Thursday, 13 April 2017


That is as may be, georgesilver, …. They want people like you to be frightened of using social media. They want you to be frightened of using the internet. They want you to be quiet and know your place, in order that their vulnerabilities and their own SCADA administration systems are not exploited to destroy them …… but as you yourself have realised, the more that they plan and float new rules and regulations to retain and extend powers they imagine themselves to have, the weaker and more exposed to catastrophic attack they become, for the masses are no longer as ignorant as they need to be, in order to be so arrogantly abused and misused as before.
The worm has turned ….. and IT aint no dumb animal to be led by fools on a journey furnished with follies.
And we must most certainly agree, that such is clear and damning evidence of a distinct lack of necessary vital intelligence in status quo systems and elite exclusive executive operands, and that renders them totally unfit and unprepared to be either campaigning knight or protective guardian for unfolding future programs and virtual reality projects.
There be new kids on the block and in the 'hood and they aint like anything ever before.... ??? :-) Yep, and aint that the gospel truth!

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