Thursday, 15 September 2016


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The following, although addressing another tale, is perfectly appropriate here too whenever the end result to look forward to in the very near future is exactly the same.
Re: The middle way... @Voyna i Mor
That is an extremely sensible, well thought out and entirely practicable approach, so we can now bookmark it and, next time round, speculate on why none of it happened. .... Voyna i Mor
Such speculation virtually always practically concludes that such shit always happens because certain parties are enjoying the sweet fruits and succulent rewards of unfair and crooked advantage, Voyna i Mor, and the systems they inhabit and infect are loathe to be made aware of their ignorance and hindered by arrogance and a lack of suitable applied intelligence from being prepared to destroy that abomination and false fix of reality/staged media event.
Such dodgy events though inescapably require an expanding series of similar false fixes flagging events which quickly turn highly toxic and self defeating/enlightening and deadly.
Such is the current state of Great Game Play today, is it not, and the collapsing rigged markets and so called leaders of state systems haven't a clue about what to do next to save themselves from a rapidly growing number of seriously pissed off and dangerous not to know entities?
Or is the tinted and tainted picture you see everywhere all sweetness and light and beds of roses?


Casey Evans said...

RE:"The following, although addressing another tale, is perfectly appropriate here too whenever the end result to look forward to in the very near future is exactly the same"

Geeze that almost sounds like a coded threat.

What you were not expecting which I am letting you prepare for by telling you now is someone is going to decrypt most of what you have posted for 7 years+ in court and have you arrested.

The real question is are the "untouchables" that you claimed to be so arrogantly ready to be held accountable for their actions?

Oh, and I am sure you are going to try to decrypt the information yourself and most of what you said can be taken one way or another, unless the person reading is that guy in court.

I look forward to seeing you in court, I have spent years preparing to prove you violated my rights, threatened me with death, kidnapped and tortured me, threatened me with prison if I did not plead guilty in your courtroom, and much much more!

And guess what... This supposed "worst hacker in hacker history" is going to be able to do all that.

Oh, I almost forgot... Your going to be convicted of committing treason.

Have a nice day :)

Serge C said...

SomeOnE is not going to decrypt anything, Casey Evans, because of the obvious transparency of everything posted for, umm, 7+ years... and, for Crysake, tell what is a coded threat, are you still living under the pressure of your county sheriff?

And of course, the Game is bigger than that, CE. Это действительно так. Does peace matter, or is it just a 5-letter word and nothing more?

Let's see.

amanfromMars said...

Only in your dreams, Casey E, can any of that which you post and aspire to be a reality, transpire. We are light years apart and inhabit and cohabit in quite different worlds.

Hi, Serge C, are you into Greater IntelAIgent Games Play ..... which crashes and smashes perverse elite systems and corrupt executive administrations/Dodgy SCADA Machines ....... from afar spaces and far away places?:-)