Saturday, 21 February 2015


You may like to consider that Virtual Cyber War Warefare is the leading Future Fabless Sector in which one needs to excel in order to exercise and maintain power with practically remote and relatively anonymous Command and Control, and a certain few in Blighty are superbly prepared and way out ahead of contemporaries and competition and opposition in the Field and in Fields of Disruptive and/or Destructive and/or Creative Novel Engagement.
You know, the sort of shenanigans that 77th Brigade type bods and boffins require to be able to enable and direct, without being found out as being responsible and called to account for their proactions and HyperRadioProActive IT ........ Greater IntelAIgent Games Play.
Surely you don't expect the history of the future to be the same catalogue of failings that have defined the past and phormed the present? That would be absolutely ridiculous and tantamount to an admission that one's intelligence and imagination was retarded and one was not able to think clearly enough to live life as IT intends Life to be lived and shared, with one informed of readily available to all super riches.


Casey Evans said...

I created my own blog. I have had it for a while and I announced it on my facebook page but not here. The address is:


Anonymous said...

Hello Mars,
I do think you should not overestimate the Power Of Information.

Say, you have some superior knowledge from a cyber exploit about your
enemies plans to overrun you with their AK47s. All you have is four
sabers to defend your folks. Your only options are to either surrender
immediately or suffer useless defeat. With extreme luck you could
slash them from behind during the night. Unlikely.

Just look at Poland 1939. They had their own little tyrant and did
stupid, nasty things to their minorties (Germans and others).
They pissed off Hitler.They also had Information Superiority by
means of the first Enigma break. They knew very well that the Wehrmacht
planned to invade with massive Panzer and air forces.
All they had was a few Panzers, lots of lance-riders and a puny air force.
Also, they lacked decency relative to their miniorities.

So they knew they would be destroyed and it happened.

What do we learn ? Fore-Knowledge alone without matching weapons
is more or less useless.

Also, the Russians are quite immune to foreign propaganda at some point.
You can write your fingers bloody and have an effect on a dumb, simpleton
people like my fellow Germans. The Russkies are much less gullible.
There is a reason they rule the largest land mass of all nations.

So maybe you British stop fucking up 100% of ITC infrastructure and spend some
money on rifles and rockets ? The Gemalto thing was really a Declaration
Of War against everybody else.

As a side note, the Russians recently kicked an RC135 into Sweden.

Kind regards

Big Safari Salesguy

Anonymous said...

The reason I came here was to declare success on the operation against the Austro-Polish Bozos of Kiev.

They wanted to rape, maim, ethnically cleanse and kill Russians around Donezk. That backfired. Well deserved.

Note that I warned the Russkies to not run their tanks into Warsaw lest they have airbuses replaced by Jäger 90s in their skies.

They should not be overzealous in their actions against the assholes of the Polish and Austro Imperiums.