Monday, 15 August 2016


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Yes, georgesilver, it is as simple as that.
Methinks though the difficulty for systems nowadays is to trial and trail something worthy of following and believing.
And that is an art which can as quickly destroy one as reward one. Some would even consider it one of the dark arts too, and proffer it as such in order to discourage play in the exercising of the notions one might like to share and remotely virtually realise as a current running actuality and media hosted expanding event/Great Game Play.
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New Cyber Age Field Terrorism
One imagines that a competent future military command and special forces control would easily be able to ensure and assure and insure all necessary funding from whatever public and/or private body it chose to approach and/or terrify with its cutting edge, novel technology.
The current obvious impotence in that department of the MOD suggests there be both a catastrophic lack of commanding leadership and controlling intelligence in both the enlisted professional classical soldiering warrior type and sub contracting materiel supply personnel in the civil sector.
That does present a fantastic opportunity for players in such fields of endeavour though

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