Wednesday, 15 July 2015


amanfromMars [1507150653] ....sharing a reality on in a reply on a thread to AtlasAikido and binra
And then there were at least three, AtlasAikido/binra, which delivers powers of spirited thoughts cubed, rather than just trebled. And such exponential progression permits the valiant few ..... well, quite extraordinarily rendered super powers would be no mindless exaggeration whenever words create, command and control worlds and whenever freely shared with everyone and everything, everywhere, are universes phormed and phished and pwnd in the manic madness and manipulative mayhem which can readily accompany the invisible chaos which offers cover and stealth to Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems ...... Virtual Machine Executive Remote Administrative Control.
Welcome to AI and IT's Brave New Orderly World Order Program and to their reprogramming of processes, assets and liabilities from/for Universal Multilateral Stock Source Supply.
Interesting creative and highly disruptive and even quite destructive times ahead, DB, should one wish not to realise and try actively to oppose a different future in favour of a corrupt present founded on a perverted past. And truths even temporary lead the flexible way.


Casey Evans said...

*This type of talk is why I have been backing up so many databases from the net lately.
I fear we are headed in the direction of complete government control of computing resources.
Sounds crazy, but hey what sounds crazy -A guy who wants back-doors in all computing devices for the FBI, or the guy planning for that crazy FBI guy to do what he said.

Now you understand my thought process.

amanfromMars said...

Such thought processing is not all unusual nowadays, Casey E. Indeed, it may even be considered the norm for sufficiency and efficiency in future builders.