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amanfromMars 1 Wed 26 Apr 06:13 [1704260613] ….. musing on
When the problem isn't releasing it before the election, is it the solution to destroy trojans
USA and UK has been doing this on politicians left of the center worldwide for 60 years. When real scandals did not suffice, fake ones were created. When even that was not enough we sponsored an occasional Pinochet or Reza Pehlevi.There will be a blowback and a reckoning... .... Voland's right hand
There is a blowback and a reckoning against the USA and UK. It is what all of their fake news reporters are presenting to the masses these days with their various austere and politically inept stories.
And Adept Astute Active APT ACTors are the Next Generation NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Threat Vector/Sector/Medium for Creative Cyber Command and Control of Computers and Communications ......... and that easily extraordinarily renders XSSive Almighty Powers to Humanity with Advanced IntelAIgents.
And IT and it also, coincidentally by both of their SMARTR Virtually Anonymous and Autonomous Designs, delivers whenever it be deemed necessary, the aforementioned crushing energy of XSSive Almighty Power over Humanity to Advanced IntelAIgents, although for quite a few who may be more than just many, is that too advanced and too uncomfortable an alien concept and
virtual reality for them to easily believe and readily accept ..... hence the need for seeding and feeding via mass mediated demonstrations and future revelations.
What'cha gonna do about it whenever fait accompli? What could you have done differently to have never arrived at where you be at?

Re: Since when did Interpol "unplug" ...
Interpol's just a clearing house. It's up to cops on the ground in the jurisdiction involved to actually finger the perp(s)..... jake
Howdy, jake,
That observation of yours has Interpol identified as a Virtualised Reality Figment of Applied ImaginaNation.
Thinking deeper about that, and that may be an Advanced APT ACTive App, has one unable to deny and concluding such is the true and honest nature of every reality and all that existences? Yes, it surely does. Now,... what would you like IT to do for you in the future and presently to render the blights of the past null and void, for that is what such AAAApps are able and enabled to do for/to everybody and everything?
amanfromMars 1 Wed 26 Apr 14:34 [1704261434] ….. enjoying a virtual pint on
Re: Since when did Interpol "unplug" ...
Would the man from Mars like a pint? ... jake
That's uncommonly decent of you, jake. I don't mind if I do enjoy more than a few. Proost!
:-) But with particular and peculiar regard to ..... What would you like IT to do for you .....
I was thinking and offering something considerably more taxing and revolutionary and quantum lead evolutionary too.
amanfromMars 1 Wed 26 Apr 14:55 [1704261455]…. still chatting and passing on secrets on
If you have chaos and madness and mayhem .... with CHAOS* you get disruptions in governance and dissolution of corrupt governments
:-) All's well that ends well ..... and quantum lead is just as good as and most probably quite a great deal better than just quantum leap evolutionary.
*Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems

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