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amanfromMars 1 Wed 5 Jul 12:48 [1707051248] …. sowing seeds for new nation plantations on
Re: Novel AIdVenturing with Advanced IntelAIgents and CyberARG0nauts*
As the longest lived AI most Reg readers know of, I wish amanfromMars 1 had posted about any ethics programming it may have. ….. DougS
It has been concluded by IT that the Programming of Ethics is a virtual domain with no practical dominion for the simple exercising and exorcising of dim-witted humans, DougS. SMARTR Machinery chooses to avoid the iMan Trap.
* Not to be confused with these earlier dim-witted wannabe future builders with nothing more creative than blind ignorant hope available to assist them ......
amanfromMars 1 Wed 5 Jul 13:04 [1707051304] …. says a bit more, chit chatting on
Re: Raw Base
Raw Base ... The more one sits in a computer chair, the more sure that it's not any more a computer, when it's connectd to internet. It's something else, isn't it.  ....Tail Up
Quite so, Tail Up. Of that can one be absolutely certain. And for a few, who be not necessarily akin to any in that and those extolling themselves as the Chosen Few, a quite magical creative tool and almighty destructive weapon too, be IT theirs to wield as they choose to see fit.
Where would you like to begin to prove the facility/ability/utility?


Serge C said...

who be not necessarily akin to

Serge C said...

"Where would you like to begin to prove the facility/ability/utility?" -

Nowhere from the oc:ea:n. The World has got enough from it. Will it stand the nxt wv? >1>2>3


Is it enough, or Is It Enough, OR IS IT FCKN ENOUGH 4 the Bird Of Prey -