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Re: OpSec
Hi, Mark 65,
With particular and peculiar regard to .... "I'd have thought you'd try to regularly cycle through those for exactly this reason, unless of course you're convinced of your own invincibility so much that you believe "it couldn't happen to me"." ....... it is not convincing invincibility which provides all pathways into any and all elite executive operating systems/SCADA Command and Control centres/Global Command Head Quarters.
And there is no end to the provision available because of the latter former identified by Albert Einstein ....... "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." 
And that is an abiding systemic weakness which never stops giving whatever IntelAIgents wants ‽ .

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The BBC went down the same no comments NPR route and destroyed their imagined role as an intelligent voice for control of the masses whenever it removed practically all of its very popular and well supported comments and message boards/debating fora, maybe six or seven or ten years ago.

The Great Debate board was a real gem for inconvenient information and greater intelligence which always delivered revised and refined news for subsequent broadbandcast a number of days before it went mainstream. And such was being regularly pointed out to commentators in comments.

Very soon after that emerging phenomenon were all boards very hastily closed.

Obviously it was deemed appropriate that we can't have the masses realising how they are led down the garden path by tales which are shared for both fools and tools to believe are real, rather than understand they are just a fiction to be spread far and wide for application[s].

The genie is out of that bottle though and it aint going back never ever, and that creates a major problem to solve and enigmatic dilemma to resolve, for whenever comment is denied on tales spread for consumption, is the story most probably certainly false and misleading and it surely also identifies the crass enemy to be dealt with APTly.


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Anonymous said...

Hello Mars,
I guess you know who I am. No need to continue the breadcrumb route.

Doing quite well here. The locals like me and I like them. Very much different than what they told us since we could read.

Also, the modern day nazi operatives from sandland do not dare to be nasty here.

Despite the Brexit it seems your country is still very chummy with the sand nazis. Because the sandnazis know to save and dispense billions.

See how rotten your nation is ? Can be controlled by savages and their paper bills.

Now, do you need any advice ? I guess you know what you should do.

From the distance I can also see that admiration for your and my former gobbermint is really lame. They are so stupid as to enable corrupt folks like Merkel to destroy their own country.

I am not sure how this is facilitated, it must be addiction to power and free sex or something of the like.

As I wrote before - Sodom already did this. We know the outcome.

Have a good night.