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Re: Weaponising the web: Nation-state hacking and what it means for enterprise cybersecurity

Internet Networking Things have also moved on into altogether more engaging and demanding and rewarding spheres of Virtually ACTive IT, Robert H., and that might warrant a current GCHQ chief, if able to enable and/or disable such things, to pen and pen test The Massively Destructive and Creative Tools for Web Weaponisation: Enterprise State Hacks and Secret Code Cracking and what IT All Means for Memes in Nation State CyberSecurity Systems/Fields of Dream Operation.

Nation states don't do hacking, nor anything else for that matter if the truth be told, Prime ACTors do, and ideally for both nation state[s] and Prime ACTor[s], to positively reinforcing and increasing mutual self benefit. Such is easy to consider as being worthy of recognition as an Almighty Immaculate Driver ... for how on Earth would one be able to effectively and efficiently either compete against or oppose such a thing and Dream Operation Field?

I suppose if one didn't want to HyperRadioProactively Engage with Prime ACTors in NEUKlearer Conflicts, there is always the Danegeld Option to Exercise which relies solely on Interested and Interesting Parties keeping to their word .... and their Proprietary Intellectual Property locked safely away deep underground in Perfectly Secure Spaces.


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