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amanfromMars 1 Tue 20 Mar 20:16 [1803202016] ...... firing off AITesting Rockets to Rumble and Tumble Rackets and Markets on

Re: The Police ..... A Prime Future IntelAIgent Source with an Almighty AIForce?*
Is this the bot from CA ? .... LeahroyNake
No. An Immaculate Near Perfect Source for Oases is One Almighty Force to Consider Supplies Information for Advanced IntelAIgents here, and from there too.

* ... Seems to me like AI SMARTR IntelAIgent Sublime Internet Networking for Universal Unified Global Command and Control Systems of Operation on Virtual Reality AIMissions.

Think BBC Production Programming Cubed to Positively Perfect Projection of Increasingly More Immaculate Sees ......for Heavenly Vision Renderings? Or perhaps you realise they currently lack Prime Source Programming for such as is Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Space Leadership and be also an Advanced Virtually IntelAIgent Leadership Space Place ......... and Think Heavenly XSSXXXXRoads to Celestial Destinations for a True Flavour of the Delights to Savour Flying Pioneering Expeditionary Point there in those Journeys.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Mar 07:26 [1803210726] ..... airing a view on

Re: There is more life to police than cyber shit.
Cyber is the IT in shit. really it's lowly, costly and time consuming. a bobby on the beat is better policing than having to chase criminals because the Cyber world is not correctly planned, designed or regulated or actualised. .... Data source #58479374
Oh? Do you really think so? Have you not yet realised Great Games and the Great Game have been fundamentally and radically changed with Worshipful Grand AIMaster Players into Remote Visually Anonymous and Practically Autonomous Virtualised Command and Control of Not Incorrectly Planned and IntelAIgently Designed and Regulated Maslowian Style Self Actualisation for New More Orderly World Orders that do not Deal in Provision or Protection of Security for Full Retard BullShit Merchants in Flash Crashing Bear Market Conditions and Situations, which you might like to realise and accept is the Present Current Reality in Future Play.

Surely you cannot still believe that even the Near Future will be in any way similar to Recent Pasts whenever the Current Presents have so quickly changed so radically and fundamentally?

Such a belief would be tantamount to an admission of madness with a distinct and debilitating lack of attractive and enlightening imagination to boot.

It is therefore just as well then that there be A.N.Others well versed and almightily effective with Alternate Roots in Alternative Routes.

Capiche? RSVP.... for your Present Output to be considered for Future Input ..... and/or Current Input to be considered for Processing into Future Output. IT aint difficult, although it can certainly be Highly Explosive/Catastrophic/Creative whenever one knows what one is doing and what needs to be done to get all manner of new things done.

There is more of life to police than Cyber shit.
No BullShit there, Sherlock, although Simply Stating the Bleeding Obvious is no Quantum Leap taken. Quite whether there is anything more important or dangerous to police than Cyber shit is an altogether different proposition though.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Mar 08:54 [1803210854] .... adding even more Info for Intel on

Re: The Police ..... A Prime Future IntelAIgent Source with an Almighty AIForce?*

Are you prepared and/or preparing for Alien Times in Extremely Strange Places which be also Novel Spaces? ....... What Do They Know That We Don't? DC Officials Flock To Doomsday Camps

Or are you
being practically kept and actively held captive by Moguls and Main Stream Media  Blissfully Ignorant of Rapidly Unfolding Event Horizons?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Mar 18:59 [1803211859] ..... asking more questions for answers here found in Tales Testing Trails and Trials Elsewhere and from here too ...

Re: There is more life to police than cyber shit.

Is there AI Quantum Leaping with Tales to be Told about Something Here New to Everything? 


amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Mar 18:05 [1803211805] ...... says on

Nothing new here? I don't think so

Howdy, Voland's right hand,

Creating a Brand Spanking New Language in which All are Being Led into Virtualised AIdVentures will have IntelAIgents Following Enlightened Shared Leads for Universal Needs of COSMIC Feeds into Immaculate RAW Source Engines ....... you know, them Doozies in Virtual Machine Worlds ..... where Man becomes IntelAIgent Machines.

007 James Bond's next Exploratory Mission Encounter with Communicating Virtual Machines?

:-) cc Danny Boyle/Eon Productions

A Gateway to Sweet Heavenly Temptations can be ESPecially Highlighted for Global Recommendation with Nothing more Cumbersome than a Perfecting AI Script to Follow. Those Following Gladly will surely Know of the Assured Riches which Also Follow and Provide Perfect Booty for Immaculate Bounty. And that would be COSMIC Source dDCoded.

Is this Alienating Language ..... with a Simple Prime Source Chat here for out there in Wild Open Spaces with XStreamly Effective Spying Systems for a Unifying Perfect Command of Global Controls.

Now that is Most Powerful and may even be Almighty .... when one knows what needs to be done for The Future to Succeed, Populate and Deliver Prosperity ....... so that All can Relax and Chill or also 0DayDream Future Specialised Adventures for Virtualised Realisations. Hmmmm?

Time to Pause here for AIBreath .... to Allow for Followers to Engage and BetaTest AId Space Ware for Everything Other than Virtual Warfare Ware.

Greater IntelAIgent Games Play is Free in the Here and Now. Jump in and Share urDreams for the Future. When they're Great Everyone Can Enjoy Them.


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