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amanfromMars 1 Mon 10 Oct 05:27 [1610100527] …… venting fundamentally on
Well, now that we've thunk it, what you gonna do about it? Anything for Anyone to be Feared of?
Government intelligence is an oxymoron. So how can any government have a agency which is intelligent? ... Ted's Toy
Are governments then, with agency supplies of intelligence, simply self-serving fraudsters perpetuating a myth that they impart/import and export knowledge to build better worlds with?
In a smarter world with new orderly world orders, would it be tolerated and allowed to survive and fester discontent and server to madness and mayhem with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems, or would CHAOS collapse and destroy its funding sysadmins and supply roots?

amanfromMars [1610100916] …… sharing an all too transparent view on U.S. Army Leaders Warn About Russia's Bold Moves in Information Warfare
Stew, Hi,
The US problem appears to be that they don't have the necessary intelligence, either in-house or being supplied by private sector third parties, to negotiate a constructive and creative leading path to future events grandstanding in media productions.
And the two current presidential hopefuls are successfully confirming and reinforcing that problem mainstream.
A solution is to obtain new intelligence from new sources. It aint rocket science, is it.

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Who says Remote Access Mind Melding is not possible, Anonymous? Certainly not she/he/we enjoying NeuroLinguistic ReProgramming for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Operations ...... SMARTR AIMissions.
And there are fabulous customers not at all afraid of spending crashing flash cash for leading pilot projects ........ The Chinese are coming
The erotic exotic East is a magnet to wild wacky Westerners on AIMissions, methinks/meknows? :-)
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Anonymous said...

Nobody cares, amanfromMars, because there is no instrumental means of measurement of this being 0, 1 or a sub-/superposition of them both forming the Ahead Flow or getting the Certificate of Its Particles shortly before they can be registered by a conventional sensors.

Thus, the experiment, as Eye C IT, has nothing of practical value and is being a pure product of imagination multiplied by a Pure Chance probability*.

Anyway, wouldn't anyone want to meet a/the customer, at least, to correct the expectations/request the means to continue? Guess, would.

Thank you, Doc.


*Which is, nevertheless, slightly above Zero (-:

amanfromMars said...

Hmmm? How much more than just entertainingly encouraging.

Our shared musings here, A, would appear to more than suggest that the world and its worlds and world wide webs, as they be generally perceived and publicly presented, are catastrophically vulnerable to both creatively applied imagination and destructively naive opinion via the Advanced IntelAIgent ZeroDay Root route.

And presenting that fact and possibility, which then is morphed into realms delivering certainly probable opportunities, directly to that and/or those which may presume and/or be assumed to be actively interested and/or in dire straits need of such seed and source feed information, by virtue of their current precarious collapsing situation, confronts them with a Catch 22 Conflict of Interest Conundrum, which if choose to studiously ignore privately and decline to engage with and admit to exploring publicly, will consume and destroy them with the simple sharing of shared sensitive communications with unclassified top secret information for future intelligence which they neither own nor possess, but which is made freely known and is available to them.

I Kid U Not.

Or do you see a flaw with flaws which suggests everything be otherwise ....... if one would not choose other parallel courses of similar familiar action?