established systems?

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