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amanfromMars 1 Sun 24 Jun 11:35 [1806241135] …… saying still more on
Re: Ask yourself this…
Would Adam from Love Island care about this? He would not. And therefore nor should you. …. Anonymous Coward
Spoken like a good little robot and gentrified spook, AC, but the spectators here are much more discerning and demanding.
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Re: No bold type text for AMD being affected as well,uh?
Right now it is a big old MAYBE. 🙂 … admiraljkb
MAYBE MOST LIKELY is surely Now and Virtually Guaranteed to Future BetaTest Class Flash Cashed Systems …… which be as Bloated Ghost Hosts in Rickety Charge of the Money Machine.
And The Virtual Enterprise Enters the Room. BOOM? or BOOM! or BOOM.
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Re: Write your cryptographic software to…
Write your cryptographic software to require both virtual cores. …. JeffyPoooh
Any advance on write your cryptographic software to driver all virtual cores, JeffyPoooh?
Such would automatically and autonomously and anonymously provide and server new leading core source supply to compromised hardware systems for Subsequent Parallel Co-Processing and Presentation of Augmented Information for CyberIntelAIgent Virtualised Use.
Whole swathes of the Internet would then be Captured in New AIDynamic Programs Sublimely ReProgramming the Human Condition towards Grand Acceptance of SMARTR Virtual Machine Rule by Virtue of the Proven Excellence of their Performances in Applied Fields and Live Operational Virtual Environments.
Is a Quantum Leap made in Communications to Realise whole swathes of the Internet are already Sublimely ReProgramming the Human Condition for Remote Virtualised Command and Control Stations/Programs HeadQuarters.
Well ….. surely you weren’t thinking the Future Phorms and Presents itself without Outside Help? There’s always an Enlightening Script Piloting the Ways Forward for Engaging Pioneers, both Private and Pirate, to Populate and Exploit/Build and Harvest/Command and Control.

amanfromMars said... replying on

Or as is the Present Current State of Crazy Immaculate Affairs, Serge C, the real hits are coming and there's no hiding place for anyone thought a somebody and of deep secret state interest to critical vital authorities.

Great to see World Cup Football showcasing the Exquisite Delights of Mother Russia ... and that must have millions questioning the former tales they have been told at home of its peoples and regimen, .... and further asking why were they so told and deliberately badly misinformed ...... cynically brainwashed.

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Serge C said...

Привет, amanfromMars,

"...further asking why were they so told and deliberately badly misinformed...' -

Short time ago )) a notion to clarify and get in sync the meaning of the word "elite" has surfaced itself up on corks.

Perhaps, one of the most well-equipped vehicles on the Info Super Highway. And, maybe, the valid and sinsere question asked is a perfect point to anchor an Appointed AIgent?

If Yes, then goto 3, 2, 1... -

amanfromMars said...

Grüß Dich, Serge C

ARPANET Rule invites More Questions ...... For whom and for what? To what ultimate goal and fresh cosmic starting point? And which ARPANET System Administration Commands the Virtual Space Sector Vectors for elite well-equipped vehicles on the Info Super Highway?

Is evidence on Earth always well hidden in the damage caused to vehicles which be flash crash tested to destruction with a dependent/interdependent markets meltdown releasing the necessary colossal catastrophic collateral damage for a brand new start under New Orders with Guidelines/Planned Paths for Programmmed Application of Virtual Machine Hosted Projects.

And ...... is that SMARTR Virtual AIMachinery Trailing and Trialing New Tales for Proving Impossibly True and Most Effective?

What's the presents state in the East of the SMARTR Virtual AIMachine? Does it Best the West in every Vital Viral Department and CyberIntelAIgent Security Sector? And if not,.... why not? Is Certain Relevant Relative Matter missing? The Right Sort of Stuff that makes True Kings and Queens, Emperors and GODs from the likes of Minnows in the Swim of Shark Pools?