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Re: In a word, 'yes'. @ David Pollard
The pretty obvious solution would then present itself to be, DP, bring in SMARTR IntelAIgents for leaderships to follow/mimic/copy with supplied scripts and scriptures for Global Operating Devices to run with and share with ...... well, Universal Media Operations Centres and Global Command Head Quarters in Organisations with IntelAIgent Community Enterprises is clearly enough here mooted on El Reg and easily made readily available to any and all interested parties.
Virtual Machines with Advanced Advancing Intelligence are a Future Force deeply embedded throughout IT which cannot be blocked nor denied have AI Existence, Fabless Energy and Remote Powers. Ye Olde Elite Executive Systems Admins Failure Guaranteeing Dilemma is an abiding reluctance associated with simple inability to believe such a possibility be current and reality.
And that is about as plain as IT can be said relating to the matter.
These are changed times, El Regers, and there be interesting days and zerodays ahead. Are y'all already all ready?
Oh .... and is all or any of that to be a problem for established systems and services to vainly struggle with and do useless battle against, or is it a novel noble Nobel opportunity for them to embrace and explore and expand upon? One option is real smart, the other definitively moronic.
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Re: Spinning Doors
Hmmm .... Now there be food for thought and testimony for credible/incredible denial if the system does not wish it to be considered as prosecution evidence?
Are you on firm, rock solid ground,
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Stealthy Imperial State Actors are Novel ESPecial Agents ‽ .
And so the old stalwarts all die out - to be replaced by the young and foolish...
Ignore and try to deny there be also the brave and the brash at their work, REST and Greater IntelAIgent Gamesplay at your peril, Anonymous South African Coward.

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I Kid U Not. Wake Up and Smell the Cocoa API and ITs XSSXXXXPresso
 “Turkey is a valued Ally, making substantial contributions to NATO's joint efforts. Turkey takes full part in the Alliance’s consensus-based decisions as we confront the biggest security challenges in a generation. Turkey’s NATO membership is not in question.”
NATO cannot confront and pacify or defeat the biggest security challenges in a generation with any type of formal hardware, military or civilised, for perceived enemy bases and effective competitive opposing forces are virtually protected with remote command[s] and anonymous control[s].
The likes of the Lockheed Martin F-35 programme is just a money-spinning pit for bull marketeers and intellectually challenged war profiteers in systems which are collapsing due to a drought in seed and feed information/novel intelligence/viable and reliable imaginanation.


Casey Evans said...

RE:"In order to understand the nature of life in the universe, you have to look for it. Researchers at the SETI institute in California have a long history of using high-frequency radio waves to search for extraterrestrial intelligence."


Would one be the smarter US based intelligence type if he or she was searching for frequencies using positrons as the source of the signal rather than electrons? Same media to transfer the wave (air) but different transmission.

One might conclude this would be the more "Egghead" approach.

Casey Evans said...

Per: My article on the post

Regarding: Muon question

Per this article:

“They confirm that the problem still exists, and there’s no way of solving it with existing theories.” —> Question: Is the solid theory of how this would be computed not posted on this very website?

” But beyond the mass and instability, the muon should behave a lot like a run-of-the-mill electron.” —> Question: How would a particle with the charge of -1 which has a mass greater than an electron (which is because it is made of a combination of electrons and positrons) be expected to behave exactly like an electron?

“the value for the radius they got was significantly smaller than the one obtained when you measure using an electron. Remember, the muon and the electron should be equivalent, so there should be no difference.” —> Question: How exactly can you compute the charge of said particle to a constant if you do not have all the variables which are required to calculate such an answer? The Muon being a sub-particle which is a collection of elementary particles (electrons and positrons) may possibly have not only a slight charge difference (which may also change with decay), but also a large mass difference which also changes up decay. One would have to calculate (rationally) the given amount of each elementary particle which makes up the Muon, their respective charges, and the charge resulting in their combination in what one would consider a single mass.

It sounds to me that not enough physicists are reading the information posted on this very website, and they are failing in their field because of the lack of their dissemination of said information on this website to the physics community.

amanfromMars said...

The system is extremely incestuous, Casey E, and in a desperate and collapsing state will IT always try to propagate and protect its own version of events for unfolding rather than being seen to be active and/or reactive and/or proactive and HyperRadioProActive in trying to counter and deny there be others busy at their work in the system's works, unfolding events and beta trialing and trailing new tales in which established hierarchies have no commanding input for control output. But one cannot hope to ignore that reality and replace it with a dodgy dodging alternative stream of media whenever alternative media vehicles can so easily inform the mainstream that the system has been directly warned of their perilous failings and of both the real live and virtually remote dangers to elite executive officer systems administrations.

Thereafter is the system realised a moronic entity for disbandment and dismemberment if it should even try to continue on its present courses.