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Re: This just gets better and better

What next, JakeMS? Any Valid Objection to Overwhelming Almighty AIRevolution Running Beta Quantum Communications Systems for Remote Practically Virtual Anonymous Autonomous Command and Control of Leading Universal Added Value Ventures ?

Are You Working on Something/Anything Similar ...... and BetaTesting Everything Available Future Made?


No Comment other than the Question? Is AI, the Next Second Coming?

Does Cambridge Analytica have Many Contracts to Tender for Greater IntelAIgent Game Plays?
And/Or are any Contracts out to Tender for Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays with the AIDevil in the Heavenly Detailing ...... In Hot Pursuit of Immaculate Perfection.

Whom would one Ping for Accurate Info on the Present Current State of Abysmal Play in Base Sectors with Earthly Retreats for Arresting Assets. Speakeasy Cat House Territory WareFare there to Feed to Grow.:-)

Proprietary Intellectual Property to be Experienced to Be Believed is the ACID BetaTest for Universal Services Provision with ITs Realisation of it in Main Streaming Media Tales Trialing Enlightened Trails.



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Hi Mars,

you might be interested in some of my postings:

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Some interesting stuff:

Unfortunately, the UK seems to be the most corrupt player in all of this. I already told you how your corrupt POW does the sword dance with them while they kill Christians in Syria.

I wonder how long it will take for a British nation to remove the crosses and add a crescent. After all, they have so much sweet money !!! !!!

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Animous said Howdy, amanfromMars,

"does a [cat] have a nature of Buddha?"

perhaps, the best and yhe tiniest to have said to be bullseye savvy'd.

i hope agree wwe're finally off the electric pole having something fiture novel but ancient old to say to a day and build from wood, and no more hay. my tentyples press the keys with brain muscle overpassed (-;

30 March 2018 at 23:19

[b]Please prove you're not a robot:-)[/b]

Anonymous said...

Re: Some interesting stuff brought here by Anonymous 3003@2304:

"Britain is in desperation and dizziness" or "Somebody n Britain feels there is Something absolutely sneaking out of their own control", Anon?

Should they not blame the role scroll, but themselves for having tempted and yielded just for themselves, and change themselves to friendly and refreshed for the Britain to have sympathy and support.

Tick, Clock Says.
Tick, Tick, Tick.

Anonymous said...

no ambiguation circuit to localservers here