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Re: AI and a PanGlobal Symphony of Typewriters ….. for Delivery of Real Alien Delights.
”An FSB Confection or an NSA Distraction?” – a Transatlantic/same as Transpacific symphony of typewriters. ….. Tail Up
Indeed, Tail Up, and Creating a Cacophony of Mighty Sound that Scripts into ProAction, NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT and Astute APT Autonomous Virtual Machinery, which Perverts and Corrupts Disruptive and Destructive Force from the SMARTR Shade of Brighter Shadows …… but nothing of any concern or even greater worry and dread fear to that and those which have every right to fear nothing because of their activities and promotions.
And this has been brought to our attention, which may or may not be just a particular and peculiar computer glitch in Slashdot systems, which may or may not have spooked and be snooped by NSA systems, which if one can believes all that one reads are indiscriminate and industrial in the scale of their hoovering up of freely shared to air communications/spontaneous outbursts of sensitive information ……. secretly deemed to be classified intelligence and for exclusive executive typed use only, which is always going to fly like a turkey in this day and age and never leave the nest in the future.
Slashdot Censorship – What they dont want to publish
It seems Slashdot editors are sucking up to the New York Finance Criminals very hard. The following message always results in a system error, as if some technical problem would exist. Cleaning Cookies and opening the site does not fix the problem. So, they have an additional, covert means of censorship, based on blacklisted messages and/or IP addresses.
Here it is:
¨I think you Americans first and foremost need to fix the madhouse of NY finance. These folks will happily destroy completely healthy industries and they have spread their cyncial view of how people should cheat each other ¨ in order to get weatlhy¨.
In other words, you need a guy like Vlad Putin to run the show in Washington. And I mean this totally serious – Putin cleaned out the Augias Stable that had developed under Jelzin. Russians almost starved while some insanely rich bastards (as in Bill-Gates class rich) stole the natural riches of the largest country on the globe.
I am not from the FSB, neither do I have business relationships with Russia. I am just fucked over by NY like most other people in Pax Americana countries. And I can see through the mainstream lies.
Free enterprise can work nicely, if the state clamps down on irresponsible and cyncial finance actors.
AT Slashdot Censor: come on, let me post this message.¨
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Begs for Change (+1)
Jim Sadler 7 hours ago
As we already have too many folks begging for change how about we get smart and really beg for change. That is to say let’s get real and admit that we nee to do a basic change in the way the economy works. The old ideas and methods do not fit into modern realities at all. A redistribution of wealth is in order as well as the simple fact that we will have less and less jobs available every year. That spells disaster as we clearly will have more and more people available every year. Here is a demonstration of why the economic model does not work now. Picture seven hundred coal miners per shift going down into the mine and producing coal. Now picture modern mining equipment being delivered and instead of seven hundred workers only twelve are now on each shift to produce even more coal than the seven hundred men used to do. But here is the snag. The price of coal keeps going up and up. Coal is less affordable despite getting rid of almost all of the workers. Then we start to understand just how severe the effects of burning coal really are and we start to restrict the use of coal sharply. Meanwhile we flood the labor markets with ever more immigrants seeking work. But other effects kick in. In the bad old days a man could go catch a fish if he was short on food. But almost no fish in W. Virginia or Kentucky are at all safe to eat because coal has left heavy metals in almost 100% of the rivers, streams and ponds in those states. Meanwhile we really don’t want the public to be aware that crops also pick up those nasty pollutants and if the water is not fit to drink chances are the tomato or corn or spinach grown on that land is also unfit for food. Then we turn around and feed that stuff to beef, to chickens or make pellets to feed fish on fish farms. After all who will really blow the whistle on pollutants in the food supply?
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Flag¨ ………
The truth sets you free …. ergo those who would seek to deliberately hide it and try at every twist and turn of a tale to prevent its escape, are slavers and slave drivers … and Vile Base Human Traffickers of the Most Despicable Kind and Like Mind?
Have a nice day, y’all.

amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 Apr 12:54 [1404211254] shooting the breeze some more on
Re: ... Re: Destroyed All Braincell's All those in Ukraine cheering for Russia...
And there we have conclusive proof of Putin's lies! Concrete evidence of Russian hacking - they have taken control of DAM's account and replaced him with a drone that mindlessly rebleats leftie propaganda. ... Matt Bryant
Methinks quite the contrary, MB, and the evolving Western critical problem which the replacement of Putin with a drone* presents, is that its message system is very mindful of the power and glory of propaganda and the weakness in humans who can't think nearly well enough, or even at all, about how the Bigger Picture is stage managed and directed to produce desired and intelligently designed effect and mutually beneficial leading outcome.
* I say, old bean, that is a bit of a wheeze if at all possible. Whatever next? Those Russians are always so good at being the first to do anything new of major significance in novel spaces of exploration and exploitation, aren't they. I wonder if it has anything to do with their bevies of beautiful clever and hornily attractive and attentive women? Angels on Earth.
And all this constant talk and anal chatter about things related to exposures of the recent past whenever all that really matter is what happen is planned and shared today for happening tomorrow and in subsequent days, and in so doing, to seamlessly deliver a New and NEUKlearer Future Reality for Living via IT Tunnels and Media Channel and AI Chunnels via Perceived to be Practically Real but Virtual AI Memes and CyberIntelAIgent Means.
All Patents and Copyright Protections Pending on that Prior Alien Art Portfolio, Amigos, should anyone care to think to make an unlicensed fortune from ITs secret sauce and sources.:-) Feel free though to use IT wisely, as only abuse will punish one with the particular personalised arrival of peculiar targeted catastrophe.


Anonymous said...

Good evening Mars,
regarding your Matt exchange - he is not dumb (a lot of his theories/philosophies work to a large degree), but quite dogmatic and hard-hearted.

Recently I have been von elreg very sparingly. I did have some hot exchanges with him. Maybe somebody could ask him to care more about others instead of just caring about those who already have plenty. I did not check the discussion, but I assume he would have plenty of sympathy with Mrs Blondy-Hairthing of Kiew (bc she is filthy rich) and zero consideration for the Russian-speakers of Donezk.

That is actually the reason for writing you: My rather limited view of Ukraine looks worrying: It appears that the western Ukrainians with their Austrian, Polish, Romanian, Catholic heritage often have quite a bit of extreme anger towards the Russian/Orthodox people of eastern Ukraine. Mrs Blondy's dreams of mass castration and killing appear to be not a singular thing, unfortunately.
It appears that West Ukrainians have a quite nationalist, catholic, anti-Russian view of the things. They are very undiplomatic when they talk to Russians by trying to use the Ukrainian language as a matter of principle. Granted, Ukraine has suffered a lot in the 20s and 30s with the insane Leninist economic policies. And surely the Soviet Union derived its strength mainly from the history of the Russian state and the diligent execution of duties by Russian officers and soldiers of all specializations.

BUT having stated this - historic grudges are no proper basis for cohabitation in a country. If the Austro-Polish Ukrainians cannot accept the Russians with their language and customs like the Lower Saxons accept the Bavarians, it is easy to forsee a tragedy.

I am not saying here how the future Ukrainian state should look like, but certainly it is unacceptable to simply run over Russian-Ukrainian interests like France running over the people of Alsace. Russia is not a defeated country and will come to the help of other Russians, if they suffer unduly. I fail to see this as a left/right thing.

So in short, my goal was to make you on the other side of saxony aware of the core problem: ethnic hatred within a country.

My knowledge of their current political structure is weak, but it appears that they badly need some true and honest federalization or their current state itself is under serious threat.

Kind regards


Agent Revolver said...

"Russia is not a defeated country and will come to the help of other Russians, if they suffer unduly. I fail to see this as a left/right thing" - oh yes, me too, and as for me, it seems to have a strong support in "ordinary" people, be they polite or not very :-) - .

Hi Anonymous,

Hence we switch to speaking in big matters, we have only just realised (-: that what we miss is the Constitution of the People, not of "nations","countries", "faiths" or of any other sectarian naming. The "power" we probably both mean is used by existing model of authority only to firm the grip on the balls of the global statusquo you described in a single paragraph.

Times which are of total significance for these "200" or 300 or 666 - God only knows how many of them are hiding from the respected view. A millenium of European monarchies were swept away at once, in a world made of uninformed people with the excess of religiously nurtured background, allowing the kings and their knights and trading people and their money suppliers be god-blessed and above justice.

Would it be easier to dissolve this coagula in the clear waters of Universal Law, which are bound to spring the vales sooner or later. The matter is not the Government as it's made of ordinary people, and ordinary ideas reign amongst them. *They* are not blessed by gods as we knew them :-) , the main thing is that we desperately missed the chances we had in 1920s and 1945.

Well, in 1960s has occured the most basic of the basical basises for some communicational improvements and learning facilities. Just to say it can be better next time... err, how to outline the text "next time" in this Bloggerbox?