Thursday, 20 April 2017


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Re: They who Pay the Piper Calls ITs Tunes @codejunky
It is only a big deal to them [the EU], and everyone else too for that matter, if their intelligence services are better than anyone else's.
I must admit that I am not aware of that being a demonstrable fact in the light of the evidence being presented in the media in all of the prevailing fanciful fictions.
Such though does invent and present an opportunity and position to be filled, doesn't it.
:-) cc... GCHQ/MI5 {i.e. MOD}/MI6 {i.e. Foreign Office}/Bank of England/Buckingham Palace :-)
I Kid U Not. Poe's Law Rules in Anyone's and Everyone's Reign.:-)
And there are more than just a few revolutionary ideas shared in this post, codejunky.:-)

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