Friday, 29 June 2018


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More Stuff and Errant Nonsense for Attackers
They just make it all up as they go along on their merry ways, don’t they, and expect everyone else to agree and fall in line ……. The European Intervention Initiative: A New Military Force Established In Europe
Don’t they realise the the old ways of playing the Great Game are no longer longer term effective and viable? Indeed, they are actually self-defeating and most revealing of previously well hidden targets for every kind of punitive action.


Anonymous said...

I know you have your fair share of issues in England, too, but maybe your folks can help us with our problem in the Land of Cars:

Let's forget all the political details you heard the last few days. Look back to 2014 and then through all the years until now.

In 2014 there were the troubles in Ukraine and Russia decided to simply take their share of the estate. But that created lots of angry voices in Europe.

So what to do ? Russia badly needed a relieve on the diplomatic front.

They decided to use the sleeper the Russians groomed in the 1980s in the GDR. A highly gifted and extremely well-educated future member of the GDR elite. She speaks Russian fluently and is properly indoctrinated in the soviet lingo.

Now she is the head of government. Russia badly needed relief and she delivered it by opening the borders of our nation for whoever wanted to immigrate. No papers needed whatsoever. Just utter "political refugee" and you will get food, housing, top medical care plush cash.

That did the trick for Russia: Europe was now focusing on this mass immigration from Arabia and Africa. This crazy policy tipped the scales for Brexit.

Now the EU is nicely divided in Britain, Hungary-Poland-Austria and some more groups of nations. No coherent coutnerforce to Russia.

Brilliant, isn't it ?

I am writing this to you because I hope you can relay this problem to your services. Maybe they can help us to clean out this KGB asset.

Kind regards

RJ salesguy

Anonymous said...

Hallo RGSM,

Script sounds a bit complicated, needs simplifying before fact-checking and referative period.

Otherwise, be assured that probably and most certainly, no accountant would give a penny to proceed filming.

Oh, how do you have a share of Christian, European-born population, willing to go to war? If you do, then - how large is the sector of the newcomers, who would be promiced into some perspectives, which are much better than they presently have?


Anonymous said...

RGSM - Yet more before amanfromMars comes in, Ed Snowden interviewed recently by Swiss journalists:

The page with the article is protected against those who would wish to read it without paying for subscription. But if you don't want to subscribe right now, just press "Stop Loading" button of your browser, while the page is not fully loaded - so you will avoid a blocking popup. You may enjoy reading, worth time spent on it.

Also published in Russia.

Regards - Anon.