Sunday, 18 September 2016


amanfromMars 1 Sun 18 Sep 16:51 [1609181651] ….. sharing a concern and false dawn if proven a reality on
A Few Words to the Wise and Forthright. Stupid is as Stupid Does.
If the UK’s newly minted National Cyber Security Centre is invented to maintain and retain and protect traditional established organisations/agencies/corporations, which one can easily accept have gone renegade rogue and self-serving, rather than servering the masses admirably and to a greater good, then will they be targeted relentlessly with information and intelligence they will be forced to suppress and try to deny all knowledge of rather than admit to accepting and ignoring. Such though will be a monumental folly which will lead to a place full of endless pain and destruction for them and their allies.
Let us hope that they be of an independent and creative mind with systems protecting administrations from the harm caused by internal rogue executive classes which have more akin to international criminal enterprises than being clearly seen to be aiding and abetting them in the many new virtual fields of profitable private pirate endeavour now floating themselves to markets out there in the ether.

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