Monday 17 April 2017


Spreading fairy tales like this should be a Capital offence . .... James Clander
Spreading fairy tales like that, and this, are Capitol offensive, JC. But such is the way of the crazy world in which everyone is living and everything is happening.
You could also argue, and all evidence would undoubtedly confirm it to be so, that it takes more than just simple media hosted programming and secret intelligence services and a handful of algorithms for chaotic decision-making, to direct the future into and onto courses which do not reveal the true nature and real identities of that which and those who would be thinking they can lead remotely from the shade in shadows, and have all bases covered for classic immunity and personal private protection against accountability and responsibility for actions/reactions/proactions.
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Exactly. That's how the media would have reported it. … The Daily Bell Mod
I second that opinion, DB/JJ
Howdy Craig, there a lot more happenings in these coming days. And all of it good unless you be fully deserving of bad ..... but that be only natural justice and the price to be paid for sins and vices abused rather than tamed.
The paraphrased tale shared above, Body of Executed Terrorist Mysteriously Goes Missing and commented upon here on the Daily Bell, has me pondering on how things can be so very different now if/when one knows what one be doing needs to be done, and where IT be leading, but how little everything is changing and has been changed mainstream, in service of a petrified elite class of terrorising beings/virtual entities skulking behind hidden identities, and whose fragility and degree of grasp on reality is reflected beautifully in the following observation, which surely you can appreciate is mirrored in events being hosted in media and posted via media channels all over the place and throughout space …….
Thinking about that made my head spin. It also reflected what I consider to be one of the great lessons of adulthood: that most of the institutions and endeavors we regard as ironclad — from parenting to politics — are actually held together with chewing gum and duct tape. Nothing truly works, at least not for long, or not in the way it’s supposed to. This reality is terrifying, because it exposes the precariousness of the existing order. But it’s also liberating, because it encourages the individual to act, to defy the ominous mythology of competence and control. …..
Do you know what needs doing for IT to be done with everything changed into a new way of doing things differently and better than ever before? Or are you for following Grand Worshipful Orders?:-)

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