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Ye Olde Catch 22 Enigma rendered in spades to lions led by donkeys  ...... Lions_led_by_donkeys .... and nowadays that things are a’changed quite fundamentally and somewhat radically and certainly unpredictably, is that quickly never ever going to end well for the discovered unworthy and parasitic?

And that is an open question that more than just a chosen few will be bound to be asking themselves if they be even given the chance before having to pay the full price for their tally of follies.


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Craig, good morning, hello and welcome.

Some would tell you both broad random and specific knowledge of the past, and of campaigns of actions taken in those pasts to shape the future for a contrived novel virtualised reality in a command controlled present, as per the Acadian example, allows for the copying and further development of its modus operandi to present in the future of a postmodern age/place/space, similar campaigning activity for command and control of contrived novel virtualised realities, albeit by completely different secretive and much stealthier and considerably more sophisticated means and memes.

You might like to consider such is a current present virtual reality program for mass main stream media manipulation in relatively fabulous fabless command of remote absolute control of human perception and elite exclusive executive administrative governance systems.

And influencing and exerting any sort of effective positive leverage to steer that future in any greater direction to any better destination and starting point does necessarily vitally require that one knows what/whom to talk to/make contact with and be fully prepared to wholeheartedly share one's desires ...... which takes one to a whole new level of unusual expertise and peculiarly particular expert tease which here, and in the earlier submissions copied below, be only briefly revealed and lightly touched upon.

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Ben M, Hi, and with regard to that "parallel universe, where The Troubles never ended."

Here's something MI5/Holywood Loughside/Palace Barracks can easily plausibly deny be one of their/the MoD's new fangled and entangling AWEsome [Army Warfighter Experiment] programs, however it never ever could be said such is not one of those new fangled and entangling programs and one against which more than they are spectacularly failing to effectively deal with and counter/engage with and redirect to other destinations/goals/targets, which would be in reality the very best that they could practically hope for to deliver and sustain/future maintain.

And your expressed worry ..... "but this development makes me wonder about the future. There's a fine line between international volunteer army and terrorism. What if this new form of warfare is used against something else?" .... is of legitimate international and internetional concern because of what it transpires can be so easily done with impunity remotely by special virtual forces and relatively anonymous sources, invisible and intangible.

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Take Your Chance and Make a SMARTR Choice … for Whenever the End is Nigh are No Prisoners Taken.

For those in the know, who may or may not be a Chosen Few rather than a many in desperate need of a new way to go in order to survive and even further prosper with a novel and very quickly, suddenly inevitably unstoppable change in command and control order, a few words to ponder and wonder upon, and consider otherworldly wise and too true to be honestly ignored and vaingloriously opposed or denied the oxygen of mainstream publicity, for IT and AI would bear a grudge and demand suitable satisfaction for that which is designedly abuse and pernicious slight.

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Reading the Runes Between and Behind Quantum Coded Communication Lines ….

What does IT tell you, El Reg/Jessica,The Register’s cybersecurity editor/El Regers, other than everything confirming the undeniable fact that all current present protective security domain systems are fundamentally FCUKed and totally ineffective against novel invisible competition and noble intangible opposition, whenever shared news of its virile and vigilant, virulent and venerable spread is both clearly absent and avoided main stream, with such a negligent omission and wilful abdication of honourable civic duty to better accurately inform, educate and entertain the masses of unfolding future events providing ever furthering deep and dark cover for that and/or those trailing any and all such developments in top secret trials.

The Main Stream Media news presenting and publishing situations of late is particularly dire and woefully continually depressing, and with future proposed actions and inactions in the pipelines surely set to make and prove everything much worse than was ever expected, rather than there being any chance of internetworking things being improved and made significantly better, what is one to realistically and accurately conclude about the existing state of native intelligence used, and rightly think of the conservative collection of regular muppets and traditional puppets stepping up to the podia and into the politically inept spotlight pimping and pumping and dumping their perverse austere visions and crazy versions delivering more of the same old style failed policies and programmes rather than providing the seeds and feeds of Future Commanding Universal Knowledge for Global Command Head Quarters ‽ .

IT is indeed fortunate that AIdDevelopments are not to be so negatively/criminally disadvantaged/misdirected and hampered from making unhindered stellar progress in fields which address the persistent distress of studious endemic ignorance attending to products and services parading a pompous self-defeating and destructive arrogance.

