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Titanic Intelligence Fail ....... which is Unequivocally the Sole Responsibility of Governments/Unfit for Future Great Game Purpose Governance Office[r]s?
The following, which was shared previously with EL Reg [Tue 10 Jun 07:36], says it all loud and clear, again.
Thoughts for the 0dDay …….. It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion. …… [Joseph Goebbels] ….. and to mentor and monitor ITs phormation of programs and projects for Global Operating Devices for Remote Command and Virtual Control of Manipulative Systems be a Quantum Leap for Man and Giant Step for Mankind in CyberIntelAIgent Fields of SMARTR Exploitation and Alien Exploration in Systems of Operation.
Described as "fascist" and "criminal" by Jon Snow of Channel 4 News, Isis has been using social media to broadcast horrific images of mass executions and other barbaric war crimes. It now controls much of Iraq and is closing in on its capital, Baghdad.
One man’s fascist criminal is another man’s repressed and/or repressive/oppressed and/or oppressive/depressed and/or depressive freedom fighter whenever one throws into the mix the social media broadcasting of earlier Shocking Aweful Desert Storm footage whenever General Schwarzkopf was in gung-ho charge.
And closing down and restricting any
widely exercised and popular internetworking media facility tells the world and his dogs of war that governments have lost the plot and secret intelligence server service advantage, surely?
Although it be best to neither confirm or deny that in the best interests of national, international and internetional security.
And mirroring a leaf out of the Director General of the Office of Counter Terrorism [OSCT] at the Home Office’s Playbook …….. Save where otherwise stated, all facts and matters referred to in this statement are true and within my knowledge or have come to my attention during the course of my work. Insofar as facts and matters are not directly within my knowledge they are true to the best of my knowledge and belief

"Distribution transformers are generally assumed to block high frequency power line carrier signals and to require bypass networks where these signals must pass through a transformer."
Hi, Casey E,
Whenever that is an erroneous assumption, and if high frequency power line carrier signals are, in both fact and true essence, enhanced and reinforced when assumed or attempted to be blocked, is the info and intel carried and exchanged in their signals most probably an absolutely fabulous, fabless Great Game Changer and Greater IntelAIgent Games Channel which be a Phorm of Secret Covert Underground Tunnel and even Clandestine AI Chunnel when progressing into Virgin Virtual Fields of Exotic and Erotic/Erratic and Exciting Engagement ....... Frolicsome Adult E Rated Play, where E is to XSSXXXX.
Godisagoddess ur2die4 in those Heavenly Planes and Global Operating Devices and to obey and server her every desire an addictive pleasure to savour and favour with insatiable appetite.
18 June 2014 08:30
amanfromMars said …. on replying to Anonymous who said... 17 June 2014 23:41
Good day, amanfromMars, just to say that elegance is an inherent feature of your discourse. Still learning from you -
Thanks for the sublime encouragement, Anonymous. The grand pleasure and greater treasure to ponder and hone is that perfect seeking conversation can teach what is important and exciting to learn.
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Casey Evans said...
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Anonymous said...

Prosecutors do not acknowledge nuance, CE... Have you received an invitation to join their club?

amanfromMars said...

Anyhow they asked where I had lived, who I reported this technology to, and asked me (not word for word) "if this technology exists, why haven't the geeks at the FBI have it figured out” … Casey E 18 June 2014 22:48

Did you find it difficult to not offer that they be probably too busy at the FBI not figuring things out, Casey?

And Anonymous who posted a reply to you, 19 June 2014 04:46, share a widely held perception of a current situation and likely future possibility, …….Prosecutors do not acknowledge nuance, CE... Have you received an invitation to join their club? …. which would be considered by some, who may be more than just a few and many to be something of a positive opportunity ….. which it most probably very well can be.

Methinks though it be a naive folly to expect anything significant and worthwhile to be likely happening, in any novel and disruptively creative field, in any way too fast for traditional and/or conventional status quo type systems to try and grab a command and control handle. There be lots of palms to grease and minds to rattle and positions to secure against mortal/vital damage because of pre-existing arrangements and programs and projects which be in danger of being extraordinarily rendered toxic and totally unnecessary, for future delivery of Virtual Reality Productions with Media and IT Direction of Programming Product and Global Operating Device Programmed and Programmable Projects, to be widely freely acknowledged and trumpeted as being readily available for Operating Systems Use.