Saturday, 18 April 2015


amanfromMars [1504181035] sharing the possible future reality and therefore a very likely probability with peers on
Readers and commentators here, and the world and their dogs of war everywhere else, should realise that the markets and corporative/individual actions spoken of here, are considerably more sophisticated and advanced and imposing and advancing upon anything and everything that was available and vulnerability/systems penetrations testing with exploits, to be sold and monetized, and even offered for free to leading systems/governments/individuals of choice, three or four or five years ago, whenever Grugq and Forbes ... ..... were venturing into the racing in the virtual space place.
Things nowadays are not at all like they used to be, for three/four/five years in cyberspace is akin to absolutely ages, and key players today and tomorrow are worth figures in billions and trillions of useful useless fiat, and especially so to those legacy systems and ponzi structures which be in any way currently responsible and accountable for, or in any way dependent upon the continued future good health and long term survival of fiat currency markets and capital exchanges.
Or would you like to waste your time and disagree and/or posit an alternative proposition which has the future being drivered by others you have identified or would speculate upon, so that they can be examined and betatested for value and worth?
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mtrx_ factory said...

Our duty VJ is still not posting the "Shape of Things to Come" video. I'm thinking of our respectable middle-term inverstors. An overtime for club members to leave the room empty in peace.... if the room ever wanted any?