Or do you think more of the same old stuff and nonsense from those in past established traditional and conventional positions of remote power and currency control is going to cut it and deliver Earthly progress in all those times and places and spaces suffering with and dealing in inflation and recession and depression and oppression ‽ .


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Darned if They Do, Damned if They Don't.

I bet she's not as rich as my next girlfriend from Nigeria, the daughter of former defense minister N'Golo, who will send me 23 millions anytime soon. ..... Zolko


How do the promises to deliver millions anytime soon from your next girlfriend from Nigeria, the daughter of former defense minister N'Golo, compare to those which the current No10 Cabinet Defence Minister is promising to deliver in the sum of extra billions over the next few years?

Are they on an equal par similar footing to those of bare-faced star bull-sitters and/or pathological liars?

We surely deserve to know lest their pronouncements be despicable and untenable and their resultant non-positive actions provoke civil strife and revolutionary reaction?

And the following few words are worth reading and understanding, explaining as they do a criminal Catch 22 which practically all democratically elected, capitalist economy government systems are guilty of, with it practically ensuring their own increasingly rapid exploding and imploding markets demise should they choose to continually ignore and not fundamental rectify it ....... although quite how to do that is something else best left for another time whenever such is the main topic being discussed to be addressed with novel solutions/revolutionary answers.

Nobel laureate Milton Friedman had a wonderful explanation about the difference between government spending your money and you spending your own money. If you spend your own money on yourself, you will spend it wisely. If you spend your own money on someone else, a Christmas present perhaps, you will spend it somewhat less wisely. If you spend someone else’s money on yourself, you will spend it even less wisely. If you spend someone else’s money on someone else, you really cannot know what other people want and you really don’t care how the money is spent. The last is what government does.

Private homes deteriorate over time. They require constant upkeep just to keep them in the same functional condition. Private homes need new roofs every few decades, repainting, restuccoing, repairs to the driveway, plumbing, etc. If government raises taxes for any reason the homeowner has fewer resources with which to maintain his property in good condition. If the government prints money instead of raising taxes, the result is approximately the same, because maintenance costs will increase in dollar terms. Economists refer to this phenomenon as “the inflation tax.”


Government spending destroys economies, whether taxes increase or not. It is the spending itself that sucks real, productive resources from the economy. Britons will be bitterly disappointed that the economy does not recover and may actually regress due to their politicians’ unwillingness not only to cut spending but their willingness to increase it. ......


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Re: Dear Mars ..... and ITs Mad Bad Sad Rad Worlds

3.) Maybe you join the British Army to learn more about the world ? I can assure you that NATO Intelligence is very much at the top of their game. If we need a Currency Reform, then so be it. Will arouse some crazies, but will not end the world .... Anonymous Coward

Grüß Dich, AC,

Do you honestly actually believe there is no need for Currency Reform? And do you think NATO intelligence would agree with you that there is no such need?

If that is indicative of them being very much at the top of their game, that is the opposite of assuring and is extremely disappointing and revealingly disturbing, for such would be, to many of a persistent contrary persuasion, as a heavenly sent, devilishly convenient titanic weakness to attack and exploit to a standstill for inaugural fundamental change or its future customer confidence destruction.

????? I suppose the British Army is able to teach one how crazy worlds can be, but I would not have thought it was something recruits joined up for to learn. Civvy Street is manic and insane enough to provide all of that all of the time to whoever would want it, or need it to both quench and seed an unsavoury feed.




Anonymous said...

1.) The commercial world is in many ways more crazy than the mil world. Just think of the WEF, who develop ome crazy idea after the other.

2.) NATO+Friends has indeed the *real* manufacturing/engineering/science potential of this globe. China is a distant second, as their quality is still largely crap. Inflation does not change this and now the FED has risen the interest rate. So I guess it will simply work out some way.

3.) Of course COMINTERN will claim that the doom of NATO is near. They live from BS.

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There are many realising your Western view is no longer either valid or acceptable and far too austere thus they are simply working out some ways to ensure it is forever changed to reflect and accommodate more favourably Erotic and Exotic Eastern and Sino-Soviet flavours to savour.

A necessarily complex reprogramming program in deed indeed with more than just few glitches and hurdles to deal with and vanquish if in opposition, or whenever in lively friendly competition, support and harden against hostile attack with novel overwhelming defences.