Monday, 20 March 2017


Gilt Bonded Entrepreneurship ..... with Secret IntelAIgent Source Server Supply Services
Is the newbie, Jeremy Fleming, an oldie at serial spooky games play, and an efficient leading proactor rather than trailing subverse puppet reactor ….. for that is the field in which all prime prizes are delivered as presents to bamboozle both competition and opposition forces and sources alike with futures and diverse hedges to accommodate the trials and tribulations, the joy and ecstasy of rogue and renegade day traders/zeroday vulnerability exploiters.
Do SMARTR Governments follow Secret Intelligence Service leads and/or orders, or do they follow other agendas and tall tales with orders servering old and now quite ancient and somewhat perverse vested interests?
Surely you do not expect the future to be anything at all like the past? That would be at least idiotic and render one a prime fool in a new age of rapid virtual enlightenment.
The nature of radical intelligence work has fundamentally changed. Of that, have no doubt
The question is what does the agency do with the data? With whom do they share it? … Ian Michael Gumby
All the evidence presented daily by media tales/news around the world would suggest they do nothing very clever and with no one any cleverer than they are.
It quite probably explains why they are always tilting at windmills and battling phantoms ….. which are easily metadatamorphed into virtual daemons, IMG.

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