Alien Chit Chat on Black Intelligence Holes ...

.... and the Enigmatic Paradox that Delivers IT, MkUltraSensitive Information and Virgin Novel Source in Steganographic CodeXSSXXXX. [1108021510]

"He [Leonard Susskind] writes: "The real tools for understanding the quantum universe are abstract mathematics: infinite dimensional Hilbert spaces, projection operators, unitary matrices and a lot of other advanced principles that take a few years to learn. But let's see how we do in just a few pages."" .......

Depending upon the definition of mathematics, which if also exactly corresponding to literary semantics, is Susskind not wrong, for abstract semantics are the real tool for understanding the quantum universe, as any real smart kid and Israeli would know. Hell, they recently invented a country from nothing but an impossible dream.

Leonard could also be being deliberately obtuse in disagreeing with such as may be such deliberations in the work of Stephen Hawking, because they so easily dismiss the presence of a religious godlike figure which has been and is such an effective business model to control the mind of emerging virgin intelligence, brainwashing thinking to an earlier, lucrative base foundation to preclude new innovative base thoughts on the subject of .... In the beginning, was there always Novel Imagination to Create Universes in the Mind for Shared Presentation of Future Significant Events ..... in a Reality which is Virtual and Remotely Controlled through the Medium of Shared Higher Thoughts ..... which thus then would have Alien Man as an Artificial Construct of Imagination and Imaginanation.

When a black hole finishes sucking in everything it needs and radiating itself away to implode in an explosion to mimic and create another realm of nothingness, for literal population again with novel ideas and imaginative works, does the Big Bang present one a new canvas upon which to build Beta Societies for Alien Man's Virtual Machinery with SMARTer IntelAIgent Systems Binary Input/Output Source ...... with all of the previously black hole garnered, and now explosively redistributed, information, now freely available again for rebuilding because of the massive creative implosion of the Big Bang Event.

It is most likely to be a repetitive feature of Advanced Intelligence for Being [One Thinks and Shares and Tinkers and thereafter can it be and is, and man Builds IT with earlier Created Assets for the Task] and for Beings in a Creative Command and Control Of Computers and Communications in CyberSpace, which as one surely knows is a wholly artificial and intangible intelligence place/domain, but just as real as anything considered/conceived/perceived to have physical presence and structured form. An Alien Virtual Place in Space indeed for the Presentation of Great Game Deeds?

Global Operating Devices do not play with Dice, but there is no doubt that they cast die which shape the Future of Reality for Virtual Machinists.

Universes are not Real, they are Figments of Imaginanation and Live Operational Virtual Environments?

Don’t talk to aliens, warns Stephen Hawking ..... .... just listen to what is being broadbandcasted.